Saturday, 18 June 2011

Te AMO...Te Te AMO...

     The basic per-requisite for a guy to date a girl (Among multiple once) is presence of mind. Once you lost your mind this is the downfall of your eternal love story. So whenever you are dating multiple once one thing you should  keep in mind that once you mix up your multiple stories you should be ready for a deadly interrogation. (YA dude, my friend SANKET this time its you... ♫♪ Te AMO.. ). 
     Today is a very special day where we all the friends have gathered here to celebrate the happiness, the joy that our friend have gained in the long course of his life. Happiness is a very precious thing which is gifted to very selected persons (Like the best friends of the victim) in many ways. While there are many persons who try to keep these things secret (Like Mayur sorry dude, But you know how is he, secret word is not there in the dictionary of GANBHOJ they just only rebell), But there are many people who believe that happiness multiplies itself when it is shared (You know like BLOGGER. COM ).
    It is rightly said that behind every success of a man there is a women, where as behind every unsuccessful man there are many womens. A very dedicated man strives hard through out the day, develops websites, teaches in SHALOM INSTITUTE for his Love (True Love this time), his F@#king past always comes in front to show how desperate he was once (And then he worked on certain PROJECTS). Well this is a life time achievement of Sanket (the vict..) who had found his true love (AT last but not the least).
   The best time for love to grow, flourish and get nourished is night (please don't get misinterpreted Sanku is still pure V) and the best gadget developed by the technicians and engineers is mobile (which is responsible for most of the people to fall in love as it happened with M...any people like Mayur). 
   So Night calls of Mr. Sanket with his recent First love (recent means he found it recently and first means he was in love with her since he was in 3rd standard... "SANKET KA PYAAR TOL ME HAI" oh sorry "SANKET KA TOL PYAAR ME HAI"  shit I think it should be like " SANKET KA PYAAR KATOL ME HAI" misuse of uncle means KA-KA).
  AMURUTA  is beautiful (as he says so), AMRUTA is cute (as he says so), AMRUTA is understanding (as he says so), AMRUTA is intelligent (as he says so), I like AMRUTA (HE SAYS SO). So the flourishing love story was getting nourished (which eventually got rid of our late night games like carom and business and TEEN-PATTI). Seriously dude we do't have any jealous intentions this is a completely funny material.
  So you know that as the time passes somethings become more beautiful and when some more time passes those things start becoming ugly (That's why I have recently reduced my conversation with my INDIAN-CHAI). As to say that Mr. Sanket had recently (not) brokeup with PRAJAKTA as he needed something for entertainment in course of finding the first love (Well there have been many speed breakers in the course like ROSHNI, APOORVA, CHANDANI and the list goes on). But this time the thing went wrong as the dearest Praju refused for the breakup and currently Mr. Sanket is travelling on two ships with no destination.
   Moving to the main part of the story (Because I don't want to rip off all the secrets now only because then I don't have any thing for next stories) Last night Mr. Sanket called (as usual) to Ms. Amo and then what happened was unusual.
   " Hello there"
   "Hii Prajakta" said Sanket.
   "Hii what is goin... on min who's Prajakta" exclaimed Amo.
   "What.. who I said Appor I mean Amoo "
   "Appor who's she now" 
   "No one baby these are my.." trying to explain but inturrupted
   "Other girl friends right, with whom you are doing CHARACTER LIILA'S" said Amo.
   "No babes I thought it was..." stammered Sanket.
   "What did you thought ,It was PRATIGYA your another stock" said Amo.
   "No its PRAJAKTA actually.." said Sanku.
  "Ohh now you gonna tell me her original name huh.. It doesn't matter to me whether its PRATIGYA or PRANITA" said Amo.
  "Its PRAJ.. leave it" said Sanku.
  There is one important rule in Love. If you say truth slowly and being calm then no one will ever believe you, but if say Lie shouting and yelling then it would be more true than than the truth itself. People like Sanket who frequently FALL and RISE and again FALL in love are aware of these facts or rules. And use of this BRAMHASTRA at the right time is the only talent that wee all boys have in common.
  "Shut up you fool, just shut up She is my student in my institute and she was going to call me for tomorrows class timing" Said Sanku in a slightly higher tone.
  "Oh sorr.. I am really very sorry Sanket. I thought..." said Amo.
  (What you thought was the TRUTH what you are watching is a LIE)
  "Its OK. It happens It shows how much you like me. How much you care for me. But today I can assure you actually promise you (that I never follow) that I would never see any other girl in that sense. You are the only love in my life and always be" said Sanket  and they both nearly virtually hugged on the phone. 
  BASTARD.  A board should be hung in front of this room "DON'T CROSS BASTARDS AHEAD". Whatever it is we are happy that our friend is in a very serious relationship ( ;) ) and of course it is giving us very great stories to get entertained. So carry on dude and keep singing  ♫♪♫♪ Te AMO...Te Te AMO♫♪..

