Saturday, 30 April 2011


    First of all "Apologies accepted" , you made my day.This was like a great success for me being asked to forget about what happened before (LIFE THREAT and all) and lets enjoy the remaining days here.This is not for the first time I'm successful escaping my end. It happened before where I had to sacrifice one of my best friend..
   ERA OF COLLEGE DAYS was rocking and I had completed almost 90% of the drama (which never went further that).This was for the first time I was flirting with girls of other branch with great maket value and was receiving a great response (where in our class my market value was just little more than ZERO).Especially Kanchan Raut was the party stopper (HELL.. what a figure perfect ZERO 32-24-34) she who called herself my assistant director was giving so much importance to me that I hadn't got since when I was born.
   Well thats not our point.After the "EXAM" act we all were exhausted so I announced break for some indefinate time.(which gave me chance to ask for her phone number which of course she gave) meanwhile there was another person (actually two, one got the role afterwards) sitting who was waiting that I would give some role to her in the play.LEENA KHARCHE. Realizing that there is no use sitting and watching the play  She decided to do something herself. So with her partner Pradhnya bhonge sorry bhople(slip of hand "hyaat bhonge khush ho raha") she planned to participate in Fancy dress of which auditions were completed three days ago.
   " Sandeep, we are participating in Fancy dress."said leena.
   "We means you and Pradhnya na?" I asked to confirm.
   "No. We means you and me.."
(WHAT  THE HECK.. how can she even think about it. I and Leena.sounds weird)
  "Leena you know my condition.I'm trying for the play from last three years and you know its not possible for me to.. Why don't you try Rahul" Isaid.
  hearing this Rahul who was enjoying talking with Nikhil Jagnade and all suddenly put his head down like he was suffering with some dangerous disease and was gonna die any time.
  Leena went to him."Rahul will you take part in fancy dress with me.." she asked.
  (F*@k  off he must've said as I did)
  "Actually Leena I'm not feeling well,thats why I'm sitting know my project exhibition is going on I'm not going there" replied Rahul.
  (thats not an answer. Well Leena if you want him to participate just ask him "do you want some HAYWARDS 5000??" he will not only dance but also sing ,act and do what ever you want him to do with you  )
  "He's saying NO"said Leena coming back to me.
   (then shut up and go)
  "Hmm (oh god please save me) I think you need a great dancer As I'm not so I can't help but I think Ashish will help." 
  "Ya he's a good dancer better then you .."
  (I'm making him dance then who's best Dancer or Dancer-er)
  "Ashish will you be my partner I'm participating in fancy dress ??" Asked Leena.
  his face was like she asked him to take out his heart kidneys and lungs and make her a nice dish of her.
  "well .....what can I say.. I mean..." stammered Ashish which wasn't gonna save him.
  "He's ON" said Nikhil Jagnade.
  "heyy thanks Ashish Lets Start.. We'll do on that golmaal title song GO.GO..GO... GOLMAAL..GO.GO..GO... GOLMAAL.. that one OK" said Leena.
   whats going on somebody ask me  was all  Ashish trying to say.  
  Song in background and the two great dancers in foreground.
  "That's not the way Ashish .Just bend down a little once right and once left and shake your hand like its a bell in the temple" Said Leena.
  Yes I'm the BELL , DING DONG BELL was only what Ashish could imagine.

