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Towards the Darkness-3

Previous part: Towards the Darkness-2
Time: 00.00 PM, One week later
Location: Somewhere in the desert of Thar, Rajasthan
  The dry wind was flying all over the land creating a small cyclone of the weightless sand. The sun was shining high and was erupting the flames of fire as it was cursing the place, or may be the person who was standing. He had sold himself. He had changed himself. He had adapted himself in this ruthless, monetary world. Now he was all living for himself.
   Rana Singh was standing in the middle of the road looking at the huge endless desert with his hands into the pocket. The heat emerging from the desert had dried his eyes. There were marks of sleeplessness on his face. May be because of the changed environment or because of the guilt with in him.
   Three days ago he had received a call that said "Come to Thar, don't forget the package".
   He looked towards his right where his black Traverse was standing. He went behind it and opened the rear door. There was a travel bag inside. Sub-Insp.Chafa Singh had done a great job finding the plutonium bag that was dropped into the pond during the clash between him and John.
   He heard a sound of vehicle coming. He closed the door and went forward to see. A black Scorpio was standing in front of him. Two men came out of it. Rana was unable to see the face from the distance. As they came closer one of them appeared familiar. He was John.
  "So you have brought the package" asked John.
  "Hope you have brought mine"relied Rana.
  "Of course, But I want to see it first"
  "Follow me"
  John signed to the other guy to stay while he followed Rana to the rare of the car. Rana opened the rare door, where he saw the bag.
  "Open it" said John.
  "You have to enter a combination of code to open the lock" replied Rana showing the lock tying the chain and the end of the bag.
  "So what's the code"
  John gave him a smile. Rana entered the code and opened the chain. There were two, two and a half meters of height cylinders in it having the danger sign on it. There was another mark that said property of Indian Government.
  John forwarded his hand to get the bag when Rana stopped him "I would like to see my package first".
  John returned him a smile and waved his hand towards the other guy. He understood what he was to do. He brought a similar sized bag and placed it on the front part of the Traverse.
  "Aahh.. it seems to be heavy" said Rana. He opened the chain of the bag and in front of him was it for what he did it all for.
  "Are they 100 crore" he asked Rana.
  "No we have charged a lakh as petrol expense to get it here" replied John.
  Rana gave back a smile when his cell phone rang within the car. He went inside and picked up the phone.
  "Ya Mama I will bring a silk sari for you, The government have give me huge retirement allowance"
  John smiled and saw in front. He ordered the guy to turn the car to go back.
  Mean while Rana brought the bag and handed over to John.
  "See you soon" said Rana when John was moving towards the car.
  "Hope you don't" John replied.
  "I will.."
Time: 1.00 PM
Location: In front of a small house in the desert
  John came out of the car and the other guy was holding the bag. They both entered the house. There was a guy who appeared to be seriously sick was sleeping on the bed. John ignored him and opened the closet  placed there. He pushed the cabinet within behind and gave it a jerk. The entire closet turned around and there were stairs downwards. It was their secret pathway.
  The underground structure was much larger than it appeared from outside. The small house was an entrance to a secret military base. There were all kinds of weapons guns, snipers,hand bombs, dynamites and others. It was like an archive of all types of war weapons.
  He entered into a room where a group of five people was waiting for him. The five most wanted criminals from all over the world. 
  Bogdan Demidov, The only terrorist to break Russian security.
 Aqueer and Zakim, A super-duo who robbed Japanese embassy with their charm and power. 
 Abena Yoruba, The African Animal who broke almost all jails in African countries.
 And the master mind Zach doomster, an English hacker who breached American security for twice.
 Now to add to this team was the new bastard who had stolen Plutonium from Indian Government, John Fernandez.
  He placed the bag in front of them on the table. They all stood up in amazement. This was the most expensive and important robbery they have made. This would not only increase their level of respect in mafia but also they can make a huge amount of money from it.
  John entered the lock code and opened the chain. Every eye had stopped blinking, every heart had stopped beating to see the most highly radio active material on Earth.
  But the never ending series of surprises has not ended. The bag was empty with a transmitter fixed in it. Rana Singh had changed the bag. He was the bastard. 
  Before John could react to the vision in front of him, there was a huge blast and the door went open. It was the Indian army who had entered. The transmitter has done its job, the most secret base of terrorist activity had been revealed.
  The military men were quick and best in their job, they grabbed the control of the base from the workers there and established their supervision.
  "This base is surrounded by Indian army, so do not try to escape or perform violent activity or we have to take serious action" the commander of the army announced.
  The anger was erupting from John's face. He got out the gun and fired in the direction of the commander. Though the aim was missed but the shot began a war inside the base. The solders started firing blindly on the six people. John was quick. He pulled a down an iron closet and hid himself behind it. The other two could make it and rest were killed.
  "If we make to the door I can save you" said John.
  The other two agreed without questioning. The blind crossfire was still going on in behind. Zach who was in hurry to escape took the initiation and moved forward crawling towards the door. it was atmost five meter's that he could make. 
  "Hold fire" someone shouted. The voice was familier to John. It was Rana's voice.The firing was paused.
  "John I know you are here,surrender yourselves I'll take care that you get minimal of imprisonment" said John in a decent tone.
