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Journey to Shegao: Final Act

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   Every journey has a few ups a few downs sometimes fast sometimes slow kabhi khusi kabhi gham ,but the truth is that it ends with a huge impression on your heart. You may forget the date, time but you will never forget the best period that you have spent with the best people in your life. So guys this brings to the final installment of the hilarious journey to shegao. So have a blast..

   Railway station of shegao totally depicts that there is a temple nearby. There were many people who were ill, sick and many could not even stand on their legs (I mean they were not drunk). There were rows of people who were literally sleeping on the floor (Currently offline). No normal human being can stand in such condition (but we have to stand BEING HUMAN). Sanket went to the ticket counter and and came back with a sad face I understood the reason and was wondering how will he serve the dreadful truth of return journey.
    "I've got a ticket of passenger" said Sanket.
    "Heyyy and what about us??" asked Ganesh.
    "I mean ...I've got four tickets."
    "You should be descriptive you won't get seven mark  for answer in one word" said Ganesh.
    "Heyy once again we have to travel in the hell" asked Sagar.
    "No" I replied.
    "Is it not general??" he asked (his face was like he has got admission in M.I.T).
    "that means we gonna have our seats". 
    "Hmm.. No".
    "Then what's the difference".
    "That was first class this is first class with distinction" I elaborated.
    "For the first time in my life I'm having a bad feeling about having a distinction" said Sagar who was trying to visualize the future.
     The train was scheduled at 10 P.M and still there were 3 hours to go. We decided to go back to the temple and do some shopping (for our you know "someone special" like our mum's). When we reached the shops I understood that there is nothing in shopping here because there wasn't a single thing I had a knowledge of. Sanket was busy in buying something "haldi-kumkum" box. I reached him he was saying to the shopkeeper that 
      "Look I want a box which should be studded with these diamond like material and should be made up of copper but should look like bronze but it should not be of bronze because it's heavy and also costly where will I carry it you know.. so show me some of the best pieces"
     The face was shopkeeper was like "what-in-the-hell-is-he-talking-about". Then he decided to use him as an nuclear bomb to be dropped on the enemies.
    "mauli..mala kadlay tumhala kai haway te.. tumhe shejarchya joshi'n chya dukanat ja tithe tumhala ekdum tumchya mana sarkhe midel " said the shopkeeper in a very graceful tone.
    Sanket I both understood the intentions we both shared a smile and he went to another store. Mean while Sagar was busy in buying a kaada I went to him. Some five or six copper bangle were in front of him which according to me were exactly same. But none we impressing him.
    While the entire world was busy in buying metal goods and some antique pieces Mayur was impressed by a Rubik's cube (no wonder). He was bargaining for the cube with a shop keeper which I think must have given it for free. So after completing the shopping (which included a purchase of two copper bangles and something secret by Ganesh) we came to the temple' locker room and got our bags. Then we headed towards the railway station. 
     As we had the tickets we directly went to the platform. When we got to the platform the action stunt scene performed by us last night came in front of my eyes. Now the platform was not so crowded but still there were large number of people. I knew that there were less number of people but still we are not gonna get seat that easily.

9:45 P.M:
     "I think we will get seat in the train" said Sagar.
      We all looked at him and gave him a smile assuring that he was wrong.

9:55 P.M:
     "I think we should hurry when the train arrives the crowd is getting larger and larger What the f.. from where the hell did they came from? " asked Sagar.
       "Same as you" Mayur replied.
     We all looked at him. (Ohh he is still there I thought till now he would have been settled in the pyaasa bar).