Friday, 29 April 2011

A walk to remember

    After having a long discussion with myself I have finally decided to find a middle way. There is no way that I'm going to delete the post because of my personal self respect (If I delete the post I would loose my remaining respect in the class) but I could also not keep the post as it is as it had hurt certain part of the society. (Because there is no chance then I would be allowed to be entered into the class).So now the article contains no controversial names or places or animals or things.Also a disclaimer had been added to spoil the look and reputation of my blog.So whatever it is, I think now its alright (Is it??)  and lets move on..LETS MOVE ON  I hate this word because last time when I decided to move on with one of my friend (female friend) I had to take a walk of 7 kms.
    It was Sunday and I was roaming with my friends Mayur, Sanket and Ganesh when I saw her.SHARA ASHRAF KHAN once a sensation and now ..rather not say. Let me tell you that she is the girl with whom I spent a half night and entire day after which she commited suicide(unsuccessful attempt successful mission).Since the day I have never even went near by her house or any where ,where I am being spotted and interrogated by her family members. 
   But still she's my friend and finding her 7-8 Kms away from her home is a rare thing(actually happened for first time after the Mission Impossibe). She was at the Drug store buying something. She was spotted by Sanket As I cannot watch objects placed more than 10 meters away.
  "Sandeep look who's there.."said sanket.
  I could see something fantabulous standing butt.. "who's She??",I asked.
   "look carefully she's your SAHARA" said Mayur.
   "Shit man Shara She's so hot just look at her.." said Ganesh.
   "so guys our todays meeting is over tata bye bye.." I said and started moving towards Shara.
   "Where are you going ??", asked Sanket.
   "TO talk to her. she looks alone lets have a long walk to home with her" I replied.
   "I'm not coming "said Ganesh.
   I said  " who asked you I'm going alone you people can leave.."
   "Oh naari dekhi to bhul gaya yaari... huh " said Sanket.
   "Shut up and go " I said  "why will we ,She's our friend also we'll also talk to her" said Sanket.
   "NO NO we won't, you go who gonna mess with the ..."said Mayur (I am sure he was pointing to something that time but I ignored).
    WROOM WROOM three of them with there two bikes went away and I started walking towards her as if I was the hero of some action movie  and had recently done a great stunt in the last scene and now walking in slow motion with  song EYE OF THE TIGER playing in background.
    I went closer  and faced towards the shopkeeper as if I hadn't noticed her. But she didn't noticed me . So I had to start the conversation."arre shara Hello whats going on??".
    She smiled.the shopkeeper gave something to her packed in black plastic bag. I wondered what was in it.
She was done with shopping (or my presence had made something wrong) "bye sandeep",she said and moved away.
 I just turned around and raised my hand for the farewell when I saw ZABI (brother cum. bodyguard) I quikly raised some more and started scratching my head and turned around "Any thing for Dandruff" I asked  the shopkeeper.
 "ALL-OUT" he said.
 "We are all out of stock" he completed his sentence.
  I bought some disprins and turned around Shara sat on the bike with her brother on the bike and I was all alone for a long 7km walk to home..

Thursday, 28 April 2011


(The following blog has been edited by the author because of some controversy)
  Hello and hii kasa kai?? everything fine. Never mind, Today I am going to talk about Friends. Anybody can become your best friend if doesn't know any secret about you,while a friend who knows something dangerous is worst than a enemy. Well unfortunately I have got some..
    Since some days I feel like something had changed my life. Everything seems to be beautiful because life had changed  some gears and I have got  you know who's phone number. You won't imagine the formal SMS communication was started due to our instant trip to chikaldhara (of course none of girls came including THEM) which went through some KNOW EACH OTHER session and now I am (one of ) the one who utilize best of my time chatting with her.So I was on the seventh heaven and feeling like top of the world. As we all know "Ishq aur Mushq chupaye nahe chupta" I tried to keep this entire chat thing secret by only telling Rohan about it ,who told it to Gaurav ,who told it to Pakkide ,who told it to Naghate, who told it to Rahul, who told it to Abhilash..In short half of the class knew it (All the boys).
   So I reached college dancing and singing the songs of love ("abhi kuch dino se ..") and entered the classroom. I saw Rohan ,Gaurav, Rahul and Swapnil sitting and completing some records. As usual I went to Rohan (who was writting with his super ultra fast speed i.e one sentence per 10 minutes) and  said "Wanna see todays database".  I could clearly see how badly he and all the people who were sitting there were cursing me. So realising the seriousness of the situation I preffed to leave the classroom."Any one for pee" I said ."no one we just did while entering" Gaurav said (Which was like F@#k off). I left the room.
   "BASTARD" said Rahul. "ya ","Right " everyone said in unison. Just then HE entered.
    "Is he lying??" asked Swapnil. "No, he is having a great time he showed me yesterday he messaged "kai karat ahe' and she replied the entire day routine." said Gaurav.
    "SHE!! who??" asked  HE expecting the answer would be ASHA PATIL.
    "you don't know about Sandeep and you know who's affair??"asked Rohan.
    " ya man you don't know he asked her to join us in chikaldhara that is when it all started"said Rahul.
     "ha ha She is crazy she replies to anyone who messages her" said  HE.
     "Yesterday I saw he asked her for movie"said Rohan.
     "What did she say ??" asked Swapnil.
     "Don't know but he is dancing and singing after the reply" Said Rohan.
     "She must have said NO.." said  HE whose face was shrinked like someone have farted hard in front of touch me not tree. 
      " ohhh I also saw Sandeep and you know who talking separately at the xerox centre"said Rahul.
 HE was burning so red that any time volcano may erupt at GP Nagpur.
       "He's so should be aware dude or he'll take away the you know what" said Rohan.
       " How much time this will go on, in a day or two she will stop messaging him" said  HE
       "ya because after that she will call him" said gaurav.
   This was the end of   HE. He stood up and said "I'm going to hostel ". "where girls hostel" someone whispered. He turned around and started walking(or rather running ) towards the door. I was returning from  CM classroom same time and BANG we collide at the door. I was litrally shook by the collision but  HE was erect like a pyramid.(watch it dude)if I had said that I would have had a great punch "sorry yar where are you going??" I said.
   "HELL" replied  HE and walked away.
   I was surprised and turned towards Rohan and all who were Laughing like they had heard the best joke of the decade.. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What is LOVE???