  "I'll rather prefer to die than trusting you" replied John from behind the closet.
  "I know what you are thinking of me but that was my job, but if you surrender now I'll help you for sure"said Rana pointing his finger towards the closet. The snipers took their position it was a call for them.
  But something else was in John's mind "OK I'll surrender but assure me that you won't fire".
  "Yes John you have my word, No one would fire" said Rana.
  John stood up with his hands up and followed Bogdan. They started moving towards Rana. Rana put down his gun and forwarded a hand towards John. Bogdan knelled down on halfway to display his surrender while John moved forward. 
   He was 10 feet away from the closet, considerably far from closet that if it blows out he would be harmless. That was the plan. There was a mini hand bomb inside the closet which blasted after a minute he started moving away from the closet. The closet blasted into pieces and also broke the ceiling of the room. The base wasright below the sandy desert hence as the ceiling blew off the sand started entering into the room.
   It was a distraction of just 30 seconds for the solders, such a little time but a bonus time for John to escape. he was vanished. No one could see him. Bogdan was also surprised by what had happened. He was still lying on the floor. Every thing was same as it was 30 seconds before, only difference was John was gone.
   "Oh shitt!! where is he, where the hell is he gone?" Rana shouted.
   And there was a sound from another side of room. Rana turned towards it to see what was it. A huge land rover came out of the room breaking the walls of the room. Rana could see through the glasses who was driving. The solders started firing at the land rover but was ineffective to it.
   John got off the base driving the land rover. Rana was helpless and just could watch. The land rover ran at about a speed of 70kmph and had covered almost 5 kms of distance when it was blown up by the chopper.
   Rana could see this all from the distance. This was the end of John Fernandez and Rana was left. Restless..
Time: 10.00 AM, Next day
Location: CBI headquarters
  Rana Singh was sitting in front of the Director who had resumed his office from the day. He was very happy with Rana's work and his dedication towards the country.
  "Rana, you did really a great job. You risked your life for the country. The way you fought with The terrorist and especially John is really very appreciable. You executed every level of our plan with great intelligence and presence of mind. your one mistake could have ruined it all but you handled it well. The country owes you a salute" the director was speaking.
  "Thank you sir" this was the only thing he was hearing since last 12 hours the country owes you a salute.
  "But there is another person who shares a equal credit with you"
  "Chafa Singh? ya he really did a great work" Rana thought, without him Rana wouldn't have done this so quickly. 
  "He is the master mind who planned this all, from the robbery to escape from the morgue, planting of transmitter and all the tricks that we played to catch that Russian Bogdan" 
  "One min... whom are you talking about?" Rana was confused and also understood that they were not talking about Chafa.
  "Rana, I want you to meet special officer Kartik from Indian intelligence service RAW"
  As director's words ended the door opened and a man entered into the office in black suit. He was bald headed and clean shaved and looked very handsome and smart.
  Rana turned around to see him. His face was familiar but Rana wasn't able to recognize who was it. He stood up to greet him when a sudden shock went through his body. His eyes had gone stumped, his all body experienced a sudden shiver. 
  He was the real master mind, always with him, in his every move, in his every plan. Rana thought that he was playing the game but he was being played by the greatest player in this game.
  "John..." Rana said stammering.
  "Hope you liked my new look" he chuckled.
  Rana was all stumped stunned by seeing what was in front of him.
  "Kartik was working on this mission since last two years, Home Minister's instant entry in the plan was never expected, it changed the entire course of the plan, you got in and arrested him. It was his plan to bribe you as he knew you were honest. You planned to let him escape but he had foreseen this all. He knew what you were going to do. He trusted you" said the director with great pride in his voice.
  "I trusted your honesty Rana, you were loyal and you proved it in the most crucial stage. We offered you with the greatest responsibility of safeguarding nation's most expensive asset and you handled it very well. We are proud of you Rana" said Kartik.
  Rana was standing still with open mouth. He was laughing at himself for what happened with him. He could imagine how foolish he must have looked to act as they have planned. There was a smile on his face and a drop of tear came out of his eye.
  Kartik understood how he was feeling. He placed a hand on Rana's shoulders "Let's have a coffee"
  They both got out of the office. Rana could see the faces of the workers in CBI headquarters who were aware of all this from the begining. Rana was feeling embarrassed and could not match to their eyes. A gentle smile was mounted on his face.
  "So when do I have to return the money?"asked Rana drinking a sip of coffee.
  "Which money?" Kartik clicked an eye "We officers do keep somethings secret"
  This was for the first time in last hour when Rana laughed, He laughed his heart out..   


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Towards the Darkness-2

Previous part: Towards the Darkness
Time: 2.00PM
Location: Near Thanagazi-Alwar bridge
  The black smoke was spread all over in the surrounding. There were clouds of dark smoke all over the animal reserve. The firemen had done their job quite well but still the fuel had spread all over in the place. A small spark could burn that large area of forest in seconds.
  Insp.Rana Singh was standing on the bridge alone. Behind him was the white police gypsy that they generally used to travel through the jungles. He was looking straight at the burnt train and trying to remember something. The picture of last night was in front of his eyes. His eyes had gone deep. He was all trapped between his mind and his heart.
