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Towards the Darkness

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Location: Somewhere in jungles of SARISKA   
   The sun was setting slowly in the west and the twilight was looking in its most beautiful color. The rays of sun were vanishing slowly and the dusk had arrived which had stored a very deadly plan within itself.
  The train was moving in its full speed almost 350Kmph carrying the most precious asset of the country. There was full manual security to the vault who could even give their life for the sake of its safety. The guards were trained with the use of and without weapons. They were the best in their job.
"Can I take a bundle from it?" a guard asked another.
"This is the nation's treasure, we cannot even touch it. That's illegal" the other one replied.
"What matters if I borrow a glass of water from the ocean? And also there are many corrupt people in this country who have stolen a lot."
"So you want to stand in the category of those corrupts?".
"Well I am a true citizen of India" and they broke into laughter.
In front of them was a vault filled with the bundles of notes of the Indian currency. They both knew how big responsibility it was to safeguard such an entity, especially when the train was moving from the dense jungles of sariska.
Location: Dept. of Home-Ministry
 The door of the honorable Home minister's office flew open and a officer in casual dress entered in a horrified expression.
"Sir we are trapped!" he said hurriedly as he stepped into the room.
"What are you saying?" asked minister in a chilled manner.
"Sir the information had leaked, they are gonna rob the train"
The minister stood up as he had an electric shock of 420 volts. The chilled expression on his face suddenly changed from fear to worried and ended at confusion.
"How the hell did it happen? And how do you know about it?" he asked the officer.
"I just had a call from one of our informer, the train is in danger. We have to do something quickly"
"What is the present location of the train?"
"It is somewhere in the jungles of sariska, our control room is tracking its each and every movement. The transmitter is giving the exact location and speed of train. Just the satellites are not working" replied the officer.
"Why aren't they working?"
"Bad weather may be.. or.." he hesitated to speak.
"Or what?" the minister shouted.
"Or our systems are hacked"
Minister looked directly into his eyes. He was standing in front of a big screen that showed the movement of train in form of a red dot. The red dot moved forward by a centimeter every second that resembled the train was moving fast…Very fast.
"How far is the nearest police station from the location of the train?" asked minister.
"Its Thanagazi police station about 20 Kms away" the officer replied checking the map on Google.
"Call the in charge there and tell him to give his full attention on the train. Board more security personnel's, make it whatever you can. I want the train here in Delhi by morning" announced the minister.
Location: Thanagazi Police station
 The environment in the thanagazi police station was very hot. There were very few cases in the town and hence the officers had very less chance to get bribed. But today they had a very lucky day as a rickshaw driver hit a bike rider and tried to run away. It was a clear hit-and-run case and a sure income of 10000. Insp. Rana Singh was talking to the driver as well as the victim while the other was having fun of the rarest incident.
"Sir he kicked me on the back and I fell down on the middle of the road. There were number of people who can witness the case. This auto-driver ran away without even noticing what he had done. Ask the people that I have brought with me" said the victim weeping.
Insp. Rana looked at the two witnesses who were watching the police station and jail for the first time and were very excited.
"Sir that was just a cut that came in contact with his bike, and he fell down. I didn't even know that happened" The auto driver was trying to prove his innocence.
"I have heard both of the sides, It was not the fault of the driver if considered his point of view, but he ran away was his fault, but a case is registered and this will cancel his license." turning towards the victim” you have to come a twice or thrice and we will complete the case".
"Sir but this is clear that he had committed a crime victim, then why there is a delay in punishment?" asked the victim.
"There is a procedure to be followed, we have to investigate the place itself and gather the proof's that takes a little amount of time"
"Sir can't we settle this issue with mutual discussion, I undertake in front of you that I won't repeat this mistake in future"
This was it now it’s my turn. Rana moved forward from his chair and said "The victim had to pay the bill of hospital of 2000 and your fine for the mistake you have committed is 5000, so pay the fine and leave".
Sub Inspector Chafa Singh entered hurriedly in the room and said "Sir there is a call for you".
"Tell them I am busy" said Rana ignoring him.
"Sir it's from Home Minister's office"
Insp. Rana quickly picked up the telephone. He was surprised to have a call of such a high priority. He held the receiver near his ears and all he said was "Yes Sir......Right Sir.....OK sir......I'll take care of that sir....yes sir..Jai hind sir"
As he placed the receiver all the eyes in the police station were on him. He gathered his consciousness and ordered his juniors "I want all the armed force now".
Location: 500 ft. above the train 
 The train was clearly visible from the height. It appeared as if one step ahead and my foot will land directly on the train. But this was an illusion. Death was calling me in its most beautiful way. But I am the master. I have played these games for lots of time. This was nothing different in this one.
  He peeped out of the helicopter and then looked back to the pilot and raised his thumb. The next second he was in the air flying towards the train. The fast cuts of air were slapping on his face. Though he had worn the glasses but still water came out of his eyes. His vision was going blur. This was not good for him. He pulled out the string that opened a parachute and all high speed paused with a jerk. He then directed the parachute towards the top of train and landed on it with a bang.
The sound of his feet landing on the train had alerted the two guards in front of the vault. He had landed perfectly above the bogie in which the vault was placed. The two guards raised their guns upwards in precaution. And there was a smash on the glasses in right side with a huge stone. The two changed the direction of the gun.
  They both had a smell of something burning but couldn't recognize what it was. And again there was a smash of the hard rock on the bullet proof glasses. This time there was a crack on it. Both the guards took the position as they knew that the third collision is going to break the glass and someone is going to enter from there.
  They saw the rock type material hanged with the huge string of steel. It wasn't rock actually it was a block made up of something harder than rock. The guards saw the rock go backward and they placed their fingers on the trigger. The rock went backward and came back with a full speed and this time it broke the glass with a huge smash.
The guards fired a round but no one entered. Suddenly there was a sound behind and before they could turn the two bullets blasted their foreheads.
There was a man standing behind them with a gun pointing. He had a black French beard and a scar on forehead. A normal fare guy with curly hairs slightly longer in height than a military guy.
The two dead bodies were lying in front of him and he turned towards the vault and gave a smile.
He took out his cell phone and dialed a number and said "Who am I is not important, The important thing is that the vault has been broken and the thing you were securing for last ten years is in now safe hands" and he cut the call.
Opening the vault was not that hard for him, but he had unknowingly he had called upon him a very dangerous trouble called Inspector Rana Singh.
Time: 7.00 PM
Location: Near Thanagazi-Alwar bridge