   Heyy guys wussup?? Today was the most memorable day of my life because today I was near about to find my first or rather true love.Well I didn't find it, but the efforts were very dedicated.
  11:30 in morning when I reached college everybody was busy in deep studying Java.That is when I saw her. She was sitting on her usual middle seat. Don't know why but when I saw her face there was an eternal sunshine over my spotless mind (I think someone had switched on the tube light  over my head whatever).Her eyes were looking  extraordinarily blue through her transparent spects , Her short hairs were so set that it was reminding me of Kajol in KKHH , her face was glowing like hundreds of flashlights were  focused on her, Her rosy lips ,dimple cheek and teeth within everything was damn perfect.SHIT man I'm with her for last three years but watching her like have seen her for the first time in a slow motion scene in a romantic movie by Karan Johar. She's my Love first Love..
   "She is looking damn great today"said a voice.had it came from my within. NO its Abhinav whispering. "Ya dude I have never seen her like this before,She is looking beautiful today" I said. 
    "Look at her ear rings that is making something different from usual and I think she had curled her lovely long hairs" said Abhinav.
   I realised that I wasn't the only dog, its party over here WAIT A SECOND "lovely long hairs whom about you are talking dude, POOJA ?"
   "No Shefali ".
  "WHAT !! WHERE??" I turned my focus to slight right side and GUESS WHAT "She is damn gorgeous Look at her eyes , hairs, cheek,chin ,ear rings ,neck (I mean new necklace) HELL this is love ,true love ,first love"
  then what was before may be a trailer Pooja is also great but Shefali's gorgeous HELL whats going on ,why is its very troublesome to find your first love.. WHY WHY WHY..
  Then came Abhilash between and said "Abe BEDEKAR ko dekha kya ?? KYA MAAL DIKH RAHE AAJ!!!"...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Good Morning INDIA....

    Heyy guysss Good morning everybody.whats going on. AAL IZZ WELL .. here its not. Adv. JAVA orals and practicals today and I hadn't even touched my notes PERFECT .But I'm not worried at all ,know why becoz there are some people out there who are more worried than me. 
    Besides ROHAN is there who worries enough for both of us. He as usuall will be learning the most important questions  that are always asked during the exams while in contrast I always learn what don't even have connection with the its better not to study until a ROHAN'S COUNSELLING. Also there is one lady out there who drives every one crazzzy enrollment no 0807059. Well after watching her face all my databuses go faster than its original speed my CPU works at its full speed and my every thing goes faster than its original speed  which is also one of reason why I can learn my answers so fast during the crucial exam times also.
    So this is Sandeep Thakre leaving for collage to once again meet the beauty(59) and the BLOODY BEAST (ignore A)  with a hope that every thing will be fine as it has been since last couple of days of my life..