  "Have you ever took her on holiday....Do you have a mother?...Have you ever gave any thing that made her happy?...Do you were even there when she needed you?" 
  All these words were dancing in his mind. The mind was pulling him away while the heart was forcing him to stick to his duty. 
  "I'll give you 100 crore...take me out of here"
  Money was always a problem for him, when he was in school, when he was in college even when he was supposed to have a higher post and someone grabbed it by bribing. Now all that was going to end. He had sacrificed much for the country now it was time to do something for his family.
   The wireless made a slight noise inside the car and a rough voice came through it "Sir we found it".
   A smile mounted on his lips. The game was going to start.
Time: 5.00PM
Location: CBI headquarters
  Insp. Rana entered the large building in his usual uniform. He directly went to the reception and asked for a meeting with the Director.
  "Please wait Sir, I'll check if he is free" the receptionist said and called on the intercom "Sir Mr. Rana Singh is here, He wants to meet you" but in response she had a weird voice that must have said kick him out of the building. Her face was contracted as someone had touched the touch-me-not plant.
  Rana understood what was happening "let me talk to him" he grabbed the receiver from her hand.
 "Sir I am really very sorry for what I did in the morning, I apologize for that but sir I have something important that you must know" He said in a single breath.
  "OK Sir" he turned towards the receptionist replacing the receiver "He wants me to come in".
  He turned backward clicking an eye towards her and in return she smiled in a shy expression.
  While on his way upward he saw a office boy taking some food "hey where are you taking these delicacies?" he asked the boy.
  "Its for the newly arrived guest whom you gave a grand feast in lunch" the boy replied smiling.
   Rana understood that his gossip was throughout the CBI building. He placed a 500 rupee note in his pocket and put something below the glass of water.
  "Make sure that he reads this" he gave a smile to the boy. The boy opened the chit below the glass and gave a smile.
  John was lying his head down on the table. The beating in afternoon was very ferocious and his body organs were still paining. But he was trained, trained to survive in conditions worst than this. Also he was aware of the fact that he was a very limited period guest here now. He had planted the seed for his escape.
  The door of the interrogation room opened and the office boy entered with the tray of food in his hand. He placed the food in front of John. This was for the first time John had seen food in last 24 hours. He picked up the jar of water and drank the whole in a sip.
  "Use the glass" said the office boy smiling and turned around to leave.
 John was surprised with why he was smiling and picked up the glass where he found the chit of folded paper. He quickly opened the chit which said "You will die my hands"
  "Tell the guards I want to talk to the Head here" he said eating the food.
  Rana climbed up to the floor and walked towards the directors cabin when the director came out of the room. Rana saluted him and said "Sir I wanted to talk to you about.."
 "Sit in my cabin, I'll be back soon. John wants to see me" the director interrupted him.
  "I'll check that out, you wait in the cabin".
  Rana contracted his eyes in confusion. He knew something was going to go wrong.
 He turned around to stop the director when he saw two bodyguards were following him inside the interrogation room.
  The director entered the interrogation room where he saw John eating food like an animal. The food was spelled through out the table and the plate in front of him was empty.
   "Oh welcome Sir, accompany me in the lunch cum dinner" said John giving a smile to the director.
   "I have much important jobs to do, say what you wanted to" replied the Director in an angry tone.
  "Aaahhhh so do I" saying this he picked up the plate in front of him and threw with full force towards the director which hit him on forehead.
   The director felled aside due to the sudden attack. The two bodyguards were also shock. One of them was ready to pull out the gun when John stepped on the table in front of him and jumped towards him kicking him directly on the face with his knees. His gun felled aside.
   John quickly grabbed the gun and shoot the guard. Then quickly holding the neck of director with his hands, he pointed the barrel directly on his head. 
   The other guard was also quick to point his gun on him.
   "Oh ho ho ho you won't do that or I'll blow off your director's head" said John smiling at the guard.
   The gun shot had made the entire staff panic and all the armed officers had gathered in front of the room.
   "What the hell are you doing, shoot him shoot him now" commanded the director.
  The guard put on his second hand under the gun to aim when there as another shot which directly penetrated into his heart.
  John came out of the room guarding himself behind the director from one side while from the other side he was pointing the gun.
  "Any one try to get in my way I'll shoot him, I swear I'll shoot him" he shouted.
  All the officers pointing gun on him moved backwards they all knew that the guy was psychic and could do what he said.
  "Aren't you afraid of death?" someone asked from behind.
  John turned backward standing in front of the corner wall hiding behind the director.
  It was Rana Singh who called. He was here at the right time. 
  "Aren't you?" asked John in return placing his finger in the trigger.
  "I am afraid what will happen to me if you die!" asked Rana pointing gun on John.
  "Don't worry I'll take you with me" replied John.
  "For that you have to wait for 50 more years" said Rana and fired the bullet on directors leg. He screamed with pain and bent downwards. 
  This was it, the clear aim. Rana didn't wanted to miss the chance he shot two bullets which hit one on John's arm while other inside the stomach creating a river of blood on the floor.
   The officers ran to hold Director who was screaming with pain. They  took him aside Insp. Rana went near the body of John lying on the floor watching him carefully.
