Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Good Morning INDIA....

    Heyy guysss Good morning everybody.whats going on. AAL IZZ WELL .. here its not. Adv. JAVA orals and practicals today and I hadn't even touched my notes PERFECT .But I'm not worried at all ,know why becoz there are some people out there who are more worried than me. 
    Besides ROHAN is there who worries enough for both of us. He as usuall will be learning the most important questions  that are always asked during the exams while in contrast I always learn what don't even have connection with the course.so its better not to study until a ROHAN'S COUNSELLING. Also there is one lady out there who drives every one crazzzy enrollment no 0807059. Well after watching her face all my databuses go faster than its original speed my CPU works at its full speed and my every thing goes faster than its original speed  which is also one of reason why I can learn my answers so fast during the crucial exam times also.
    So this is Sandeep Thakre leaving for collage to once again meet the beauty(59) and the BLOODY BEAST (ignore A)  with a hope that every thing will be fine as it has been since last couple of days of my life.. 

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