Saturday, 18 June 2011

Te AMO...Te Te AMO...

     The basic per-requisite for a guy to date a girl (Among multiple once) is presence of mind. Once you lost your mind this is the downfall of your eternal love story. So whenever you are dating multiple once one thing you should  keep in mind that once you mix up your multiple stories you should be ready for a deadly interrogation. (YA dude, my friend SANKET this time its you... ♫♪ Te AMO.. ). 
     Today is a very special day where we all the friends have gathered here to celebrate the happiness, the joy that our friend have gained in the long course of his life. Happiness is a very precious thing which is gifted to very selected persons (Like the best friends of the victim) in many ways. While there are many persons who try to keep these things secret (Like Mayur sorry dude, But you know how is he, secret word is not there in the dictionary of GANBHOJ they just only rebell), But there are many people who believe that happiness multiplies itself when it is shared (You know like BLOGGER. COM ).
    It is rightly said that behind every success of a man there is a women, where as behind every unsuccessful man there are many womens. A very dedicated man strives hard through out the day, develops websites, teaches in SHALOM INSTITUTE for his Love (True Love this time), his F@#king past always comes in front to show how desperate he was once (And then he worked on certain PROJECTS). Well this is a life time achievement of Sanket (the vict..) who had found his true love (AT last but not the least).
   The best time for love to grow, flourish and get nourished is night (please don't get misinterpreted Sanku is still pure V) and the best gadget developed by the technicians and engineers is mobile (which is responsible for most of the people to fall in love as it happened with M...any people like Mayur). 
   So Night calls of Mr. Sanket with his recent First love (recent means he found it recently and first means he was in love with her since he was in 3rd standard... "SANKET KA PYAAR TOL ME HAI" oh sorry "SANKET KA TOL PYAAR ME HAI"  shit I think it should be like " SANKET KA PYAAR KATOL ME HAI" misuse of uncle means KA-KA).
  AMURUTA  is beautiful (as he says so), AMRUTA is cute (as he says so), AMRUTA is understanding (as he says so), AMRUTA is intelligent (as he says so), I like AMRUTA (HE SAYS SO). So the flourishing love story was getting nourished (which eventually got rid of our late night games like carom and business and TEEN-PATTI). Seriously dude we do't have any jealous intentions this is a completely funny material.
  So you know that as the time passes somethings become more beautiful and when some more time passes those things start becoming ugly (That's why I have recently reduced my conversation with my INDIAN-CHAI). As to say that Mr. Sanket had recently (not) brokeup with PRAJAKTA as he needed something for entertainment in course of finding the first love (Well there have been many speed breakers in the course like ROSHNI, APOORVA, CHANDANI and the list goes on). But this time the thing went wrong as the dearest Praju refused for the breakup and currently Mr. Sanket is travelling on two ships with no destination.
   Moving to the main part of the story (Because I don't want to rip off all the secrets now only because then I don't have any thing for next stories) Last night Mr. Sanket called (as usual) to Ms. Amo and then what happened was unusual.
   " Hello there"
   "Hii Prajakta" said Sanket.
   "Hii what is goin... on min who's Prajakta" exclaimed Amo.
   "What.. who I said Appor I mean Amoo "
   "Appor who's she now" 
   "No one baby these are my.." trying to explain but inturrupted
   "Other girl friends right, with whom you are doing CHARACTER LIILA'S" said Amo.
   "No babes I thought it was..." stammered Sanket.
   "What did you thought ,It was PRATIGYA your another stock" said Amo.
   "No its PRAJAKTA actually.." said Sanku.
  "Ohh now you gonna tell me her original name huh.. It doesn't matter to me whether its PRATIGYA or PRANITA" said Amo.
  "Its PRAJ.. leave it" said Sanku.
  There is one important rule in Love. If you say truth slowly and being calm then no one will ever believe you, but if say Lie shouting and yelling then it would be more true than than the truth itself. People like Sanket who frequently FALL and RISE and again FALL in love are aware of these facts or rules. And use of this BRAMHASTRA at the right time is the only talent that wee all boys have in common.
  "Shut up you fool, just shut up She is my student in my institute and she was going to call me for tomorrows class timing" Said Sanku in a slightly higher tone.
  "Oh sorr.. I am really very sorry Sanket. I thought..." said Amo.
  (What you thought was the TRUTH what you are watching is a LIE)
  "Its OK. It happens It shows how much you like me. How much you care for me. But today I can assure you actually promise you (that I never follow) that I would never see any other girl in that sense. You are the only love in my life and always be" said Sanket  and they both nearly virtually hugged on the phone. 
  BASTARD.  A board should be hung in front of this room "DON'T CROSS BASTARDS AHEAD". Whatever it is we are happy that our friend is in a very serious relationship ( ;) ) and of course it is giving us very great stories to get entertained. So carry on dude and keep singing  ♫♪♫♪ Te AMO...Te Te AMO♫♪..

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