   "I told you,you'll die by my hands" murmured Rana.
Time: 7.30PM
Location: AIIMS
  "Don't worry he is alright"said the doctor coming out of the operation theater.
  "We have taken out the bullets, he is out of danger now. Actually he has gained consciousness you can meet him by now"
  "How is his leg, Would he be able to walk" asked the officer who was worried a lot about their director.
  "Of course he will be! It is like a fracture in leg. He will recover soon"
  These words gave relief to the officer. He was  aware of what was happening inside, and director's absent could create a great mess. He went inside to see the director.
 To his surprise the Director was very good and was sitting on the bed. He had expected him to be surrounded by wires and pipes of oxygen and all but what he saw was exactly opposite of it.
 "Where is hat bastard who shot me?" the director asked in a firm voice.
 The officer felt nice to hear his voice. It was like his voice was not audible for years to him. That was because of the bloodshed that they witnessed in  the office and director's condition after he was shot.
  Rana Singh entered into the room with a bouquet of lilies.
 "Nice jb you have done Inspector. This is your second achievement in 24 hours?"said the director teasing Rana.
 "Ya I have shot the Director of CBI ,that's really an achievement for me very few Police officers get such a chance" replied Rana Singh smiling.
 "Where is that bastard John?"
 "He is in the morgue, downstairs in here"replied the oficer
 "OK I want to see him"
 "Now?" both officer and Rana said in unison.
 "Ya now I don't want any change in the plan" said the director standing up from the bed.
Time: 8.00PM
Location: AIIMS morgue
  "Hello sir, how are you" said the morgue worker greeting the Director. The officer was pushing the wheel chair while Rana Singh was following them both.
  The smell inside the morgue made director feel uncomfortable. Though he was trying to look good but he wasn't.
  "Show me the dead body,quick" The director said.
 The morgue worker pulled out  one shelf and in there was John's dead body. His body was covered with white sheet and the was a huge red spot right on the chest.
  The picture of blowing his chest came in front of Rana's eyes. He quickly ordered to close the shelf.
  All of them came out of the morgue.
  "When's the funeral held?" asked the director.
  "It's 11 in the morning" replied the officer.
  The words entered into Rana's ear's and he stopped on the place where he was. Something was wrong Terribly wrong..
Time: 11.00AM
Location: Nicholson Cemetery Cremation Ground  
  There were about ten people on the funeral. All of them were the investigating officers. None were interested in attending the funeral of a terrorist. The director of CBI wanted to attend the funeral hence there was an ample amount of security in the cemetery.
  The director's white Suv arrived and he some officers took him out of the car. He came near the burial place on the wheel chair while his assistant officer was pushing the chair.
  The AIIMS ambulance arrived. They took out the coffin from the van. Four boys were carrying the coffin and brought them near the place.
  "Open it" said one of the investigating officer.
  The four boys looked at each other asking each other to open it. At last one of them came forward and took off the cover of the coffin.
   And there was a wave of surprise throughout the people standing in the cemetery. There was a shock which would have made the Director stand on his feet. The eyes had gone blind, all they could see was infinity. The words came to an end, the hear beats increased. Every thing that was going so fine had now changed.
   The coffin was empty with an envelop placed in it.
   One officer from the investigation team came forward and opened the envelop. His eyes changed horrified within a second.
   The assistant of director's phone rang and he went behind to take the call. The envelop came to the director
after the investigating officers team saw it.
   The assistant came back and said near Director's ear "Sir there is some thing you should know".
   "Inspector Rana resigned from his post"
   He smiled. May be at himself or at the entire CBI. It was all planned. He brought back his eyes to the letter placed in the envelop.
    It said "GOOD LUCK..."
(to be continued..)
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Towards the Darkness

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Location: Somewhere in jungles of SARISKA   
   The sun was setting slowly in the west and the twilight was looking in its most beautiful color. The rays of sun were vanishing slowly and the dusk had arrived which had stored a very deadly plan within itself.
  The train was moving in its full speed almost 350Kmph carrying the most precious asset of the country. There was full manual security to the vault who could even give their life for the sake of its safety. The guards were trained with the use of and without weapons. They were the best in their job.
"Can I take a bundle from it?" a guard asked another.
"This is the nation's treasure, we cannot even touch it. That's illegal" the other one replied.
"What matters if I borrow a glass of water from the ocean? And also there are many corrupt people in this country who have stolen a lot."
"So you want to stand in the category of those corrupts?".
"Well I am a true citizen of India" and they broke into laughter.
In front of them was a vault filled with the bundles of notes of the Indian currency. They both knew how big responsibility it was to safeguard such an entity, especially when the train was moving from the dense jungles of sariska.
Location: Dept. of Home-Ministry
 The door of the honorable Home minister's office flew open and a officer in casual dress entered in a horrified expression.
"Sir we are trapped!" he said hurriedly as he stepped into the room.
"What are you saying?" asked minister in a chilled manner.
"Sir the information had leaked, they are gonna rob the train"
The minister stood up as he had an electric shock of 420 volts. The chilled expression on his face suddenly changed from fear to worried and ended at confusion.
"How the hell did it happen? And how do you know about it?" he asked the officer.
