Thursday, 28 April 2011


(The following blog has been edited by the author because of some controversy)
  Hello and hii kasa kai?? everything fine. Never mind, Today I am going to talk about Friends. Anybody can become your best friend if doesn't know any secret about you,while a friend who knows something dangerous is worst than a enemy. Well unfortunately I have got some..
    Since some days I feel like something had changed my life. Everything seems to be beautiful because life had changed  some gears and I have got  you know who's phone number. You won't imagine the formal SMS communication was started due to our instant trip to chikaldhara (of course none of girls came including THEM) which went through some KNOW EACH OTHER session and now I am (one of ) the one who utilize best of my time chatting with her.So I was on the seventh heaven and feeling like top of the world. As we all know "Ishq aur Mushq chupaye nahe chupta" I tried to keep this entire chat thing secret by only telling Rohan about it ,who told it to Gaurav ,who told it to Pakkide ,who told it to Naghate, who told it to Rahul, who told it to Abhilash..In short half of the class knew it (All the boys).
   So I reached college dancing and singing the songs of love ("abhi kuch dino se ..") and entered the classroom. I saw Rohan ,Gaurav, Rahul and Swapnil sitting and completing some records. As usual I went to Rohan (who was writting with his super ultra fast speed i.e one sentence per 10 minutes) and  said "Wanna see todays database".  I could clearly see how badly he and all the people who were sitting there were cursing me. So realising the seriousness of the situation I preffed to leave the classroom."Any one for pee" I said ."no one we just did while entering" Gaurav said (Which was like F@#k off). I left the room.
   "BASTARD" said Rahul. "ya ","Right " everyone said in unison. Just then HE entered.
    "Is he lying??" asked Swapnil. "No, he is having a great time he showed me yesterday he messaged "kai karat ahe' and she replied the entire day routine." said Gaurav.
    "SHE!! who??" asked  HE expecting the answer would be ASHA PATIL.
    "you don't know about Sandeep and you know who's affair??"asked Rohan.
    " ya man you don't know he asked her to join us in chikaldhara that is when it all started"said Rahul.
     "ha ha She is crazy she replies to anyone who messages her" said  HE.
     "Yesterday I saw he asked her for movie"said Rohan.
     "What did she say ??" asked Swapnil.
     "Don't know but he is dancing and singing after the reply" Said Rohan.
     "She must have said NO.." said  HE whose face was shrinked like someone have farted hard in front of touch me not tree. 
      " ohhh I also saw Sandeep and you know who talking separately at the xerox centre"said Rahul.
 HE was burning so red that any time volcano may erupt at GP Nagpur.
       "He's so should be aware dude or he'll take away the you know what" said Rohan.
       " How much time this will go on, in a day or two she will stop messaging him" said  HE
       "ya because after that she will call him" said gaurav.
   This was the end of   HE. He stood up and said "I'm going to hostel ". "where girls hostel" someone whispered. He turned around and started walking(or rather running ) towards the door. I was returning from  CM classroom same time and BANG we collide at the door. I was litrally shook by the collision but  HE was erect like a pyramid.(watch it dude)if I had said that I would have had a great punch "sorry yar where are you going??" I said.
   "HELL" replied  HE and walked away.
   I was surprised and turned towards Rohan and all who were Laughing like they had heard the best joke of the decade.. 

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