Sunday, 22 May 2011

April Fool..

     So after watching Pirates of Caribbean and Fast five my exam hangover is slightly down, however the shock that VC++ had given is really unforgettable.I mean who would have imagined the last (F@#king) day in (F@#king) GP would be so...(you know what).whatever..this entire massacre had proved that we were fools to get ourselves admitted into the most foolish college to get fooled ourselves(by BLOODY M*@%&R F@#KER KAWDE AND SEEMA  AND DOLLY AND OTHERS).
     Well that made me remember of lots of fools that I have met in my life. I think there are very limited number of girls that I actually have crush on.Some with a tall physique (Pooja), Some with curly hairs(Pooja) ,someone who walks like a runway model (Pooja),Someone drives scooty (Pooja).. One minute this is amazing all the girls that I had crush on had a common thing in them (actually two One that I had crush on them) and "POOJA".
    Pooja Nikhar (Chate chick..sssss HOT) with tall physique,Pooja Laddha (another chate sensation)with curly hairs,Pooja Shukla model of JPS batch 2008, and Pooja wagh (the tiger..meaowww..) who has a scooty (actually a smaal scooty).And the list goes on..
     Well there is another (actually is results are yet to come) one who was similarly fooled (i.e life taking-ly and heart stopping-ly) by some one.
     1st of april 2009   5 pm:
     Sumit Jumale the heroic villain (or vice-versa maybe) of the class came to me telling " hey sandeep today I am  gonna do an experiment.."
(oh shit..not again)
    I said "With whom.. I mean whats the object to be subjected"
    "you'll know soon" he replied and went away.
    5:15 pm:
   I with Rohan and gaurav were walking out of the department when I saw a small crowd near the girls parking (Strictly prohibited area..there is always some one or the other who has an eye there spying if any boy , man or any kind of similar gender soul enters there)
  "whats going on there??" I asked some ETX guy dunno who.
  "Don't know some IT guys are standing.."he replied.
  "IT guys??!! lets check it out" I said and we went there.
   When we reached there the situation was tensed. every one were looking at each other as if they were at a funeral and waiting for the dead body to die.
   "Wussup??" I asked.
    "Shut up and watch"(and don't bounce after ..)said Pakkhide.
    Sumit took the initiative and moved a step towards Pooja who in respone moved ten steps backward and stopped as there was no space behind.
    "Look Pooja ,I wanted to tell you something since few days but didn't know how to say but now I want to do full and final. Pooja I like you would you be my girl friend" 
   (that's how they propose a girl.... that's so easy man "I LIKE YOU WILL BE MY GF")
   Well after watching her face I understood that it wasn't the method and "Sumit ni parat mati khalli".
   I tell you her face was like a big AAAAA like he had demanded for her scooty tenz for ever or like the rates of petrol had gone suddenly Rs 70 from Rs 65 (you know the importance of one rupee when the petrol prize hikes by a coin and by a 5 rupee is like a big AAAAAA).
   " I never like.." she said stammering but the actual dialog was like you bloody asshole ,what do you think of your selves ,have you watched your face in the mirror ,have you ever took a bath to watch your face in the mirror , do you think that you are the SRK or Ranbir of the class shit man It would be different if it would have been Zeeshan but.... What the F@#k. but unfortunately she couldn't say that so " I never like.." said it all.
   The situation was growing tensed and tensed. every one were looking at Pooja for the answer or rather how she says NO.Silence of a second was like an hour or a long Bhagchandani Mam's lecture where many people unknowingly went to a deep sleep ( GP-ANJUM..).
   Realizing that this is not gonna work our Shah rukh Mr, Sumit Jumale threw an another googly. 
  "HAHAHAHAHAHA..HEHEHE ..HOHO.. look at your face..that's so funny" 
  (" Is he gone mad now I don't have to answer him "must have said Pooja)
  "I was making a fool of you Its APRIL FOOL Hahahahaha...." said Sumit.
  "yes man I almost forgot.. that was good ,that was great Ha ha ha" I added.
  Well this this didn't change the scenario of the other party who were still under the 250 volts shock, but that gave us to teleport ourselves to the boys hostel.  

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