"I just had a call from one of our informer, the train is in danger. We have to do something quickly"
"What is the present location of the train?"
"It is somewhere in the jungles of sariska, our control room is tracking its each and every movement. The transmitter is giving the exact location and speed of train. Just the satellites are not working" replied the officer.
"Why aren't they working?"
"Bad weather may be.. or.." he hesitated to speak.
"Or what?" the minister shouted.
"Or our systems are hacked"
Minister looked directly into his eyes. He was standing in front of a big screen that showed the movement of train in form of a red dot. The red dot moved forward by a centimeter every second that resembled the train was moving fast…Very fast.
"How far is the nearest police station from the location of the train?" asked minister.
"Its Thanagazi police station about 20 Kms away" the officer replied checking the map on Google.
"Call the in charge there and tell him to give his full attention on the train. Board more security personnel's, make it whatever you can. I want the train here in Delhi by morning" announced the minister.
Location: Thanagazi Police station
 The environment in the thanagazi police station was very hot. There were very few cases in the town and hence the officers had very less chance to get bribed. But today they had a very lucky day as a rickshaw driver hit a bike rider and tried to run away. It was a clear hit-and-run case and a sure income of 10000. Insp. Rana Singh was talking to the driver as well as the victim while the other was having fun of the rarest incident.
"Sir he kicked me on the back and I fell down on the middle of the road. There were number of people who can witness the case. This auto-driver ran away without even noticing what he had done. Ask the people that I have brought with me" said the victim weeping.
Insp. Rana looked at the two witnesses who were watching the police station and jail for the first time and were very excited.
"Sir that was just a cut that came in contact with his bike, and he fell down. I didn't even know that happened" The auto driver was trying to prove his innocence.
"I have heard both of the sides, It was not the fault of the driver if considered his point of view, but he ran away was his fault, but a case is registered and this will cancel his license." turning towards the victim” you have to come a twice or thrice and we will complete the case".
"Sir but this is clear that he had committed a crime victim, then why there is a delay in punishment?" asked the victim.
"There is a procedure to be followed, we have to investigate the place itself and gather the proof's that takes a little amount of time"
"Sir can't we settle this issue with mutual discussion, I undertake in front of you that I won't repeat this mistake in future"
This was it now it’s my turn. Rana moved forward from his chair and said "The victim had to pay the bill of hospital of 2000 and your fine for the mistake you have committed is 5000, so pay the fine and leave".
Sub Inspector Chafa Singh entered hurriedly in the room and said "Sir there is a call for you".
"Tell them I am busy" said Rana ignoring him.
"Sir it's from Home Minister's office"
Insp. Rana quickly picked up the telephone. He was surprised to have a call of such a high priority. He held the receiver near his ears and all he said was "Yes Sir......Right Sir.....OK sir......I'll take care of that sir....yes sir..Jai hind sir"
As he placed the receiver all the eyes in the police station were on him. He gathered his consciousness and ordered his juniors "I want all the armed force now".
Location: 500 ft. above the train 
 The train was clearly visible from the height. It appeared as if one step ahead and my foot will land directly on the train. But this was an illusion. Death was calling me in its most beautiful way. But I am the master. I have played these games for lots of time. This was nothing different in this one.
  He peeped out of the helicopter and then looked back to the pilot and raised his thumb. The next second he was in the air flying towards the train. The fast cuts of air were slapping on his face. Though he had worn the glasses but still water came out of his eyes. His vision was going blur. This was not good for him. He pulled out the string that opened a parachute and all high speed paused with a jerk. He then directed the parachute towards the top of train and landed on it with a bang.
The sound of his feet landing on the train had alerted the two guards in front of the vault. He had landed perfectly above the bogie in which the vault was placed. The two guards raised their guns upwards in precaution. And there was a smash on the glasses in right side with a huge stone. The two changed the direction of the gun.
  They both had a smell of something burning but couldn't recognize what it was. And again there was a smash of the hard rock on the bullet proof glasses. This time there was a crack on it. Both the guards took the position as they knew that the third collision is going to break the glass and someone is going to enter from there.
  They saw the rock type material hanged with the huge string of steel. It wasn't rock actually it was a block made up of something harder than rock. The guards saw the rock go backward and they placed their fingers on the trigger. The rock went backward and came back with a full speed and this time it broke the glass with a huge smash.
The guards fired a round but no one entered. Suddenly there was a sound behind and before they could turn the two bullets blasted their foreheads.
There was a man standing behind them with a gun pointing. He had a black French beard and a scar on forehead. A normal fare guy with curly hairs slightly longer in height than a military guy.
The two dead bodies were lying in front of him and he turned towards the vault and gave a smile.
He took out his cell phone and dialed a number and said "Who am I is not important, The important thing is that the vault has been broken and the thing you were securing for last ten years is in now safe hands" and he cut the call.
Opening the vault was not that hard for him, but he had unknowingly he had called upon him a very dangerous trouble called Inspector Rana Singh.
Time: 7.00 PM
Location: Near Thanagazi-Alwar bridge

 Insp. Rana Singh was watching everything that was happening from the side window of the car. A rigid square block hang with a steel wire on the helicopter beating from sideways to the bogie of the train while an another person was burning the ceiling of same bogie.
