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Journey to Shegao: Back to the Future

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  Sorry for publishing this part quite late but I couldn't get the suitable mood for writing this one because.. (you will find it). Well this is the forth part of the super rocking journey to the heaven in our state. So tighten your seat belts and join the unlimited fun.

    Happiness is only thing that every individual in this world is in hunt of. Many of the people find it while most of the people spend their entire life just in search of it. But as a matter of fact there is one thing that no one in the world doesn't know what exactly is this happiness some says it is love, some says it is success while some say that it is family. The only thing every one miss in there journey of finding happiness is god. If my opinion is concerned (which is not in most of the cases) it will be happiness is god. He gives you family, friends and also competitors so that you can live in the world with some worth worthy reason. So it is simple that finding happiness is the quest of finding the god.
  Well with the holy eternal image of Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj we got out of the temple. As I have mentioned earlier that the temple was a huge structure and a large number of masonry workers have worked hard to beautify that enormous structure. (Point to mention: The beauty of temple was also multiplied because of the beautiful people who visited the temple.... like us.....what???? dirty minds) 
   As we got out of the temple now the time had arrived for the task to be performed for which we were really here for. It was the time to get back to the future.One of another striking kind of feature of shegao is the engineering college. The SSGM college of engineering is the top most engineering institute of Amravati university and had been there since 1980. It had given nation with greatest engineers now working at respectable positions in the largest companies in India, to add more our HOD Mr. R.V Yenkar is an alumni of this institute (well actually this is not the matter to be concerned the cut off of the college is 78%).
    The college has an enormous campus of around 88 acres containing a special building for games like table tennis and all, a full furnished gym and to add the college had a private stadium in it. The canteen is superb with very cheap food (I mean rates are cheap Food was fantastic especially Maggy ). And of course about girls the college has got a very very smoking hot chicks.(Not including local village girls that's a totally different stock) And at last considering the education the sanstha or the organization is known for its best service. There are much experienced and senior lecturers of whom many are considered as the best teachers however there are some strict fellows also (In short the college is super fantastic just that you have to call every one "mauli" Mauli I have a doubt, Mauli can I come in, Mauli su-su lagli..... hahaha.. just joking).
    After checking out each and every corner of the college (And of course after having snaps at each and very corner) we got out. Now the next destination was Anand Sagar (well that doesn't have any kind of relation with our Sagar). 
    It is said that a man can turn a stone into a god. This is the live example of that. The perfect display of perfect art. The beauty of nature that had been artificially created that seems more natural than natural it self. The 300 acre artificial garden requires more than 2 days to roam still some of the part would be left. It is huge enough for a boy and a girl who doesn't even know each other to fall in love, know each other, be committed towards each other, fall in so deep love that they cannot live without each other, and then breakup after a huge fight of one and a half hour. (well there you can find a lots of girls of any category with whom you can hang out on any branch of a tree).
   All five of us were missing something (or rather someone) there to move along with. As we started exploring the garden there was little shower of rain which later turned into large drops as we were in the middle of the garden. 
      "heyy let's go to that top of the hill" said Ganesh.
   "Are you crazy look out there is raining and dude that's not a hill that's a meditation house by Vyankatramana" I said.
      "That's not Vyankatramana that's Vyenkatesha" said Mayur whose mood was totally off because of rain. (Actually not because of rain actually he was supposed to meet Shikha "Miss gucchhugucchu" and he was here with us. And now she had refused to talk to him once again and this was costing him another long drive or a movie in Poonam mall).
      "ohh my illiterate friends it is Vivekanand " said Sagar.
      "What ever I'm gonna see that any one coming" asked Ganesh.
      "I'm coming" said Sanket.
      And they went. Mayur went in the opposite direction (in search of a bar).
      "Heyy Sagar let's sleep on the chair" I said.
      "Whaaa..???" exclaimed Sagar.
      "I mean you.. you sleep on that chair and I will sleep on this one is it OK" I cleared (I don't know what he was thinking of).
    After a day out at Anand Sagar we all exhausted gathered at the vishram-grigh or the rest house (a rest hut actually). And then we decided to leave the garden and travel back to the temple. This time we decided to use the public free transport service that is provided by the organization. There was a huge line there and we had ample amount of time. Actually none of us were interested in standing in a queue but then we saw a super hot chick who was going to stand at the last with out even wasting a single second we grabbed the position place behind her (My god she was very very se... smart I suppose now many people are reading this).
    As it is said that every dog has a day Today was Ganesh's. The super hottie had ignored handsome Sanket and was constantly giving verity of looks to Ganu. She waould come exactly in front of him in the zig-zag queue. I was sure  Ganesh was  in a confusion that whether he had made a mistake to be with P**..(look this time I didn't expose the name). There came a time when she was getting a seat in the bus but she refused to climb with her entire family saying that there wasn't enough space (for Ganesh). When the next bus arrived she sat just behind us. We moved to the front seat on Ganu's special request.
      "Congo mann dev pawla watta Ganya la " I said.
    "His brother is constantly looking at me, we cant go to the temple If  he finds us alone there we would surely get a nice beat" said Ganesh.
     "Poor fellow, I have an Idea the bus stops at railway station lets gat down there and do some reservation, what say??" said Sanket (Heroooooo).
     "Cool" was the combined reply.
    A minute later came the stop. We all got off the bus and it started moving.
   I don't know what happened to Ganesh he suddenly screamed "Good bye my love..", and ran inside the railway station. We were wondering why the hell did he screamed when we had a sudden feeling that the bus was slowing down. All of sudden with full force we all ran into the station and mixed up into the crowed.

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