Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dhammal Dandia

  The heat of fire was burning my skin. The lava flowing beneath the floor was making surroundings hotter than ever. The rain of fire was starting slowly and the clash of the clouds generated the sound of hydrogen bombs. The monsters of the hell were pouring the guilty sinful souls into the large bowl of burning oil and the souls were screaming with intense pain. My hands and legs were trembling as if they had lost all its power. The vision in front of me had made my heart beat faster than its original speed.
  A black monster with a large hat made up of iron came in front of me and roared like tiger "DO YOU KNOW THIS?".
   I turned back to see what he was pointing to. There appeared the pictures of the most deathly monsters of the hell. "THESE ARE SPECIALLY CREATED TO PUNISH YOU" roared the monster near my ears.
   Now my heart beats grew faster than ever. All my sins that I have committed came in front of my eyes. Only the picture of the deathly monsters had made me pee in my pants what will happen when they will originally be standing in front of me?
   Tears came into my eyes and the picture of the monsters became blur because of the drops of tears. The most deathly monsters of the hell specially created to punish me. Their name itself defined how ruthless and dangerous they were. There were many but amongst them the most deathly were the INTEGRATION and DERIVATION. The first one looked like a giant snake while the other one was riding on the giant horse.
  BUZZZzzzzz..... My cell phone vibrated on the study table and that brought me back from the another world. One hour ago I sat on my table to solve some (Some means only one) mathematics problem and that gave me a short experience of how sinful people are punished in the hell.
  I drank a sip of water and checked my mobile. There was a message from Sanku (For more information about Sanku please read Te AMO...Te Te AMO..). I clicked on the show button and the message appeared on the screen saying "abe jalde aa mandir me...bum maal aye hai". 
 Navratri was going on hence it was not that special for the most beautiful girls in the colony to come in the temple with the most beautiful dresses they have got (I mean wearing the dresses). 
   Then why the hell did he messaged me. I peeped out of my window which gave a clear look of the temple. There was a crowd there but I couldn't see what was happening? (Myopic patient Can't see with just two eyes they need some additional hardware)   
    Then the sound fall on my ears "लवकरच मंदिरात दांडियाचा कार्यक्रम सुरु होणार आहे , तरी सर्व भक्तजनांनी मंदिरात येण्या ची कृपा करावी. धन्यवाद""   It was Sanket's voice. Though it was for a public declaration but was addressed to a special group of people.(like us)
    "Oh shit I forgot..." I cursed myself and ran towards the bathroom. When you are in a very hurry then you do the most time taking things in no time like I did the same washing then rinsing and then applying oil to my hair's and then talc then deo in half an hour generally but this time I did it in two and a half minutes. (Isn't it great? OK whatever) 
    I put on my RBK T-shirt and levis jeans and ran towards the temple. I had reached on time. Sanket was waiting for me with the most wide smile ever. I knew why that was for! I went near him just when Ganesh arrived. We met near the gate and I asked Sanket "Heyy man who's coming?"
    "I think they are coming" said Ganesh.
    "NO They have came buddy" said Sanket.
    And I turned around to confirm whether he was right. (YES HE WAS..)
    She was standing between the girls facing towards us. Shw was wearing a black sari and was looking really very gorgeous. (oh sorry I forgot to introduce) She had arrived currently in the colony and lived in the flat neighboring Ganesh's house. This was the only piece of information we had about her. The only time to get introduces with her was this that is during navratri's when every chick in the town come out of her nest that too in very eye catching desi costumes.
    "This time she is the coach of one dance team dude" said Sanket.
    "WOW she is just WOW" My mouth was opened like I have seen a tub filled of gulab-jamuns.
    "Where is Maddy?" asked Sanket.
    "pada hoga kahe leave it who's gonna dance with her" asked Ganesh.
    Dancing and singing are some of our field of interest that we didn't have performed outside bathroom because that is the only place where were are not banned.
    "We are not allowed to dance, this time its competition between two groups of fourteen girls each" 
   "That means twenty eight maals  from the town right here right now live and exclusive!" I exclaimed.
   "I'll take the new one you can have other twenty seven" said Ganesh teasing us.
   "That we'll see but when is it gonna start dude, I am so exited to see some bouncing boobs"
  " मंदिरात दांडियाचा कार्यक्रम सुरु होणार आहे , तरी सर्व भक्तजनांनी मंदिरात येण्या ची कृपा करावी. धन्यवाद"" ' that was the last announcement and the DJ stated playing the garba songs.
   The first group did not met our expectations as it was of the little girls of the town of which half of them ran away in the middle of the song as they saw their parents and at last there were some who were not allowed to run away or could not spot their own parents among the group of people who were crying out of pride that their girl was dancing in front of a crowd while their own boy only cried when he was asked to do something in public.
    Then began the second group. Camera's, mobile's that were full charged for the task were erect for their job, all of them focusing on a single girl The lady in black as she was called. Along with the latest chick the previous hotties had also arrived. The one from the drunk family.(Because their father was drunk hence the entire family was called drunk. There were also rumors that the entire family sit together at night and enjoy hukka. just rumors no proofs)
    All the fourteen girls in the group were dancing with full confidence and zeal and enthusiasm. All the eyes including youngsters to elders were all stuck on the co ordination and fast dance steps and the perfect beat of the drumsticks on the beat of the song. Gansh Sanket and I were looking at the black one with open mouth. It is very true that girls have a very great dancing skills. (only my GF is an exception) 
    Suddenly my eye turned away from the dancers towards the audience where a girl was standing. She was very beautiful and very very gorgeous. She was new must be from the another colony. She didn't seemed to be from ours. I moved slightly towards her and stood by side of Ashu (A guy from our colony). I placed my hand on his shoulders and whispered in to his ears" Who's that girl in blue standing by side of your mum?"
    "That girl in spects" he asked.
    "Ya man she looks very sexy"
    "She is my sister and she is married"
   (OH FUCK I am gone now) I removed my hand from his shoulders "Oh when did she returned I couldn't recognize her MANN.. she is so...changed" I said smiling.
   "What do you mean by changed" he asked.
   "I mean she had grown up much.." I said stammering.
   "What much??" now he was growing aggressive.
  And suddenly there was a great round of applause. The show was over. I saw Ganesh and Sanket greeting the black lady and laughing on something. (Actually Ganesh was laughing who was behind, Sanket was in front talking to her) Then he took out his mobile and she also did the same then they shared something.
   BASTARDS. I looked in front at Ashu he was also busy clapping, I found the chance to slip. After that for five minutes I stayed inside the temple taking a disguise of praying in front of GOD. After some time I got out peeping out of the temple . Someone place a hand on my shoulders I had a sudden feeling of shock through out my body and I was ready to run. 
   "What happened?" It was Sanket.
   "Nothing" I replied taking some deep breaths.
   "So how was she, what's her name, I saw you taking her number" I asked facing towards Sanket.
   Suddenly Ganesh started laughing out loud. Sanket's face was down as he saw Ganesh laughing so hard.
   "What happened" I asked in surprise.
   "You wanna know what she said" said Ganesh.
   "She said I saw you taking video in your mobile, can you give it to me BROTHER" replied Ganesh and I also joined him in his stomach aching laughter.


  1. hahahaha. Mitra Todlas. Ek number. Best of Luck. Please see my post Aye Zindagi!

  2. nice story sandeep,reminds us of the early 90s :)