He was helpless. Though the scene was in front of his eyes he could not do anything. The distance between him and the train was about 12 Kms and in between was a very dense forest. He could not even fire as it was a tiger reserve and a wrong bullet can reduce the population of tigers from 400 to 399.
The only way to catch him was on the Thanagazi-Alwar Bridge which ram above the railway track.
"Drive faster to the bridge, that’s the only chance we have got to catch this bastard" he ordered.
The vault was broken; there was a cyclone of money inside the train. Each and every note was flying in every possible direction. He had completed the task. He hung the bag on his shoulders and jumped upwards to grab the ceiling with his hands. He climbed on the ceiling and he was shocked.
There was a police squad waiting for him on the bridge ready to fire on him. The helicopter was gone.
"Shit!" he cursed.
Every police man loaded their guns. But to their surprise the train was faster. Faster than they expected. They started firing but the guy on the train rolled forward on his head hence none of the bullet hit the aim.
They all turned backward for the command of the in charge. But he was not there; He had jumped from the bridge right on the bogie where he was rolling.
The pace of the train made Rana throw himself in the other side but he managed to balance by holding the angle on ceiling.
"Hello there" he said and place a hardcore punch on the face of Rana singh.
His face moved aside but he could balance himself as he was holding the angle. Another punch on his face. NOW THIS WAS LIMIT. He saw the third punch coming towards him, He grabbed the hand coming towards him and placed his foot on his belt giving a hard kick with another right on the face.
This was a sudden kick for him he felled backward. He knew that the police inspector standing in front of him had a great physic and was well trained in marshal arts. It was impossible to beat him physically but he could use his weapons. He took out a hand bomb and removed the tap from its head.
Insp. Rana was paused seeing the bomb. He stood right up on the place he was.
"Dude take it easy.." Rana warned him.
He smiled and dropped the bomb into the bogie from the hole that he created to get in. Rana took the quick action and jumped off the train holding him tightly in his arms. They both landed on the dense branches of trees and his bag slipped from his shoulders. He extended his hands to catch the bag but was of no use. The bag fell into the artificial pond created by the animal reserve authority.
Behind there was a huge blast in the train. The flames of fire rose up in the sky and the ashes of burnt currency were flowing in the surroundings.
Rana took out his wireless hanging on his belt and said "This is Inspector Rana, I am safe and hanging on a tree near the place where blast took place, the bloody terrorist is with me. OVER AND OUT..."
Time: 11.30 PM
Location: Thanagazi Police station

"Hello, this is Department of Home ministry. How can I help you?"the voice said from the other side of phone.
"I am Insp. Rana Singh. Honorable minister is expecting my call" said Rana.
"Please be on line while I transfer the call"
After a pause of a minute.
"Hello this is home minister,who s this?"
"Hello sir I am Inspector Rana Singh, from Thanagazi I have a good news and a bad news for you"
"Bad news first" replied the minister.
"Sir we could not guard the train. It's blasted"
"Oh shit" a feeling of defeat could be heard from his voice.
"But we have the guy Sir who was trying to steal the money, he is safe and sound" Rana replied in a tone which gave a good feeling to the minister.
"OK give him the best security you have, our officers would be there by morning to pick him up. Inspector Rana you have done a great job for the motherland we are proud to have a police officer like you" Complemented minister to Rana.
"Thank you Sir. You don't worry about him I'll appoint me best ones in the case"
The line terminated.
Insp. Rana Singh gave a weird look to guy. he was also looking straight n his eyes.
"What's your name?" Rana Singh asked.
"John...John Fernandez"
Time: 8.00 AM
Location: Police quarters

 There are mornings when you wake up irritated by wife's call, There are mornings when you wake up in a fear of your boss, there are morning when you don't even care to wake up, but there are very rare morning when you wake up feeling proud of yourselves. Inspector Rana Singh had done a mind blowing job yesterday and that surely had increased the size of his chest by two inches.
He woke up in the morning, did all the morning activities, dressed up as usual and after breakfast left for the police station. There was a party environment at the station. Rana entered the station and went to the lockup room. To his surprise it was empty.
"Chafa... Where the hell is that John Fernandez?" he yelled out at the juniors.
"Sir some guys from CBI came in morning and they took him away"
"Why didn't you call me" Rana asked.
"Sir they were in so hurry that we were all confused, But they left a parcel for you" Chafa Singh replied in hasitation.
"Where is it?"
"It’s on your table sir" he replied.
Rana Singh ran into his cabin and checked out the table. There was an envelope placed on the table which said "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL strictly hand over to Insp. Rana Singh".
He opened the envelop and went on reading the letter.
"What is it sir?" asked Chafa.
"They are expecting me in Delhi" Rana replied.
Time: 11.30 AM
Location: CBI headquarters, Delhi

 "Sir he is here" someone told Director. "Send hi in" he replied. "May I come in Sir?" Rana Singh asked knocking the door. "Yes please come in Rana" the director said with pleasant voice. "Thank you sir" Rana entered and saluted the director of CBI with honor.
"You have done a great job Rana, The country is proud of you" he started.
"Thank you, sir. But that is my job and that's what for I am paid" Rana replied mischievously.
