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Journey to Shegao: Action re-play

Previous parts of journey:
Journey to Shegao: First class
  Well well.. the roller coaster ride of unlimited fun had began and the five riders of this great adventure are back again to entertain you all. This is the further story of what happened after our successful boarding into the sewagram express. So read n joy..
    Some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of the world has rightly said that none of the exam is the greatest or one having a highest priority because there is another one waiting after that to check your tolerance. This have been experienced by most of us they say that the entrance exam (SEEE, AIEEE PMT IIT e.t.c) determine the future of a student but this is 100% wrong the real exam is after he clears these firewalls. To survive, to compete and still be with all the heard that also have the same story is the real exam. There are many (like us) who bypass these firewalls but still all the bypasses and shortcuts unites at a final destination and no one can bypass it.
    Same was the story with us. We thought that loading ourselves into the train was the the only hurdle but were wrong very very wrong. 
    It is said that Indian railways is one of the largest network in the world. But seeing the condition inside the train we are in a desperate need of thousands of thousands of more. God how they were sitting (ya actually sitting) that was the complete use of every cm sq area that was available in the bogie. Sanket and  Mayur who climbed up from the front door were the luckiest one to find a royal place near the toilet where the population was slight less than the caused pollution.
   Ganesh ,Sagar and Me were the unluckiest ones to find a place where we could place only one foot on the floor while the other was on another's feet. To add flavor to this there was a old woman who had captured almost twice the space in the middle of the way and was having the most wonderful dream where her prince charming (without teeth and limited hairs on top) was riding in slow motion on a horse (who was also a year or two elder than the young man). Well this dreaming beauty had nothing to do with the outside world or their unlimited kicks.
    Some how we managed to make space for us sufficient for standing. Now it was time to examine the surroundings. Totally there were three couples that had gained the attraction of the entire audience. The first couple was sitting on the upper berth with a cute huge girl. I can't waste time describing her but she reminded me of shefa mam. The girl had occupied the half of the seat was still squeezing herself so that she could make space for the other two. The lady in the couple was a Mallika Sherawat part 2. she playing all the games like football. basketball, handball, bat ball where the bechari fatty girl was suffering the attacks.
    The second one was under aged one. They were both involved in each other that no one could figur out from where the boy starts and where the girl ends. The third one was the real sensation. She was sitting right in front of me about 15 cm apart. She was the real gorgeous. Though in the begining she had covered herself with the blanket but the show began after she went to sleep.
     Wow man that was amazing. on each vibration of the train the blanket slid down a centimeter. The vibrations were like one vibration per minute so it took like one hour for the real show to begin. But that one hour was more exiting than Dan brown novel (what? I find it exiting). Then the show began MY GOD I AM SO DEAD, huge mountains deep valleys and I am in front of it. My mobile was buzzing in my pocket it was someones SMS (sorry babes but that's why I switched off my mobile later for no further disturbances). 
      Then I moved my eyes to right side when I saw a boy who was giving a very dirty look to me (must be her brother poor guy cannot watch the most beautiful scenery in the world). Realizing that I could get a nice beating here I turned my eyes another way from his sister also.
      Then came BADNERA where almost half train emptied an again filled with twice the number of people who got out. while in this course of time I got some place on upper birth for me and Sagar. The train started and slowly we both went into a deep sleep.
      Suddenly there was shake someone said "wake up shegao's here wake up you fools"
      My control returned from the outer world all of a sudden when I found I was sleeping on Sagar's lap (shit!! that must have given a nice shot of Dostana to all the people) . Mayur was outside at the station Sanket was also out Ganesh was also out one min that means only we two are here inside. Sager's control was yet to return and that made the situation out of control.
      "Wake him up quickly" Sanket said.
      "Ya.. Heyy Sagar wake up.. shegao's here, dude wake up" I tried to wake him up.
      "Abe itne pyaar se jagayega to kal hi uthega wo de ek chamka ke" orderd Ganesh from outside.
      "Yes Sandeep de ek chamka ke" said Sanket.
      "Come'on Sandeep de ek chamka ke" the entire bogie said.
      I lift my hand "Sagar wake up or train will leave dude" I said and then he made certain living movement I gained a sigh of relief thank god he woke up.
      "SHABBOO...." whispered Sagar.
      "What  I am Sandeep.." 
      "No you are shaboo... shaboo mere jaan" and he gave me great Indian romantic hug.
      "WHAT THE F@#K " I exclaimed and this time maine chamka dia.
      Sagar woke up with a huge shake still unaware why the hell the entire train was laughing.
      "Dude jump the trai is leaving" I shouted at him.
      "Oh yaa..." and again he was cloasing his eyes when I shock him and again told that the train was leaving which then brought all his control back.
      He jumped down and ran towards the bags I also jumped down. He threw bags to me which I threw to Sanket who was standing at the door who threw them out side the train.
      A small jerk and the train started moving.

10Kmph :
      Sanket jumped from the train and safely landed on the station.

      I jumped from the train in the opposite direction unfortunately my booth feet landed on certain I don't know type of material and my both legs ran in opposite direction. Thanks to the stretchable jeans which stretched at right time and saved my legs.

      Sagar jumped from the train in the direction in which the train was going and he was running with the train at un controllable speed. I saw a huge pillar in his way. I closed my eyes imagining the pillar would fall any time now. After a sec I opened my eyes and saw Sagar was standing right in front of the pillar. Thank god you saved a lots of lives today.
     Then came the station master running someone had infromed him that some guys just jumped from the train.
       "Who jumped from the train" Asked the master.
      "No one jumped sir, I was here drinking water no one jumped someone have fooled you I think" Said Mayur. Unfortunately the water cooler in opposite direction of the platform and all this drama happened behind the man who was drinking water Hence he still doesn't why the hell Sanket and Ganesh were making so fun of both of us through out the trip.

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