Sunday, 22 May 2011

April Fool..

     So after watching Pirates of Caribbean and Fast five my exam hangover is slightly down, however the shock that VC++ had given is really unforgettable.I mean who would have imagined the last (F@#king) day in (F@#king) GP would be so...(you know what).whatever..this entire massacre had proved that we were fools to get ourselves admitted into the most foolish college to get fooled ourselves(by BLOODY M*@%&R F@#KER KAWDE AND SEEMA  AND DOLLY AND OTHERS).
     Well that made me remember of lots of fools that I have met in my life. I think there are very limited number of girls that I actually have crush on.Some with a tall physique (Pooja), Some with curly hairs(Pooja) ,someone who walks like a runway model (Pooja),Someone drives scooty (Pooja).. One minute this is amazing all the girls that I had crush on had a common thing in them (actually two One that I had crush on them) and "POOJA".
    Pooja Nikhar (Chate chick..sssss HOT) with tall physique,Pooja Laddha (another chate sensation)with curly hairs,Pooja Shukla model of JPS batch 2008, and Pooja wagh (the tiger..meaowww..) who has a scooty (actually a smaal scooty).And the list goes on..
     Well there is another (actually is results are yet to come) one who was similarly fooled (i.e life taking-ly and heart stopping-ly) by some one.
     1st of april 2009   5 pm:
     Sumit Jumale the heroic villain (or vice-versa maybe) of the class came to me telling " hey sandeep today I am  gonna do an experiment.."
(oh shit..not again)
    I said "With whom.. I mean whats the object to be subjected"
    "you'll know soon" he replied and went away.
    5:15 pm:
   I with Rohan and gaurav were walking out of the department when I saw a small crowd near the girls parking (Strictly prohibited area..there is always some one or the other who has an eye there spying if any boy , man or any kind of similar gender soul enters there)
  "whats going on there??" I asked some ETX guy dunno who.
  "Don't know some IT guys are standing.."he replied.
  "IT guys??!! lets check it out" I said and we went there.
   When we reached there the situation was tensed. every one were looking at each other as if they were at a funeral and waiting for the dead body to die.
   "Wussup??" I asked.
    "Shut up and watch"(and don't bounce after ..)said Pakkhide.
    Sumit took the initiative and moved a step towards Pooja who in respone moved ten steps backward and stopped as there was no space behind.
    "Look Pooja ,I wanted to tell you something since few days but didn't know how to say but now I want to do full and final. Pooja I like you would you be my girl friend" 
   (that's how they propose a girl.... that's so easy man "I LIKE YOU WILL BE MY GF")
   Well after watching her face I understood that it wasn't the method and "Sumit ni parat mati khalli".
   I tell you her face was like a big AAAAA like he had demanded for her scooty tenz for ever or like the rates of petrol had gone suddenly Rs 70 from Rs 65 (you know the importance of one rupee when the petrol prize hikes by a coin and by a 5 rupee is like a big AAAAAA).
   " I never like.." she said stammering but the actual dialog was like you bloody asshole ,what do you think of your selves ,have you watched your face in the mirror ,have you ever took a bath to watch your face in the mirror , do you think that you are the SRK or Ranbir of the class shit man It would be different if it would have been Zeeshan but.... What the F@#k. but unfortunately she couldn't say that so " I never like.." said it all.
   The situation was growing tensed and tensed. every one were looking at Pooja for the answer or rather how she says NO.Silence of a second was like an hour or a long Bhagchandani Mam's lecture where many people unknowingly went to a deep sleep ( GP-ANJUM..).
   Realizing that this is not gonna work our Shah rukh Mr, Sumit Jumale threw an another googly. 
  "HAHAHAHAHAHA..HEHEHE ..HOHO.. look at your face..that's so funny" 
  (" Is he gone mad now I don't have to answer him "must have said Pooja)
  "I was making a fool of you Its APRIL FOOL Hahahahaha...." said Sumit.
  "yes man I almost forgot.. that was good ,that was great Ha ha ha" I added.
  Well this this didn't change the scenario of the other party who were still under the 250 volts shock, but that gave us to teleport ourselves to the boys hostel.  