The director gave a smile in return and his expression changed from pleasant to rude. He moved slightly forward and said "Then forget what all you done!"
Inspector Rana Singh was stumped.
The meeting of the Director and Rana went on for half an hour. Everybody out side were busy in their work but still they had an eye and an ear on what's going on inside.
A last Rana came out of the room. He was very angry. He opened the door and closed it with a bang.
"Bloody assholes, want to keep this a secret and provide high security to the bastard" he murmured.
He moved a step or two when something flashed through his mind.
He went back and entered the director's room this time without asking "I want to meet that bastard for one last time alone" he asked or rather ordered.
"OK" he replied seeing Rana's angry face.
Rana entered the interrogation room where John was sitting. He was very angry, John could see that. He went near John calmly controlling his anger and sat on the desk in front of him.
"Who are you?” asked Rana.
"I am John Fernandez, told you yesterday" replied John.
Rana's dam of anger broke with his voice and he placed a hardcore punch on his face. And then began the naked dance of insp. Rana's anger. He was beating him like a dog. Punches, kicks, heads with what ever thing or organ he could beat him he used it. His anger had switched off his sense of pain. He sensed no pain while beating the terrorist in front of him with head and leg.
"Why the hell Indian Government becomes so calm when it comes of terrorist like you. There is one son-in-law eating Government's treasure in Mumbai, now they want to add another" he shouted while beating him.
While Rana was beating John hard, John was laughing at him and was very calm. He suffered his every punch and kicks with silence and laughed harder though it resembled pain within him. And all he was saying was "You are fool Inspector, You are fool".
At last Rana exhausted. he sat on the desk and lighted a cigarette. John was lying on the floor. he stood up trembling and sat on the seat in front of Rana. He appeared as if he was bathed in shower of blood.
"Do you have a mother?" John asked.
A flow of current went through Rana's body.
"Have you ever taken her on holiday in your mere salary?"
His words were recharging him. He stood up facing in opposite direction of John. He inhaled a huge smoke of cigarette and exhaled a double in amount out. he held it in between his fingers and threw it away as fast as he could and tightened his fist to place a best punch he had got.
"Ask your Government where is the plutonium worth Rupees 1000 crore placed in the vault of the train"
Rana had lifted his hand high above to place the punch when he heard the words. His hands paused right at the place they were. He was all stumped by the words that he heard later.
Time: 00.03 PM
Location: CBI headquarters, Delhi

A guy ran towards the director's room and entered without permission and said "Sir Insp. Rana is beating him his ass out. If won't stopped he would surely kill him"
"What? Oh my God. Stop him now. Go quick" bewildered the Director.
The guy ran towards the interrogation room. The director also could not hold himself. He also ran behind him. They unlocked the door of the room and grabbed the hands of Inspector Rana Singh. They all pulled him back. But he was unconscious. Unknown of what is happening. All that was going in his mind was "I'll give you 100 crore...Just take me out of here"
"100 crore.....Take me out"
Both of their eyes were in equilibrium. John Fernandez had a gentle smile on his face while Rana Singh was stumped by the amount.
"100 crore..."
Next part:Towards the Darkness-2

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dhammal Dandia

  The heat of fire was burning my skin. The lava flowing beneath the floor was making surroundings hotter than ever. The rain of fire was starting slowly and the clash of the clouds generated the sound of hydrogen bombs. The monsters of the hell were pouring the guilty sinful souls into the large bowl of burning oil and the souls were screaming with intense pain. My hands and legs were trembling as if they had lost all its power. The vision in front of me had made my heart beat faster than its original speed.
  A black monster with a large hat made up of iron came in front of me and roared like tiger "DO YOU KNOW THIS?".
   I turned back to see what he was pointing to. There appeared the pictures of the most deathly monsters of the hell. "THESE ARE SPECIALLY CREATED TO PUNISH YOU" roared the monster near my ears.
   Now my heart beats grew faster than ever. All my sins that I have committed came in front of my eyes. Only the picture of the deathly monsters had made me pee in my pants what will happen when they will originally be standing in front of me?
   Tears came into my eyes and the picture of the monsters became blur because of the drops of tears. The most deathly monsters of the hell specially created to punish me. Their name itself defined how ruthless and dangerous they were. There were many but amongst them the most deathly were the INTEGRATION and DERIVATION. The first one looked like a giant snake while the other one was riding on the giant horse.
  BUZZZzzzzz..... My cell phone vibrated on the study table and that brought me back from the another world. One hour ago I sat on my table to solve some (Some means only one) mathematics problem and that gave me a short experience of how sinful people are punished in the hell.
  I drank a sip of water and checked my mobile. There was a message from Sanku (For more information about Sanku please read Te AMO...Te Te AMO..). I clicked on the show button and the message appeared on the screen saying "abe jalde aa mandir me...bum maal aye hai". 
 Navratri was going on hence it was not that special for the most beautiful girls in the colony to come in the temple with the most beautiful dresses they have got (I mean wearing the dresses). 
