Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Towards the Darkness-2

Previous part: Towards the Darkness
Time: 2.00PM
Location: Near Thanagazi-Alwar bridge
  The black smoke was spread all over in the surrounding. There were clouds of dark smoke all over the animal reserve. The firemen had done their job quite well but still the fuel had spread all over in the place. A small spark could burn that large area of forest in seconds.
  Insp.Rana Singh was standing on the bridge alone. Behind him was the white police gypsy that they generally used to travel through the jungles. He was looking straight at the burnt train and trying to remember something. The picture of last night was in front of his eyes. His eyes had gone deep. He was all trapped between his mind and his heart.
  "Have you ever took her on holiday....Do you have a mother?...Have you ever gave any thing that made her happy?...Do you were even there when she needed you?" 
  All these words were dancing in his mind. The mind was pulling him away while the heart was forcing him to stick to his duty. 
  "I'll give you 100 crore...take me out of here"
  Money was always a problem for him, when he was in school, when he was in college even when he was supposed to have a higher post and someone grabbed it by bribing. Now all that was going to end. He had sacrificed much for the country now it was time to do something for his family.
   The wireless made a slight noise inside the car and a rough voice came through it "Sir we found it".
   A smile mounted on his lips. The game was going to start.
Time: 5.00PM
Location: CBI headquarters
  Insp. Rana entered the large building in his usual uniform. He directly went to the reception and asked for a meeting with the Director.
  "Please wait Sir, I'll check if he is free" the receptionist said and called on the intercom "Sir Mr. Rana Singh is here, He wants to meet you" but in response she had a weird voice that must have said kick him out of the building. Her face was contracted as someone had touched the touch-me-not plant.
  Rana understood what was happening "let me talk to him" he grabbed the receiver from her hand.
 "Sir I am really very sorry for what I did in the morning, I apologize for that but sir I have something important that you must know" He said in a single breath.
  "OK Sir" he turned towards the receptionist replacing the receiver "He wants me to come in".
  He turned backward clicking an eye towards her and in return she smiled in a shy expression.
  While on his way upward he saw a office boy taking some food "hey where are you taking these delicacies?" he asked the boy.
  "Its for the newly arrived guest whom you gave a grand feast in lunch" the boy replied smiling.
   Rana understood that his gossip was throughout the CBI building. He placed a 500 rupee note in his pocket and put something below the glass of water.
  "Make sure that he reads this" he gave a smile to the boy. The boy opened the chit below the glass and gave a smile.
  John was lying his head down on the table. The beating in afternoon was very ferocious and his body organs were still paining. But he was trained, trained to survive in conditions worst than this. Also he was aware of the fact that he was a very limited period guest here now. He had planted the seed for his escape.
  The door of the interrogation room opened and the office boy entered with the tray of food in his hand. He placed the food in front of John. This was for the first time John had seen food in last 24 hours. He picked up the jar of water and drank the whole in a sip.
  "Use the glass" said the office boy smiling and turned around to leave.
 John was surprised with why he was smiling and picked up the glass where he found the chit of folded paper. He quickly opened the chit which said "You will die my hands"
  "Tell the guards I want to talk to the Head here" he said eating the food.
  Rana climbed up to the floor and walked towards the directors cabin when the director came out of the room. Rana saluted him and said "Sir I wanted to talk to you about.."
 "Sit in my cabin, I'll be back soon. John wants to see me" the director interrupted him.
  "I'll check that out, you wait in the cabin".
  Rana contracted his eyes in confusion. He knew something was going to go wrong.
 He turned around to stop the director when he saw two bodyguards were following him inside the interrogation room.
  The director entered the interrogation room where he saw John eating food like an animal. The food was spelled through out the table and the plate in front of him was empty.
   "Oh welcome Sir, accompany me in the lunch cum dinner" said John giving a smile to the director.
   "I have much important jobs to do, say what you wanted to" replied the Director in an angry tone.
  "Aaahhhh so do I" saying this he picked up the plate in front of him and threw with full force towards the director which hit him on forehead.
   The director felled aside due to the sudden attack. The two bodyguards were also shock. One of them was ready to pull out the gun when John stepped on the table in front of him and jumped towards him kicking him directly on the face with his knees. His gun felled aside.
   John quickly grabbed the gun and shoot the guard. Then quickly holding the neck of director with his hands, he pointed the barrel directly on his head. 
   The other guard was also quick to point his gun on him.
   "Oh ho ho ho you won't do that or I'll blow off your director's head" said John smiling at the guard.
   The gun shot had made the entire staff panic and all the armed officers had gathered in front of the room.
   "What the hell are you doing, shoot him shoot him now" commanded the director.
  The guard put on his second hand under the gun to aim when there as another shot which directly penetrated into his heart.
  John came out of the room guarding himself behind the director from one side while from the other side he was pointing the gun.
  "Any one try to get in my way I'll shoot him, I swear I'll shoot him" he shouted.