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


    "Unexpected" Today's day was completely unexpected I mean first time all my guessing about the questions for the exam all came true.Well there were other unexpected happenings too like Doubt's paper was not great (LIE as usual), Ashish sawant's birthday party and the news that his SMS conversation with "PIYU" resumed after a long break(which was actually unexpected) Mohit Pal unknowingly left 9marks question (Another lie.."Subah se koi nahe mila") and so on..  
     Many times unexpected things are ignorable some times they are funny but sometime they are just Mind blowing.My friends witnessed such a mind blowing event that had nearly stopped most of the hearts..
    Those were the days when football fever was full on in GP and IT'ians were in full form.We used to start playing any where and with anyone whom we found (and of course never won).The staff parking was the playground registered for the IT football practice where we demonstrated our talent Like Mohit his dancing talent, Rohan his wrestling talent,Mayur his accuracy with the ball like when he was given the penalty shoot he had almost shaken one innocent boy's head who was crossing the gate which was about 5-6 meters away from the goalpost.
    One day Zeeshan and I was busy in getting checked our records hence we were about half an hour late for the practice (I mean auditions).So when we reached there we saw Ashwin sitting aside not playing we went to him.
   "You are not playing??"asked Zee.
   "Leave it ,Something happened" replied Ashiwn.
   "What??" we both asked in unison.
   "Yaar I was playing there at the corner and I just collided with Rashid, I said sorry to him but he.."
   "He what??" I interrupted.
   "He beat him on the back" said Swapnil who was playing nearby.
   "What ?? and what did you do then??"I asked.
   "What could we do? we started playing again" replied Ashwin.
   "What could we do?? you should have given two back in return to him, you said sorry to him that wasn't your mistake at all.if I would be there I hadn't tolerated it at all.." I said.
   "What would you have done??"
    Since I had started my dialog everybody were looking at me like they wanted to shut my mouth or just wanted that they had a remote that would mute me.Also the voice that came wasn't also familiar.
    ONE MINUTE who's that.
    I turned around and found a giant demon standing in front of me. That demon was from packaging department and his name was RASHID ALI (one of bodyguards of Danish..he has a different story ).
So the giant was standing in front of me asking "what would you have done??".
    Sometimes when you are in a crowd of people who are bind to help you ,you feel a different courage in yourself.So seeing that we were near about 12 (if Rohan considered as one) and he was single, I replied like I was super-confident Salman khan (who you know what he does commitment and all) "I would have given two punches in return and after that you wouldn't have talked to your juniors like that"
    "ohh.." that was the end of Rashid's anger he grabbed my jaw with his giant hands and pushed me backward with full force.
     FLAAAAAAAAASH was there like hundreds of haloge were focused directly on my face and I closed my eyes.After a second or two the flash was gone and I slowly opened my eyes. I could hear some voices chanting "Sandeep sandee ..ssss" and some other's something other. I could see my friends Gaurav, Ashwin ,Rohan,Swapnil,Abhinav all supporting me hard but there were not with me.where the hell was I. 
    I moved my eyes in front and saw a giant man in front of me wearing a red 3/4th and red boxing gloves in hand.IS HE ROCKY. where the hell am I. then I realized that I was standing at the boxing stand and my opponent was ROCKY BALBOA.
    what is this, how can this happen ROCKY BALBOA vs me cannot be even thought of.But that was it ,I was there and Rocky was beating his two boxing gloves each other as he was charging them to hit me.
Then he advanced I moved backward.and suddenly he was in front of me."HE HE HE..." he chuckled and just gave hit hard punch on my face.all the life went to ultra slow motion.I could feel my every single teeth coming out  of my mouth.
    And I fall on ground on the grass,I was in the parking again.Hell what was that.A forecast ,an intuition of what gonna happen.shit man that was so true.Sandeep dude you got to think about it.I mean that was a vision but if you don't do any thing now then that will definitely come true (people do anything to make their vision true ,and I am doing something that will not make my vision true..WOW)
   I raised myself up with the same honor with which I fell.I garbed his hand.hold it tight and fired "Come'on you are threatening us I'll take you to HOD".
  I still have a feeling that he was scared by that dialog.I think I had caught the perfect nerve unknowingly. He shook his hand with great force that lost my grab."go.... go now.Tell him my name RASHID ALI Packaging third year.I am not scared of him.Ya ya I'm coming got something important or I would have taught you a good lesson"
  And he disappeared with his friends. Was anyone calling him?? Never mind now what was important was that I was Safe, sound and single piece. But my this unexpected reaction at the situation is still not understood by my friends and is a greatest mystery..