   Then why the hell did he messaged me. I peeped out of my window which gave a clear look of the temple. There was a crowd there but I couldn't see what was happening? (Myopic patient Can't see with just two eyes they need some additional hardware)   
    Then the sound fall on my ears "लवकरच मंदिरात दांडियाचा कार्यक्रम सुरु होणार आहे , तरी सर्व भक्तजनांनी मंदिरात येण्या ची कृपा करावी. धन्यवाद""   It was Sanket's voice. Though it was for a public declaration but was addressed to a special group of people.(like us)
    "Oh shit I forgot..." I cursed myself and ran towards the bathroom. When you are in a very hurry then you do the most time taking things in no time like I did the same washing then rinsing and then applying oil to my hair's and then talc then deo in half an hour generally but this time I did it in two and a half minutes. (Isn't it great? OK whatever) 
    I put on my RBK T-shirt and levis jeans and ran towards the temple. I had reached on time. Sanket was waiting for me with the most wide smile ever. I knew why that was for! I went near him just when Ganesh arrived. We met near the gate and I asked Sanket "Heyy man who's coming?"
    "I think they are coming" said Ganesh.
    "NO They have came buddy" said Sanket.
    And I turned around to confirm whether he was right. (YES HE WAS..)
    She was standing between the girls facing towards us. Shw was wearing a black sari and was looking really very gorgeous. (oh sorry I forgot to introduce) She had arrived currently in the colony and lived in the flat neighboring Ganesh's house. This was the only piece of information we had about her. The only time to get introduces with her was this that is during navratri's when every chick in the town come out of her nest that too in very eye catching desi costumes.
    "This time she is the coach of one dance team dude" said Sanket.
    "WOW she is just WOW" My mouth was opened like I have seen a tub filled of gulab-jamuns.
    "Where is Maddy?" asked Sanket.
    "pada hoga kahe leave it who's gonna dance with her" asked Ganesh.
    Dancing and singing are some of our field of interest that we didn't have performed outside bathroom because that is the only place where were are not banned.
    "We are not allowed to dance, this time its competition between two groups of fourteen girls each" 
   "That means twenty eight maals  from the town right here right now live and exclusive!" I exclaimed.
   "I'll take the new one you can have other twenty seven" said Ganesh teasing us.
   "That we'll see but when is it gonna start dude, I am so exited to see some bouncing boobs"
  " मंदिरात दांडियाचा कार्यक्रम सुरु होणार आहे , तरी सर्व भक्तजनांनी मंदिरात येण्या ची कृपा करावी. धन्यवाद"" ' that was the last announcement and the DJ stated playing the garba songs.
   The first group did not met our expectations as it was of the little girls of the town of which half of them ran away in the middle of the song as they saw their parents and at last there were some who were not allowed to run away or could not spot their own parents among the group of people who were crying out of pride that their girl was dancing in front of a crowd while their own boy only cried when he was asked to do something in public.
    Then began the second group. Camera's, mobile's that were full charged for the task were erect for their job, all of them focusing on a single girl The lady in black as she was called. Along with the latest chick the previous hotties had also arrived. The one from the drunk family.(Because their father was drunk hence the entire family was called drunk. There were also rumors that the entire family sit together at night and enjoy hukka. just rumors no proofs)
    All the fourteen girls in the group were dancing with full confidence and zeal and enthusiasm. All the eyes including youngsters to elders were all stuck on the co ordination and fast dance steps and the perfect beat of the drumsticks on the beat of the song. Gansh Sanket and I were looking at the black one with open mouth. It is very true that girls have a very great dancing skills. (only my GF is an exception) 
    Suddenly my eye turned away from the dancers towards the audience where a girl was standing. She was very beautiful and very very gorgeous. She was new must be from the another colony. She didn't seemed to be from ours. I moved slightly towards her and stood by side of Ashu (A guy from our colony). I placed my hand on his shoulders and whispered in to his ears" Who's that girl in blue standing by side of your mum?"
    "That girl in spects" he asked.
    "Ya man she looks very sexy"
    "She is my sister and she is married"
   (OH FUCK I am gone now) I removed my hand from his shoulders "Oh when did she returned I couldn't recognize her MANN.. she is so...changed" I said smiling.
   "What do you mean by changed" he asked.
   "I mean she had grown up much.." I said stammering.
   "What much??" now he was growing aggressive.
  And suddenly there was a great round of applause. The show was over. I saw Ganesh and Sanket greeting the black lady and laughing on something. (Actually Ganesh was laughing who was behind, Sanket was in front talking to her) Then he took out his mobile and she also did the same then they shared something.
   BASTARDS. I looked in front at Ashu he was also busy clapping, I found the chance to slip. After that for five minutes I stayed inside the temple taking a disguise of praying in front of GOD. After some time I got out peeping out of the temple . Someone place a hand on my shoulders I had a sudden feeling of shock through out my body and I was ready to run. 
   "What happened?" It was Sanket.
   "Nothing" I replied taking some deep breaths.
   "So how was she, what's her name, I saw you taking her number" I asked facing towards Sanket.
   Suddenly Ganesh started laughing out loud. Sanket's face was down as he saw Ganesh laughing so hard.
   "What happened" I asked in surprise.
   "You wanna know what she said" said Ganesh.
   "She said I saw you taking video in your mobile, can you give it to me BROTHER" replied Ganesh and I also joined him in his stomach aching laughter.