Saturday, 11 June 2011

LOVE changes LIFE..

    Love is the most wonderful moment in the life. It feels good when it happens and really very good when someone whom you love respond without sandals, slaps or a meeting with boyfriends who later come to be her brother (Hard luck for him..). Many times girls accept for the reason that, they don't find you serious (Which happened with me.. actually happening) or sometimes they are desperate.
    As I have got a platform where I am free to say what ever I want ,I just wanna say that I am very seriously in love with you and your presence in my life had changed me a lot. You own a great place in my life. I don't expect you to be mine kind of forever. I don't even expect you to take this as a proposal or a question or anything to answer neither I can assure you about myself. I just can say that I am very fond of you, And I can't spend even a day without your message or call and I just don't want it to stop. (DISCLAIMER: As you all know that the writer of this blog is a slightly "KHASKELA HAI" and there is nothing serious or note worthy in his posts so please don't mind).
    Whatever it is.. Today I gonna share a very important event of my life. This is a very rare event in the life of an individual, but when it happens it become memorable. So guys this is the first time ever, I, myself, Sandeep Thakre had ever proposed a girl. Those were the days of SSC and we were the rocking students of CHATE COACHING CLASSES.
     I was deeply in love with the girl called PRANITA who was my class mate and really wanted to be with forever (forever means not forever just two months wala forever). So I was in search of a chance to just open my love-ly factory in front of her. Then came the season of love when almost every girl in the class received a proposal from almost every boy and most of them were expected to be accepted.
    My best friend (that time) was in love with Pooja and he proposed her and holla next day he changed his orkut status (that time facebook wasn't so popular actually no one even knew that there was some thing called facebook-ing). Well then I was among the last few one's who were yet to propose (or phattu).
   So I decided to take the chance and say whatever I felt about Pranita to her. But not the ordinary way I was aware of the fact that "before the pary is sacrificed, it is fed with the delightful dishes".
    I brought a nice cadbury's silk (Rs 80, MANnn... that's expensive), an archie's greeting card (for which I was near about beaten by the girl because I didn't liked any card from the store) and a red rose (the reason behind this was if I get a chance to place that flower in her hairs than I would definitely pull them once because I always wanted to know whether the silky black straight hairs are really there or its a wig. But later I came to know that the flower Item was 20 years old and doesn't happens now. How could I know that nor I am 20 years old neither I had a previous experience)
    I selected the last day of the class so that even if the result is negative there won't have any effect of it on my prestige.So that day I was waiting for the class to get over. Nearly every one except the victim knew that she was getting hunted today.
     Then came the time of judgment the action began at 7 pm when our class got over.
     I called Pranita on the terrace of the building. She was as usual on time and I was as usual late (you know boys have to face many problems like friends and their expertise tips while you go on war like this and this was the world war).
    She was waiting on the terrace as she had got a clue that something was wrong.
    "heyy sandeep why did you call me here?"
    "Nothing I just wanted to talk to you." I replied.
    "You could talk to me in the class or at the parking why up at the terrace?" she asked.
  (Point yaar.. class would be empty now and parking would also have been great I don't know why the hell I chose this place to...)
    "Ya Right I mean Wrong. I mean, I am wrong and you are right. Well actually I have got something for you" I said and forwarded the card towards her.
  cadbury first you fool  her face was like that. I was so nervous that I forgot to take the aim and fired first.
 "Sandeep I never..."
 "Don't say anything. I don't want you to take the decision of life time in just a sec If your answer is yes then come near telankhedi lake. I would be waiting for you" I said and turned around and ran out of the terrace.
 heyy that cadbury... shit!! she must have said.
 I was running hard towards the toilet where I found Pooja on the way.
 "Heyy...I heard that you are proposing Pranita, is it true??" she asked.
 "I just did"
 "Congo man... She was waiting for it since a long time" she replied.
 What the f.. she was waiting then why didn't she told me that. One minute, is she serious about it?
  "No I asked her to came to meet me at telankhedi if she also liked me" I said.
  "Of course she'll come. She is very serious about you.. You are like the prince she was waiting for since childhood" Said Pooja.
  "Like Sunny for you right??" I asked.
  " NAAH.. never , He's just a time pass .." she replied.
 JUST A TIME PASS  and she uses his wallet like she is showering water with a pipe. What if she becomes serious. Hell.. she will sell him in the open market. What if Pranita also.. And she is serious also. No man this is a greatest mistake of my life.This love is going to change my life. What to do now.. Lets make this the last day of CCC.
  I picked up my bag and ran towards the ground floor sat behind Rahul who usually dropped me to the bus stop. The bus was waiting there I ran and sat in the bus and that was the final day of Chate. I never went back there or at telankhedi for atleast one year after and haven't ate a cadbury since the day..

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