Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What is LOVE???

   Heyy guys wussup?? Today was the most memorable day of my life because today I was near about to find my first or rather true love.Well I didn't find it, but the efforts were very dedicated.
  11:30 in morning when I reached college everybody was busy in deep studying Java.That is when I saw her. She was sitting on her usual middle seat. Don't know why but when I saw her face there was an eternal sunshine over my spotless mind (I think someone had switched on the tube light  over my head whatever).Her eyes were looking  extraordinarily blue through her transparent spects , Her short hairs were so set that it was reminding me of Kajol in KKHH , her face was glowing like hundreds of flashlights were  focused on her, Her rosy lips ,dimple cheek and teeth within everything was damn perfect.SHIT man I'm with her for last three years but watching her like have seen her for the first time in a slow motion scene in a romantic movie by Karan Johar. She's my Love first Love..
   "She is looking damn great today"said a voice.had it came from my within. NO its Abhinav whispering. "Ya dude I have never seen her like this before,She is looking beautiful today" I said. 
    "Look at her ear rings that is making something different from usual and I think she had curled her lovely long hairs" said Abhinav.
   I realised that I wasn't the only dog, its party over here WAIT A SECOND "lovely long hairs whom about you are talking dude, POOJA ?"
   "No Shefali ".
  "WHAT !! WHERE??" I turned my focus to slight right side and GUESS WHAT "She is damn gorgeous Look at her eyes , hairs, cheek,chin ,ear rings ,neck (I mean new necklace) HELL this is love ,true love ,first love"
  then what was before may be a trailer Pooja is also great but Shefali's gorgeous HELL whats going on ,why is its very troublesome to find your first love.. WHY WHY WHY..
  Then came Abhilash between and said "Abe BEDEKAR ko dekha kya ?? KYA MAAL DIKH RAHE AAJ!!!"...


  1. nice...
    best of luck..
    n go in front of her (59)..
    close ur eyes..
    keep ur hand on not on hers heart bt urs
    n say ur hearts LoVe Voice to her,..
    It will reallly work..
    just go .....we r all wid u friend....

  2. I think you should select one of them and proposed her.

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  4. Abhilashhhhh :/ ..... except 1 ok.