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Towards the Darkness-3

Previous part: Towards the Darkness-2
Time: 00.00 PM, One week later
Location: Somewhere in the desert of Thar, Rajasthan
  The dry wind was flying all over the land creating a small cyclone of the weightless sand. The sun was shining high and was erupting the flames of fire as it was cursing the place, or may be the person who was standing. He had sold himself. He had changed himself. He had adapted himself in this ruthless, monetary world. Now he was all living for himself.
   Rana Singh was standing in the middle of the road looking at the huge endless desert with his hands into the pocket. The heat emerging from the desert had dried his eyes. There were marks of sleeplessness on his face. May be because of the changed environment or because of the guilt with in him.
   Three days ago he had received a call that said "Come to Thar, don't forget the package".
   He looked towards his right where his black Traverse was standing. He went behind it and opened the rear door. There was a travel bag inside. Sub-Insp.Chafa Singh had done a great job finding the plutonium bag that was dropped into the pond during the clash between him and John.
   He heard a sound of vehicle coming. He closed the door and went forward to see. A black Scorpio was standing in front of him. Two men came out of it. Rana was unable to see the face from the distance. As they came closer one of them appeared familiar. He was John.
  "So you have brought the package" asked John.
  "Hope you have brought mine"relied Rana.
  "Of course, But I want to see it first"
  "Follow me"
  John signed to the other guy to stay while he followed Rana to the rare of the car. Rana opened the rare door, where he saw the bag.
  "Open it" said John.
  "You have to enter a combination of code to open the lock" replied Rana showing the lock tying the chain and the end of the bag.
  "So what's the code"
  John gave him a smile. Rana entered the code and opened the chain. There were two, two and a half meters of height cylinders in it having the danger sign on it. There was another mark that said property of Indian Government.
  John forwarded his hand to get the bag when Rana stopped him "I would like to see my package first".
  John returned him a smile and waved his hand towards the other guy. He understood what he was to do. He brought a similar sized bag and placed it on the front part of the Traverse.
  "Aahh.. it seems to be heavy" said Rana. He opened the chain of the bag and in front of him was it for what he did it all for.
  "Are they 100 crore" he asked Rana.
  "No we have charged a lakh as petrol expense to get it here" replied John.
  Rana gave back a smile when his cell phone rang within the car. He went inside and picked up the phone.
  "Ya Mama I will bring a silk sari for you, The government have give me huge retirement allowance"
  John smiled and saw in front. He ordered the guy to turn the car to go back.
  Mean while Rana brought the bag and handed over to John.
  "See you soon" said Rana when John was moving towards the car.
  "Hope you don't" John replied.
  "I will.."
Time: 1.00 PM
Location: In front of a small house in the desert
  John came out of the car and the other guy was holding the bag. They both entered the house. There was a guy who appeared to be seriously sick was sleeping on the bed. John ignored him and opened the closet  placed there. He pushed the cabinet within behind and gave it a jerk. The entire closet turned around and there were stairs downwards. It was their secret pathway.
  The underground structure was much larger than it appeared from outside. The small house was an entrance to a secret military base. There were all kinds of weapons guns, snipers,hand bombs, dynamites and others. It was like an archive of all types of war weapons.
  He entered into a room where a group of five people was waiting for him. The five most wanted criminals from all over the world. 
  Bogdan Demidov, The only terrorist to break Russian security.
 Aqueer and Zakim, A super-duo who robbed Japanese embassy with their charm and power. 
 Abena Yoruba, The African Animal who broke almost all jails in African countries.
 And the master mind Zach doomster, an English hacker who breached American security for twice.
 Now to add to this team was the new bastard who had stolen Plutonium from Indian Government, John Fernandez.
  He placed the bag in front of them on the table. They all stood up in amazement. This was the most expensive and important robbery they have made. This would not only increase their level of respect in mafia but also they can make a huge amount of money from it.
  John entered the lock code and opened the chain. Every eye had stopped blinking, every heart had stopped beating to see the most highly radio active material on Earth.
  But the never ending series of surprises has not ended. The bag was empty with a transmitter fixed in it. Rana Singh had changed the bag. He was the bastard. 
  Before John could react to the vision in front of him, there was a huge blast and the door went open. It was the Indian army who had entered. The transmitter has done its job, the most secret base of terrorist activity had been revealed.
  The military men were quick and best in their job, they grabbed the control of the base from the workers there and established their supervision.
  "This base is surrounded by Indian army, so do not try to escape or perform violent activity or we have to take serious action" the commander of the army announced.
  The anger was erupting from John's face. He got out the gun and fired in the direction of the commander. Though the aim was missed but the shot began a war inside the base. The solders started firing blindly on the six people. John was quick. He pulled a down an iron closet and hid himself behind it. The other two could make it and rest were killed.
  "If we make to the door I can save you" said John.
