Friday, 29 April 2011

A walk to remember

    After having a long discussion with myself I have finally decided to find a middle way. There is no way that I'm going to delete the post because of my personal self respect (If I delete the post I would loose my remaining respect in the class) but I could also not keep the post as it is as it had hurt certain part of the society. (Because there is no chance then I would be allowed to be entered into the class).So now the article contains no controversial names or places or animals or things.Also a disclaimer had been added to spoil the look and reputation of my blog.So whatever it is, I think now its alright (Is it??)  and lets move on..LETS MOVE ON  I hate this word because last time when I decided to move on with one of my friend (female friend) I had to take a walk of 7 kms.
    It was Sunday and I was roaming with my friends Mayur, Sanket and Ganesh when I saw her.SHARA ASHRAF KHAN once a sensation and now ..rather not say. Let me tell you that she is the girl with whom I spent a half night and entire day after which she commited suicide(unsuccessful attempt successful mission).Since the day I have never even went near by her house or any where ,where I am being spotted and interrogated by her family members. 
   But still she's my friend and finding her 7-8 Kms away from her home is a rare thing(actually happened for first time after the Mission Impossibe). She was at the Drug store buying something. She was spotted by Sanket As I cannot watch objects placed more than 10 meters away.
  "Sandeep look who's there.."said sanket.
  I could see something fantabulous standing butt.. "who's She??",I asked.
   "look carefully she's your SAHARA" said Mayur.
   "Shit man Shara She's so hot just look at her.." said Ganesh.
   "so guys our todays meeting is over tata bye bye.." I said and started moving towards Shara.
   "Where are you going ??", asked Sanket.
   "TO talk to her. she looks alone lets have a long walk to home with her" I replied.
   "I'm not coming "said Ganesh.
   I said  " who asked you I'm going alone you people can leave.."
   "Oh naari dekhi to bhul gaya yaari... huh " said Sanket.
   "Shut up and go " I said  "why will we ,She's our friend also we'll also talk to her" said Sanket.
   "NO NO we won't, you go who gonna mess with the ..."said Mayur (I am sure he was pointing to something that time but I ignored).
    WROOM WROOM three of them with there two bikes went away and I started walking towards her as if I was the hero of some action movie  and had recently done a great stunt in the last scene and now walking in slow motion with  song EYE OF THE TIGER playing in background.
    I went closer  and faced towards the shopkeeper as if I hadn't noticed her. But she didn't noticed me . So I had to start the conversation."arre shara Hello whats going on??".
    She smiled.the shopkeeper gave something to her packed in black plastic bag. I wondered what was in it.
She was done with shopping (or my presence had made something wrong) "bye sandeep",she said and moved away.
 I just turned around and raised my hand for the farewell when I saw ZABI (brother cum. bodyguard) I quikly raised some more and started scratching my head and turned around "Any thing for Dandruff" I asked  the shopkeeper.
 "ALL-OUT" he said.
 "We are all out of stock" he completed his sentence.
  I bought some disprins and turned around Shara sat on the bike with her brother on the bike and I was all alone for a long 7km walk to home..

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