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Treasure in my BAG..

 "National treasure" what a movie. For the first time Nicholas Cage was in quite ordinary (unlike Ghost Rider) and natural role.Well at last when they find the treasure how happy they look. But this is not always that you feel GAY (not that one" ") when you find a treasure. It is many a times too shocking to stop your heart beats.
  That day was completely different from regular once.That day the sun rose, flowers bloomed,breeze was gentle and more pleasant(Well that doesn't makes the day different,the only difference was the DATE).Full day was packed schedule and Raana had once again shot us with another mind blowing assignment (now this makes the day different from the days which does not have her lecture or practical).SO in short the day was busy and there was no time slot for some mishap.But you know BAD time come just when every thing is GOOD.
  Though I was busy through out he day but still I noticed an eye that was constantly spying in me.I didn't know why but something was wrong.Pooja was constantly smiling and Asha was crying.(I have heard someone saying that girls look more beautiful when they weep But this was not in case Asha She looks horrible then her regular terrible look and of course no one looks at her face).Later I came to know that day before the day she lost her wallet (or the TREASURE containing atleast 1lakh amount).So that was normal that she weep hard for her wallet but what's wrong with Pooja.
   So the day passed with TOM & JERRY game and in the evening came the bang.
  Shefali (Hmm one and a half year ago When she didn't matched my status and now I didn't matched her status in short we were never and will be interested in each other ..HAPPY??) came to me when I was on the stairs walking home "heyy sandeep wait.Asha is calling you." (oh shit.. not again)
    "oh.. OK you move on I'll be there in a minute." (I need to settle my delicate parts Incase I get an electric shock if she touches me) I replied her.
     I entered the room with Gaurav,Rohan,Ashwin,Pakhidey and unfortunately Leena who then distributed the story to the entire class. (Hell she is smiling now also..I think She knows about the wallet..whatever)
    "hmm actualyy Sandeep we have got....we just want to check your bag" Said Shefali.
    (what the f#@k.. What she wanna do.I don't carry something in my bag by which I can "STAY FREE" or something that I can "WHISPER" into someone's ear or any other stuff that is sold in black packets at ANNA'S shop)
     "Why ??!!??" I said.
     "Actually we've got something that..You just show me your bag all will be clear" said Pooja who couldn't hold her laughter even if she tried hard to do so.
    ALL WILL BE CLEAR what does she mean by that well unknown me just gave my almost empty bag(because I never brought note books as never made note books) to her and she opened the first chain and BOOM..
    There it is .. Asha's wallet.One minute whats it doing there.How the hell did it get there.Every one was looking at me as I was the president of Pakistan and osama was found very nearby my home where generally I go todo my morning activities or rather morning walk.
     "I did'nt steal it.." I said to prove my innocence.
     "I really did't steal it,why should I Asha please believe me I ..I didn't"
  (F@$k why the hell I'm gonna steal her wallet when already she spends a lot on me.And thinking practically why would I keep the wallet in my bag for the entire day and a night.It's like as Osama had been found near Pakistani militry base that doesn't mean he was sheltered there.I mean if you shelter a national sensation in your house would you allow him to roam around the city?Well that doesn't mean I'm a Pakistani supporter or something like that)
"One minute how the hell did you know that the wallet was in my bag"I asked.
  "Actually we received a note that read "CHECK SANDEEP'S BAG HE IS THE THIEF" so we just..for the sake of confermation..and .."replied Shefali.
 "where's the letter.I'll definately recognize the handwritting?" I said.
 "we burnt it" said pooja.
 "WHAT??? why ...that was the only clue to find the...whoo whoo whoo. did you think that I was the fools if I would have been the one that why the hell would I write a LOVE LETTER to you to come and check my bag" I said.
  "ya man  that's right, We didn't thought about that"said Pooja.