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Journey to Shegao: Fast Break

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     Enjoying huh.. But we are the once who were the actual doers and world remember the doers not the readers (sorry sorry that didn't mean you should stop reading my blogs you people have a very great importance in my stories look I have added a counter which tells me how many of you are promoting me). So guys down at the railway station after the life taking journey in Sewagram express, this is the further story of the hilarious journey.. 

     Fear is a very natural thing it comes when you have ample amount of time like what should I do?,or what will they say? and all. But when you have your base on fire and your mind stops working all these feelings automatically jumps into the dustbin and you start working actually doing. So as I always say Don't allow your mind to take decisions just take it yourselves (But in many cases when you take such actions and after that when you face your mind it tells you that there was a much simpler way to do that like.. You should have pulled the chain to stop the train instead of jumping ).
    Well as I said don't listen to your mind it is crazy. So after getting out of the train it was impossible for us to stay there so we quickly got out of the railway station. It could be seen that shegao had received ample amount of rain (where as in Nagpur some johnny had requested rain to go away and come again another day but forgot to tell the day hence rain is currently offline from Nagpur). So we went near a rickshawala and Mayur asked him
    "Uncle how much to the temple??".
    "MAULI...50 Rupee ghenar.." he replied.
    We all of sudden looked at looked at Ganesh who is always ready to create confusion. He was about to say something when Sagar grabbed his mouth and said
    "We'll walk its not so far from here. I know."
    Well to be serious this was the first and only thing that sagar knew throughout the journey and was true (actually not so was like 2Kms). We reached the temple in 15 minutes. It was like 3a.m so even stray dogs were in deep sleep. We entered the premises of the temple where we saw millions of millions of micro-organisms were having party on about 70-80 human beings who were sleeping and acting as a dance floor for these organisms on the floor of the temple premises.
     We went to the trust aided Hotel where a guy with white gandhi-cap was trying (not) to sleep. 
     "Mauli.. Room midel kai??" asked Ganesh (He was so good at this accent that some time we thought he was a native here).
     "Fyamili ahe kai??" asked the guy.
     "Ho ahe na pan Nagpurat ahe pudhchya wedes gheon yeil .." replied Ganesh (Thinking of Priyanka).
     "Mag pudhchya vedesach room midel mauli.." said the guy.
    "Oh no man where will we go in this night man.. Hey you want family huh look he is Father (Pionting to Sanket) He is mum (Pointing to Mayur who was happy hearing this) and we three are children.. WE ARE FAMILY dude.." I tried to convince him.
    But the only thing he understood was We are family (a karan johar film).
    "Mauli ya andheer kadookh ratrit amhi tarun mulaani rahaycha tari kuthe??" asked Ganesh.

5 Minutes later:
     "Thank god I brought a carpet " said Sanket taking it out of the bag and spreading it on the open space in the temple premises.
     "That bloody topiwala he wants family huh.. surely he mustn't have one I think no one is married in his family after his grand father right.." said Ganesh.
    I looked at Sagar's face who didn't understand the dialog and was trying to apply logic to it.
   "Don't worry he's sleepy" I said to him.
    After a five or ten minutes of talk we five went to a deep sleep.
   When you have a very good exertion through out the day that is the night when you have the best dream in your life. It was all blurry surroundings every thing was visible like I am looking through a glass pane with water applied on it. It was kind of rainy season but how can all the directions go so blur I mean how can one apply glass in all four direction surrounding a person. I was so confused it was then I realized that it was the time to wear my spects (Myopia is such an addiction of spects I can't even watch dreams without it).
   As I put on my spects all the world turned from low resolution  theater print to 1080p full HD movie. It was all foggy weather and there were trees blossoming and all plants with beautiful flowers which I have never seen before. There was a cold breeze flowing making my hairs to flow slightly with it (I mean they were still attached to my head I don't have hair fall problem) and there was a soft romantic music in back ground ♫♪ Bhige hoth tere.. (Only instrumental not video).
   Then from nowhere came a fairy. She had some flowers in her hand. She had a very decent smile on her lovely face. I could find that she also had some additional eyes like me which added credits to her beauty. She was walking towards me but but her face down. She was looking down at the floor. She was feeling little shy little afraid little confident and little confused. I could see that she wasn't looking at me but I had her full focus. Her eyes couldn't meet mine but still we were talking through eyes (four eyes each). 
     I started moving towards her I was confident but still I don't know had some fear in my mind, My legs were trembling internally. I was afraid that I may not fall before I reach her but that didn't happened. We both came together near a tree with white leaves and white flowers (her favorite color). She was looking out of the world in her white top. She was smiling I was looking at her. Suddenly I realized that she was going to lift her eyes to see me I had a sudden feeling of fear and I don't know what I started looking upwards towards the foggy sky (Ohh shit!! how foolish I must be looking ). 
      Then with some courage she forwarded her hand to give the flowers that she brought towards me. I also with double courage moved closer to accept them. I put forth my hand to take the flowers and suddenly my index finger touched her thumb and I had a shock throughout my body and my hand went numb. The flowers fell down. She smiled again at me and I was so.. I also gave a return back smile and bent down to pick up the flowers. And all of a sudden there was a great bang on my bum. 
      "Aaouch..." I said. I saw upwards She was still there smiling but she didn't hit me how can she?? I was hurt on my a.. whatever I again started to pick up the flowers. Again there was a bang this time it was hard so hard that it brought me back from outer world back to Asia-India-Maharashtra-shegao. 
      "Chalaa chalaa lawkar utha.. " said a Nepali gurkha type looking guy with a huge bamboo in his hand which he was hitting on people's bum. 
      I closed my eyes to rest for a while when I heard some people chuckling. I raised my eye to see them they were looking and laughing at me. Why the hell are these people... then I understood the reason. I was once again resting in my best friends arms and the dirty minded world was enjoying the scene. I was resting my Head on Sagar's arm with his own head on it. My arm over his waist and my one leg in between his two. (ohh mann not again!!!) I quickly removed my arm and leg and sat up. The dream that I saw was all out of my mind I couldn't even remember what I saw but I was happy.
      Soon all were awaken by the morning breakfast of bamboo. We all took baths and then went to the temple for morning darshan. The temple was very beautiful and well maintained. We had to stand in an not so long queue and soon we reached near the holy statue of shri sant Gajanan Maharj. I bowed my head joined my hands and closed my eyes. I thanked the god for all the happiness that he had given to me.I prayed for my friends parents and for her. I also thanked for the not so great result of my exam. I was happy with it and I was also assured that with the blessing of almighty I and all my friends would get admission to one of the best colleges in Nagpur. I opened my eyes brought a picture of the statue in my heart and with that picture in front of my eyes I exited from the holy temple.
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