  The other two agreed without questioning. The blind crossfire was still going on in behind. Zach who was in hurry to escape took the initiation and moved forward crawling towards the door. it was atmost five meter's that he could make. 
  "Hold fire" someone shouted. The voice was familier to John. It was Rana's voice.The firing was paused.
  "John I know you are here,surrender yourselves I'll take care that you get minimal of imprisonment" said John in a decent tone.
  "I'll rather prefer to die than trusting you" replied John from behind the closet.
  "I know what you are thinking of me but that was my job, but if you surrender now I'll help you for sure"said Rana pointing his finger towards the closet. The snipers took their position it was a call for them.
  But something else was in John's mind "OK I'll surrender but assure me that you won't fire".
  "Yes John you have my word, No one would fire" said Rana.
  John stood up with his hands up and followed Bogdan. They started moving towards Rana. Rana put down his gun and forwarded a hand towards John. Bogdan knelled down on halfway to display his surrender while John moved forward. 
   He was 10 feet away from the closet, considerably far from closet that if it blows out he would be harmless. That was the plan. There was a mini hand bomb inside the closet which blasted after a minute he started moving away from the closet. The closet blasted into pieces and also broke the ceiling of the room. The base wasright below the sandy desert hence as the ceiling blew off the sand started entering into the room.
   It was a distraction of just 30 seconds for the solders, such a little time but a bonus time for John to escape. he was vanished. No one could see him. Bogdan was also surprised by what had happened. He was still lying on the floor. Every thing was same as it was 30 seconds before, only difference was John was gone.
   "Oh shitt!! where is he, where the hell is he gone?" Rana shouted.
   And there was a sound from another side of room. Rana turned towards it to see what was it. A huge land rover came out of the room breaking the walls of the room. Rana could see through the glasses who was driving. The solders started firing at the land rover but was ineffective to it.
   John got off the base driving the land rover. Rana was helpless and just could watch. The land rover ran at about a speed of 70kmph and had covered almost 5 kms of distance when it was blown up by the chopper.
   Rana could see this all from the distance. This was the end of John Fernandez and Rana was left. Restless..
Time: 10.00 AM, Next day
Location: CBI headquarters
  Rana Singh was sitting in front of the Director who had resumed his office from the day. He was very happy with Rana's work and his dedication towards the country.
  "Rana, you did really a great job. You risked your life for the country. The way you fought with The terrorist and especially John is really very appreciable. You executed every level of our plan with great intelligence and presence of mind. your one mistake could have ruined it all but you handled it well. The country owes you a salute" the director was speaking.
  "Thank you sir" this was the only thing he was hearing since last 12 hours the country owes you a salute.
  "But there is another person who shares a equal credit with you"
  "Chafa Singh? ya he really did a great work" Rana thought, without him Rana wouldn't have done this so quickly. 
  "He is the master mind who planned this all, from the robbery to escape from the morgue, planting of transmitter and all the tricks that we played to catch that Russian Bogdan" 
  "One min... whom are you talking about?" Rana was confused and also understood that they were not talking about Chafa.
  "Rana, I want you to meet special officer Kartik from Indian intelligence service RAW"
  As director's words ended the door opened and a man entered into the office in black suit. He was bald headed and clean shaved and looked very handsome and smart.
  Rana turned around to see him. His face was familiar but Rana wasn't able to recognize who was it. He stood up to greet him when a sudden shock went through his body. His eyes had gone stumped, his all body experienced a sudden shiver. 
  He was the real master mind, always with him, in his every move, in his every plan. Rana thought that he was playing the game but he was being played by the greatest player in this game.
  "John..." Rana said stammering.
  "Hope you liked my new look" he chuckled.
  Rana was all stumped stunned by seeing what was in front of him.
  "Kartik was working on this mission since last two years, Home Minister's instant entry in the plan was never expected, it changed the entire course of the plan, you got in and arrested him. It was his plan to bribe you as he knew you were honest. You planned to let him escape but he had foreseen this all. He knew what you were going to do. He trusted you" said the director with great pride in his voice.
  "I trusted your honesty Rana, you were loyal and you proved it in the most crucial stage. We offered you with the greatest responsibility of safeguarding nation's most expensive asset and you handled it very well. We are proud of you Rana" said Kartik.
  Rana was standing still with open mouth. He was laughing at himself for what happened with him. He could imagine how foolish he must have looked to act as they have planned. There was a smile on his face and a drop of tear came out of his eye.
  Kartik understood how he was feeling. He placed a hand on Rana's shoulders "Let's have a coffee"
  They both got out of the office. Rana could see the faces of the workers in CBI headquarters who were aware of all this from the begining. Rana was feeling embarrassed and could not match to their eyes. A gentle smile was mounted on his face.
  "So when do I have to return the money?"asked Rana drinking a sip of coffee.
  "Which money?" Kartik clicked an eye "We officers do keep somethings secret"
  This was for the first time in last hour when Rana laughed, He laughed his heart out..   


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