Thursday, 16 June 2011

RUN beta RUN

    Life is beautiful. You should nourish it, cherish it, maintain it, conserve it. I know that it takes away an appropriate cost, but in return it gives you what you expect or much more than what you expect. Just the thing which matters is he time. Give time to life to be settled, to get over the mishaps that happened It was like a cost that life took you and is preparing for a great surprise for you ( I mean this time something good, great, excellent is gonna happen with you. Just be READY for it).
  ( And I know if you are reading this you are not expecting this PRAWACHAN from a guy like me. But you know there are some formalities that you have to follow because your heart forces it you to do so.)
  So anyways I am very happy to tell you that I have found (actually implemented (actually bought)) the solution over the increasing petrol prices. The only solution to it is "YO-BIKE". But as I have said earlier that life takes the appropriate cost this time the cost is speed. But I can tell you that the speed of yo-bike reminds me of my life "every one walks ahead of me" (I mean what the f@#K  this time Rohan also... 86%. first Ashwin then Pakkhiday then Rohan. Dude, I am really travelling on YO-BIKE)
   Whatever it is today this ultra sonic super speed YO-BIKE had nearly killed me (because of its ultra sonic super speed). Though I managed to escape but that gave me a great lesson of life that "JINKE GHAR KAANCH KE HOTE HAI, WO BASEMENT ME KAPDE BADALTE HAI".
   It was 6 pm in evening ( "pm" it is understood that it is evening I mean was) when I was going for a long drive on my super fast SR-71 (long drive is not considering the distance, the key factor here is time. And as there was no one to company me this was a long drive or else it would have been a long lasting lifetime drive)
So at the speed of 20 kmph (which is its top speed ..I suppose) I was driving the bike when I saw a group of hot girls (oh my god they were really very very  s...... smart sorry LOVE). As usual my handle (I mean my bike's handle, As I am handling it I thought that I was the handle of the handle. didn't understood? OK where was I). 
   I started following the chicks on the way and as my bike's speed was also very BSNL HI-SPEED so I could match the safe distance as well as the speed of the hott-ies. 
   Suddenly then one of them turned behind. I thought that they have got a clue that a dog is following them. (Not a stray dog. German Shepard actually I like it German Shepard Dog.God this breed must not be available in Germany or there must not be Shepard's there. German Shepard is a Dog).
   So realizing that I decided to overtake the heard (of hotties) . As I increased my speed and move a slight right side on the road a guy sitting on a bicycle came from the opposite side and we nearly to be collided when I demonstrated some of my driving skills and saved his life. ( Don't laugh read further Its not complete yet).
   There is one rule of driving when you save someone's life then you have the right to fire as much slangs you want to or you know on him.( but not in this case). 
  "You bloody blind asshole.. Can't see who's coming form the front. SAALE CYCLE BECH KE CHASHMA KHARID LE." I said without looking at the opponent driver.
   But that was my worst ever mistake. The other guy was the wadi's heavy weight champion ROMI. Oh shit!! what the F@#k. I saw my end in front of me. Beta run or today you will be served as a dish in ROMI's house. I looked forward as if nothing happened and accelerated my bike as fast as I could ( I mean I could ride faster but the bike doesn't support). 
   I saw in the rear view he was following me. Shitt man today I am dead.
   I increased the speed but he was much closer to me.
   I (I mean my Bike) was at the full speed and he was still increasing. Mummy save me.
   Soon we both were riding in parallel so that I could raise my hand to say him hello.
   I applied my (means bike's) rear breaks first and then front breaks and it was the perfect 360.
   One second earlier we were riding in the opposite direction of same road. Now what to do we can't play merry-go-round on the road. Next moment I saw a truck standing apparently by side but in the middle of  the road. I decided to go by the side of the truck so that He won't be able to see me and that would be a perfect time for the escape.OK that's a perfect plan.
     I turned left from just in front of the truck and ROMI went straight. But what the hell.. There was a large crowed of 20-30 people. AAJ TO MAI APNE SIR PE KAFAN BAANDH KE NIKLA HU. This is the damn dead end, dead end of my life. I saw upwards in demand of emergency help to god. I saw a board there saying " SWAST DHANYACHE DUKAN".
     Ya tomorrow it would be my meat shop here where they would sell cheap Sandeep in very cheap rates. In front I saw a man holding two canes. I think here kerosene must be sold. I parked my bike behind the kerosene truck where no one could see it. And hold one of the canes from the man's hand. 
     It was sweating hard because of the humidity and also because YAMRAJ was following me. I cleaned my face with the hand. And here came the bastard ROMI.
     " Heyy dude, did you see any one here?" he asked.
     " ya dude there are many people here." I replied.
     " No I mean,anyone running from here." He cleared.
     " Ya one women went on running as she got kerosene first time full tank" I replied.
     " NO NO.. I mean..heyy what happened to your face?" he asked.
     What happened to my face. I looked in the glass of the truck My face was dark black like grease.That bloody drunken fellow hadn't washed his hands since..(I don't know when). 
     He gave me dirty smile and went away searching for his pray. I prayed to god for saving my life by appling grease on my face and went home safe, sound and single piece.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

LOVE changes LIFE..

