Thursday, 16 June 2011

RUN beta RUN

    Life is beautiful. You should nourish it, cherish it, maintain it, conserve it. I know that it takes away an appropriate cost, but in return it gives you what you expect or much more than what you expect. Just the thing which matters is he time. Give time to life to be settled, to get over the mishaps that happened It was like a cost that life took you and is preparing for a great surprise for you ( I mean this time something good, great, excellent is gonna happen with you. Just be READY for it).
  ( And I know if you are reading this you are not expecting this PRAWACHAN from a guy like me. But you know there are some formalities that you have to follow because your heart forces it you to do so.)
  So anyways I am very happy to tell you that I have found (actually implemented (actually bought)) the solution over the increasing petrol prices. The only solution to it is "YO-BIKE". But as I have said earlier that life takes the appropriate cost this time the cost is speed. But I can tell you that the speed of yo-bike reminds me of my life "every one walks ahead of me" (I mean what the f@#K  this time Rohan also... 86%. first Ashwin then Pakkhiday then Rohan. Dude, I am really travelling on YO-BIKE)
   Whatever it is today this ultra sonic super speed YO-BIKE had nearly killed me (because of its ultra sonic super speed). Though I managed to escape but that gave me a great lesson of life that "JINKE GHAR KAANCH KE HOTE HAI, WO BASEMENT ME KAPDE BADALTE HAI".
   It was 6 pm in evening ( "pm" it is understood that it is evening I mean was) when I was going for a long drive on my super fast SR-71 (long drive is not considering the distance, the key factor here is time. And as there was no one to company me this was a long drive or else it would have been a long lasting lifetime drive)
So at the speed of 20 kmph (which is its top speed ..I suppose) I was driving the bike when I saw a group of hot girls (oh my god they were really very very  s...... smart sorry LOVE). As usual my handle (I mean my bike's handle, As I am handling it I thought that I was the handle of the handle. didn't understood? OK where was I). 
   I started following the chicks on the way and as my bike's speed was also very BSNL HI-SPEED so I could match the safe distance as well as the speed of the hott-ies. 
   Suddenly then one of them turned behind. I thought that they have got a clue that a dog is following them. (Not a stray dog. German Shepard actually I like it German Shepard Dog.God this breed must not be available in Germany or there must not be Shepard's there. German Shepard is a Dog).
   So realizing that I decided to overtake the heard (of hotties) . As I increased my speed and move a slight right side on the road a guy sitting on a bicycle came from the opposite side and we nearly to be collided when I demonstrated some of my driving skills and saved his life. ( Don't laugh read further Its not complete yet).
   There is one rule of driving when you save someone's life then you have the right to fire as much slangs you want to or you know on him.( but not in this case). 
  "You bloody blind asshole.. Can't see who's coming form the front. SAALE CYCLE BECH KE CHASHMA KHARID LE." I said without looking at the opponent driver.
   But that was my worst ever mistake. The other guy was the wadi's heavy weight champion ROMI. Oh shit!! what the F@#k. I saw my end in front of me. Beta run or today you will be served as a dish in ROMI's house. I looked forward as if nothing happened and accelerated my bike as fast as I could ( I mean I could ride faster but the bike doesn't support). 
   I saw in the rear view he was following me. Shitt man today I am dead.
   I increased the speed but he was much closer to me.
   I (I mean my Bike) was at the full speed and he was still increasing. Mummy save me.
   Soon we both were riding in parallel so that I could raise my hand to say him hello.
   I applied my (means bike's) rear breaks first and then front breaks and it was the perfect 360.
   One second earlier we were riding in the opposite direction of same road. Now what to do we can't play merry-go-round on the road. Next moment I saw a truck standing apparently by side but in the middle of  the road. I decided to go by the side of the truck so that He won't be able to see me and that would be a perfect time for the escape.OK that's a perfect plan.
     I turned left from just in front of the truck and ROMI went straight. But what the hell.. There was a large crowed of 20-30 people. AAJ TO MAI APNE SIR PE KAFAN BAANDH KE NIKLA HU. This is the damn dead end, dead end of my life. I saw upwards in demand of emergency help to god. I saw a board there saying " SWAST DHANYACHE DUKAN".
     Ya tomorrow it would be my meat shop here where they would sell cheap Sandeep in very cheap rates. In front I saw a man holding two canes. I think here kerosene must be sold. I parked my bike behind the kerosene truck where no one could see it. And hold one of the canes from the man's hand. 
     It was sweating hard because of the humidity and also because YAMRAJ was following me. I cleaned my face with the hand. And here came the bastard ROMI.
     " Heyy dude, did you see any one here?" he asked.
     " ya dude there are many people here." I replied.
     " No I mean,anyone running from here." He cleared.
     " Ya one women went on running as she got kerosene first time full tank" I replied.
     " NO NO.. I mean..heyy what happened to your face?" he asked.
     What happened to my face. I looked in the glass of the truck My face was dark black like grease.That bloody drunken fellow hadn't washed his hands since..(I don't know when). 
     He gave me dirty smile and went away searching for his pray. I prayed to god for saving my life by appling grease on my face and went home safe, sound and single piece.