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Journey to Shegao: First class

  Well what to say actually there is nothing left to say I mean there is a lot but because of our physical condition now we are not in a condition to walk, talk or even rock. We have just returned from a life taking journey and are exhausted to hell.( we means Myself, Sagar, Sanket, Ganesh and the great Mayur).

 {Guys, This is for the first time in my blog that I am writing a complete series of event. So guys get ready for the  life shattering, thrilling and above all the most entertaining journey to one of the most beautiful place in the India}

                                   JOURNEY TO SHEGAO

    Planning and we Indian people are not made for each other. We don't have any relation with planning or schedules. None of our projects right from nursery homework to international buildings, towers, bridges, roads none are completed on time. While the dark side of it is that the projects which aren't planned or are never even thought of gets completed in no time (Like the empress city I mean who thought that the multi-million projrct would be completed so soon I thought I would shop there with my 10 year old child or may be 15 I mean age not number of..)
    So as we have the great responsibility to follow the wisdom that is bestowed upon us as being an Indian citizen, we also don't have any relation with planning and scheduling. There are many plans which are still under work (like visit to ambhora and pench) while visit to shegao had been accomplished which was never thought.

4:00 P.M
   I called  Sanket on his phone "Hey dude its holiday tomorrow and also day after, I was thinking about a weekend at shegao. what say??"
   "One sec.." He said.
   He asked Ganesh who was with him and the answer was a big "COOOL".

5:00 P.M
    I with Sagar on my back (I mean backseat ) were returning from college when we saw Mayur.
    "Heyy Mayur wussup?? Aren't you ready" I said.
    "Ya I am ready to go to gym, you coming?" He asked. (There is always a shock to many people when they find that I am coming to gym. Many times when I reach there many people nearly break into tears that they are lucky enough to see the holy-day because there are many people whose entire course gets over and still still they are not blessed with the eternal happiness. Though this wasn't that day)
     "Heyy you aren't coming to shegao" I asked.
     "Who's going to shegao, no one told me about that" said Mayur.
     "Sagar why didn't you tell him? see he doesn't even know." I asked Sagar.
     "Now he knows" Sagar replied.
     "OK then 7 pm sharp at Ganesh's place"
     "Whooo whoo one minute how is it possible I mean I can't even mange the money.." said Mayur (who always has the same problem when concerned with us but we need him as he pays the most)
     "OK go don't come go with Shikha and eat shit with her. Just go .." I said and stared moving forward (well this is called converse psychology theorem say the same that the another one is saying and he'll be agreed with your decision)
    "Stop man.. just wait.. there is no one at home how could.."
    "No no please don't come there is no one at mine as well as Sager's home also please do guard our houses huh. " I said.
     "That's not it.."
     "No No please don't come I insist.."
     "OK  I'll see" Mayur agreed (or rather he had no other option "EK BAAR JO MAINE COMMITMENT KAR DI TOH FIR MAI APNE AAP KI BHI NAHE SUNTA")

7:45 P.M
    "What the f@#k is it huh? its 7.50 and you called us at 7 right he is always late" said Mayur who was once again not informed about the delay in schedule.
    "My grandma called me at the last moment what can I do?" I gave the reason.
    "Was it grandma or BHA.... Beee there is a bee on your shoulder get it off" said Ganesh.
    "hehehe that was very very bad now lets run and  HAVE FUN" I said.

8:00 P.M
     "Lets hire an auto here it is one heyyy... hello uncle.... EEE AUTO RUKKKKKK" (there are so many uncle's and bhaiyas out there you have to be more specific)
     "How much to the railway station?" I asked.
     "Bhaiyaaa... 150 Rupeee lega.." He replied.
     "Arree Bhaiya ka chodo aap kitna loge wo batao" said Ganesh who was rubbing his bag.
     "Naya hai?? " Driver asked.
     "Nahe purana hai wo dhoke laya na mast naya lag raha hai" said Ganesh.
(Don't take tension driver uncle he's not gonna return to Nagpur I'll take care of it)
      "130 Let's go" said Sanket.
(that's heroic ummhmmm)

8:45 P.M
    "You and Mayur go to inquiry for the next train in case we miss the this one at 9" I said to Sanket.
    "OK" he replied.
    I went to the long queue to the ticket counter which took us about 10 min to get the tickets. Nokia tune buzzed from my pocket it was Sanket calling.
    "Ya I've got the ticket run to platform 4"

9:03 P.M
    "Run Sagar or else we will be left alone here." I said to Sagar.
    "Don't worry we have the tickets" He replied.
    "Its general one no one checks there. Is it your first time?" I said.
    "Yep" He replied.
    "Well happy journey then don't hold my hand if you left behind OK" I said.
    I saw Mayur Sanket and Ganesh on  the platform. We reached to them.
    "There are no seats behind" said Sanket.
    "Well let's go in front then we have the reservation right?" asked Sagar.
    The train started moving.
    "Heyy look the train is moving what to do now?" asked Ganesh.
    "What?!?" he exclaimed .
    "Just shut up and get into the first class of Indian Railways." said Sanket and hang to the the door handle, Mayur hop and hold the another bar.
     There was no way we could get there. Next door. I hop into the door followed by Sagar who was followed by Ganesh. And thus the action of our hilarious journey began.
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