    Love is the most wonderful moment in the life. It feels good when it happens and really very good when someone whom you love respond without sandals, slaps or a meeting with boyfriends who later come to be her brother (Hard luck for him..). Many times girls accept for the reason that, they don't find you serious (Which happened with me.. actually happening) or sometimes they are desperate.
    As I have got a platform where I am free to say what ever I want ,I just wanna say that I am very seriously in love with you and your presence in my life had changed me a lot. You own a great place in my life. I don't expect you to be mine kind of forever. I don't even expect you to take this as a proposal or a question or anything to answer neither I can assure you about myself. I just can say that I am very fond of you, And I can't spend even a day without your message or call and I just don't want it to stop. (DISCLAIMER: As you all know that the writer of this blog is a slightly "KHASKELA HAI" and there is nothing serious or note worthy in his posts so please don't mind).
    Whatever it is.. Today I gonna share a very important event of my life. This is a very rare event in the life of an individual, but when it happens it become memorable. So guys this is the first time ever, I, myself, Sandeep Thakre had ever proposed a girl. Those were the days of SSC and we were the rocking students of CHATE COACHING CLASSES.
     I was deeply in love with the girl called PRANITA who was my class mate and really wanted to be with forever (forever means not forever just two months wala forever). So I was in search of a chance to just open my love-ly factory in front of her. Then came the season of love when almost every girl in the class received a proposal from almost every boy and most of them were expected to be accepted.
    My best friend (that time) was in love with Pooja and he proposed her and holla next day he changed his orkut status (that time facebook wasn't so popular actually no one even knew that there was some thing called facebook-ing). Well then I was among the last few one's who were yet to propose (or phattu).
   So I decided to take the chance and say whatever I felt about Pranita to her. But not the ordinary way I was aware of the fact that "before the pary is sacrificed, it is fed with the delightful dishes".
    I brought a nice cadbury's silk (Rs 80, MANnn... that's expensive), an archie's greeting card (for which I was near about beaten by the girl because I didn't liked any card from the store) and a red rose (the reason behind this was if I get a chance to place that flower in her hairs than I would definitely pull them once because I always wanted to know whether the silky black straight hairs are really there or its a wig. But later I came to know that the flower Item was 20 years old and doesn't happens now. How could I know that nor I am 20 years old neither I had a previous experience)
    I selected the last day of the class so that even if the result is negative there won't have any effect of it on my prestige.So that day I was waiting for the class to get over. Nearly every one except the victim knew that she was getting hunted today.
     Then came the time of judgment the action began at 7 pm when our class got over.
     I called Pranita on the terrace of the building. She was as usual on time and I was as usual late (you know boys have to face many problems like friends and their expertise tips while you go on war like this and this was the world war).
    She was waiting on the terrace as she had got a clue that something was wrong.
    "heyy sandeep why did you call me here?"
    "Nothing I just wanted to talk to you." I replied.
    "You could talk to me in the class or at the parking why up at the terrace?" she asked.
  (Point yaar.. class would be empty now and parking would also have been great I don't know why the hell I chose this place to...)
    "Ya Right I mean Wrong. I mean, I am wrong and you are right. Well actually I have got something for you" I said and forwarded the card towards her.
  cadbury first you fool  her face was like that. I was so nervous that I forgot to take the aim and fired first.
 "Sandeep I never..."
 "Don't say anything. I don't want you to take the decision of life time in just a sec If your answer is yes then come near telankhedi lake. I would be waiting for you" I said and turned around and ran out of the terrace.
 heyy that cadbury... shit!! she must have said.
 I was running hard towards the toilet where I found Pooja on the way.
 "Heyy...I heard that you are proposing Pranita, is it true??" she asked.
 "I just did"
 "Congo man... She was waiting for it since a long time" she replied.
 What the f.. she was waiting then why didn't she told me that. One minute, is she serious about it?
  "No I asked her to came to meet me at telankhedi if she also liked me" I said.
  "Of course she'll come. She is very serious about you.. You are like the prince she was waiting for since childhood" Said Pooja.
  "Like Sunny for you right??" I asked.
  " NAAH.. never , He's just a time pass .." she replied.
 JUST A TIME PASS  and she uses his wallet like she is showering water with a pipe. What if she becomes serious. Hell.. she will sell him in the open market. What if Pranita also.. And she is serious also. No man this is a greatest mistake of my life.This love is going to change my life. What to do now.. Lets make this the last day of CCC.
  I picked up my bag and ran towards the ground floor sat behind Rahul who usually dropped me to the bus stop. The bus was waiting there I ran and sat in the bus and that was the final day of Chate. I never went back there or at telankhedi for atleast one year after and haven't ate a cadbury since the day..