      The train appeared near about 100 meters away and the war had began at the station. All the families with there brothers ,sisters, children, their children, mother, grand mothers and all other family members had started gathering their remaining family members for loading them into the train.(so huge family is there what happen if one or two gets left). Well this wasn't a single one there were near about fifty or more such families that were having the attendance of their members.(That is why the population of India is so high, the single unit of family is much larger).
     The train arrived at the station and there was an out burst of people. One door of one and a half feet and near about twenty animals were trying to get through it (yaa animals are what they can be called!!). We were very stumped my the scene well Nagpur is much more civilized than these peoples.( But all these are going to Nagpur Ohh my God please save my city).
      "I think we should hurry" said Mayur who was gonna to wet his pants by the trilling picture happening in front.
      "yaa come'on lets go and stay together "announced Sanket.
      "can I hold your hand??" asked Sagar.
      "Where is Sandeep??" said Sanket.
      "I'm not here hold Ganesh's" I said.
      "Just climb up or we will be left here alone.." said Ganesh to save his hand.
    But the real action was yet to begin. As I said about twenty people were trying to climb into the train, exactly half were trying to climb down. And of course that created a huge traffic jam. In this situation a fat old lady may be in mid fifties was trying to get out of the train when someone stepped on her foot.
      "AAAAAAAAA MY FOOT....." she screamed with pain and there was a sudden pause.
     "You bloody assholes don't understand senior citizens are also traveling in the train hopeless boys didn't your elders taught you to give some space to elders so that they can at least move out of the train huh.. ill mannered sick illiterate fellows" she yelled facing towards Mayur. (wrong target).
      "What I'm ill mannered if then who are you mother teresa?? Just shut up and get down or I'll throw you out of the train" replied Mayur (poor guy he was already tensed with the Shi**@ matter and this Rubik's cube was eating his head in such situation if you will pull a dog's tail then he surely bark )
      Actually as he said the dialog there was a sudden ease among the people either they were afraid of the demon shout or they were giving Space to Mayur to stretch his arms for weight lifting.
      "What you will throw me out OK.. alright just touch me just give me a touch then I'll show you the women power" the women said.
     (Ohh boyyy she belongs to the mahila mandal don't mess with her dude get off here). As I said earlier in dangerous situation I generally prefer what my heart says and It was giving me an alarm of danger I decided to take some quick action. I turned towards the next door and started running towards it. In next second some other people also understood what I was up to(or may be they were just following me as I rushed out of the crowed) they also started running behind me and that started the race. Race to the back door.
     I entered into the back door and had a very proud feeling of victory I stood on the door and turned around to greet the rest of people and as a memento of victory I received two slaps one punch five kicks (thank God they hit at wrong I mean not at right place) a girl who came last could not hold the bar so she pulled my shirt and I was again there from where I started at the platform.
       I turned aside the quarrel between Mayur and the lady had taken an aggressive form and I could hear a lots of curses from the women like " you are gonna pay this in hell.." Was that hell or jail I don't know if it was hell then it is OK all of we five have a special reservation there but if it was jail then we don't know Mayur.
      I then decided to give a second chance. With full force that I had got with in myself I rushed in to the crowed and I was in the middle of thirty people standing in about 3 Sq. feet area. (No man I know that Lions move alone but not between hunters). Though there I won't get a seat I'll be with my friends. So I decided to call Sanket and received a "the number you are trying to reach is out of coverage area please try again later" out of coverage area did they really threw out all of them out of train or what. I suddenly had a feeling of panic (I gotta see them). Again with full force I jump towards the window in platform side and saw out of it (Nothing) shit they threw them on the railway track in other side "you are gonna pay this in hell" the words were dancing within my ears.
       Shitt!!! I had a sudden push backward. My forehead was was all wet with the sweat. My heart was beating hundred times faster than its original speed. My vision was going blur I think I was gonna cry. (No I have to save them). I raised my arm and again jumped to the another side of the train where there was an emergency window. I put my half of the body out side the window and looked out side (no one) Hell I am looking in wrong direction. I turned my head in the opposite direction No one there I was just going to get in when I saw Sanket also peeping out of the emergency window in front. (Ohh thank god!!) I waved my hand he shouted from there "you fool come here we have a seat" (they've got a seat for me) One tear dropped from my right eye.
       There was no way that I was going to go  back as I came here because this time I would not get a place to not even straighten my self. So I decided, what decided that's me I don't think I just do. I jumped out of the emergency window on the ground. ( One thing dude don't try this stunt the train is too tall than it actually looks  In fact this is the last time I'm doing action after this I'll prefer romantic stories ). I was on the ground with my bag and all the people were looking out of the windows what the hell I was doing.
       I ran towards the bogie in which all my friends were sitting (Now with real feeling of winning ). I climbed into the train (thrice with in 3 minutes) and went directly to the seat from where Sanket had peeped.
      "here he is, where the hell were you " asked Ganesh ,Sagar and Mayur in unision. (its too good to have friends). I couldn't speak my heart didn't let me to. voice was not coming out of my mouth. I was so happy to have my friends back.
      Sagar and Mayur were sitting at the lower berth Sanket was on the upper berth and Ganesh was opposite to him with a seat vacant for me. I quickly climbed up and sat near Ganesh.
     "heyy what happened with the aunty??"I asked Ganesh.
     "Mayur threw her bag out." replied Ganesh.
     "Whaaa... ??"(that's why she was saying you gonna pay this in hell) I exclaimed.
     "There is a bad news" He said.
     "What??" I wondered.
     "She was not coming out of the train." he replied.
     "what do you mean I can't uderstand.."
     He put his arm around my neck and we both bent a slight side ways. The lady was sitting there still screaming on the other people around.
      "She's coming with us.." said Ganesh.


  Well the train left, we all got the best & the most comfortable seats I think in the entire train. Some people tried to rebel for the seat but we told that the aunty sitting with us is seriously ill and can vomit any time. So no one then even stood in front of our seats. I morning Sanket called his Dad to pick us up at the railway station. There was a sweet girl called Shrutika with us who neither slept all night also not allowed us to sleep. We reached Nagpur station at 8 o'clock in morning. When we got out of the train at last as the train was not going further the lady was talking to some one telling them about the incident at night. When she saw us she suddenly screamed "these were the bastards catch ".
     "Heyy guys let's Run" shouted Mayur.
   " Not again.." we all said in unison and turned bahind when we saw a fat son of the lady was following us.
   "It's time dude for Bhag D.K Bose D.K" and we all started running towards the exit. It was sure that the fat-ass was not going to catch us with his super speed but still we ran out of station with full joy of returning home after a long journey of 48 hours..

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