  All the officers pointing gun on him moved backwards they all knew that the guy was psychic and could do what he said.
  "Aren't you afraid of death?" someone asked from behind.
  John turned backward standing in front of the corner wall hiding behind the director.
  It was Rana Singh who called. He was here at the right time. 
  "Aren't you?" asked John in return placing his finger in the trigger.
  "I am afraid what will happen to me if you die!" asked Rana pointing gun on John.
  "Don't worry I'll take you with me" replied John.
  "For that you have to wait for 50 more years" said Rana and fired the bullet on directors leg. He screamed with pain and bent downwards. 
  This was it, the clear aim. Rana didn't wanted to miss the chance he shot two bullets which hit one on John's arm while other inside the stomach creating a river of blood on the floor.
   The officers ran to hold Director who was screaming with pain. They  took him aside Insp. Rana went near the body of John lying on the floor watching him carefully.
   "I told you,you'll die by my hands" murmured Rana.
Time: 7.30PM
Location: AIIMS
  "Don't worry he is alright"said the doctor coming out of the operation theater.
  "We have taken out the bullets, he is out of danger now. Actually he has gained consciousness you can meet him by now"
  "How is his leg, Would he be able to walk" asked the officer who was worried a lot about their director.
  "Of course he will be! It is like a fracture in leg. He will recover soon"
  These words gave relief to the officer. He was  aware of what was happening inside, and director's absent could create a great mess. He went inside to see the director.
 To his surprise the Director was very good and was sitting on the bed. He had expected him to be surrounded by wires and pipes of oxygen and all but what he saw was exactly opposite of it.
 "Where is hat bastard who shot me?" the director asked in a firm voice.
 The officer felt nice to hear his voice. It was like his voice was not audible for years to him. That was because of the bloodshed that they witnessed in  the office and director's condition after he was shot.
  Rana Singh entered into the room with a bouquet of lilies.
 "Nice jb you have done Inspector. This is your second achievement in 24 hours?"said the director teasing Rana.
 "Ya I have shot the Director of CBI ,that's really an achievement for me very few Police officers get such a chance" replied Rana Singh smiling.
 "Where is that bastard John?"
 "He is in the morgue, downstairs in here"replied the oficer
 "OK I want to see him"
 "Now?" both officer and Rana said in unison.
 "Ya now I don't want any change in the plan" said the director standing up from the bed.
Time: 8.00PM
Location: AIIMS morgue
  "Hello sir, how are you" said the morgue worker greeting the Director. The officer was pushing the wheel chair while Rana Singh was following them both.
  The smell inside the morgue made director feel uncomfortable. Though he was trying to look good but he wasn't.
  "Show me the dead body,quick" The director said.
 The morgue worker pulled out  one shelf and in there was John's dead body. His body was covered with white sheet and the was a huge red spot right on the chest.
  The picture of blowing his chest came in front of Rana's eyes. He quickly ordered to close the shelf.
  All of them came out of the morgue.
  "When's the funeral held?" asked the director.
  "It's 11 in the morning" replied the officer.
  The words entered into Rana's ear's and he stopped on the place where he was. Something was wrong Terribly wrong..
Time: 11.00AM
Location: Nicholson Cemetery Cremation Ground  
  There were about ten people on the funeral. All of them were the investigating officers. None were interested in attending the funeral of a terrorist. The director of CBI wanted to attend the funeral hence there was an ample amount of security in the cemetery.
  The director's white Suv arrived and he some officers took him out of the car. He came near the burial place on the wheel chair while his assistant officer was pushing the chair.
  The AIIMS ambulance arrived. They took out the coffin from the van. Four boys were carrying the coffin and brought them near the place.
  "Open it" said one of the investigating officer.
  The four boys looked at each other asking each other to open it. At last one of them came forward and took off the cover of the coffin.
   And there was a wave of surprise throughout the people standing in the cemetery. There was a shock which would have made the Director stand on his feet. The eyes had gone blind, all they could see was infinity. The words came to an end, the hear beats increased. Every thing that was going so fine had now changed.
   The coffin was empty with an envelop placed in it.
   One officer from the investigation team came forward and opened the envelop. His eyes changed horrified within a second.
   The assistant of director's phone rang and he went behind to take the call. The envelop came to the director
after the investigating officers team saw it.
   The assistant came back and said near Director's ear "Sir there is some thing you should know".
   "Inspector Rana resigned from his post"
   He smiled. May be at himself or at the entire CBI. It was all planned. He brought back his eyes to the letter placed in the envelop.
    It said "GOOD LUCK..."
(to be continued..)
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  1. nice story sandeep,reminds us of the early 90s all over again!! :)

  2. Thankxs... Joel you got it...I am a very big fan of those super 90's movies and series of SYDNEY and Indian Detective Dharamchand and all.
    Those stories had a very great speed with lots of action and twist at the same time...
    I call it as GOLDEN ERA of literature...