 Insp. Rana Singh was watching everything that was happening from the side window of the car. A rigid square block hang with a steel wire on the helicopter beating from sideways to the bogie of the train while an another person was burning the ceiling of same bogie.
He was helpless. Though the scene was in front of his eyes he could not do anything. The distance between him and the train was about 12 Kms and in between was a very dense forest. He could not even fire as it was a tiger reserve and a wrong bullet can reduce the population of tigers from 400 to 399.
The only way to catch him was on the Thanagazi-Alwar Bridge which ram above the railway track.
"Drive faster to the bridge, that’s the only chance we have got to catch this bastard" he ordered.
The vault was broken; there was a cyclone of money inside the train. Each and every note was flying in every possible direction. He had completed the task. He hung the bag on his shoulders and jumped upwards to grab the ceiling with his hands. He climbed on the ceiling and he was shocked.
There was a police squad waiting for him on the bridge ready to fire on him. The helicopter was gone.
"Shit!" he cursed.
Every police man loaded their guns. But to their surprise the train was faster. Faster than they expected. They started firing but the guy on the train rolled forward on his head hence none of the bullet hit the aim.
They all turned backward for the command of the in charge. But he was not there; He had jumped from the bridge right on the bogie where he was rolling.
The pace of the train made Rana throw himself in the other side but he managed to balance by holding the angle on ceiling.
"Hello there" he said and place a hardcore punch on the face of Rana singh.
His face moved aside but he could balance himself as he was holding the angle. Another punch on his face. NOW THIS WAS LIMIT. He saw the third punch coming towards him, He grabbed the hand coming towards him and placed his foot on his belt giving a hard kick with another right on the face.
This was a sudden kick for him he felled backward. He knew that the police inspector standing in front of him had a great physic and was well trained in marshal arts. It was impossible to beat him physically but he could use his weapons. He took out a hand bomb and removed the tap from its head.
Insp. Rana was paused seeing the bomb. He stood right up on the place he was.
"Dude take it easy.." Rana warned him.
He smiled and dropped the bomb into the bogie from the hole that he created to get in. Rana took the quick action and jumped off the train holding him tightly in his arms. They both landed on the dense branches of trees and his bag slipped from his shoulders. He extended his hands to catch the bag but was of no use. The bag fell into the artificial pond created by the animal reserve authority.
Behind there was a huge blast in the train. The flames of fire rose up in the sky and the ashes of burnt currency were flowing in the surroundings.
Rana took out his wireless hanging on his belt and said "This is Inspector Rana, I am safe and hanging on a tree near the place where blast took place, the bloody terrorist is with me. OVER AND OUT..."
Time: 11.30 PM
Location: Thanagazi Police station

"Hello, this is Department of Home ministry. How can I help you?"the voice said from the other side of phone.
"I am Insp. Rana Singh. Honorable minister is expecting my call" said Rana.
"Please be on line while I transfer the call"
After a pause of a minute.
"Hello this is home minister,who s this?"
"Hello sir I am Inspector Rana Singh, from Thanagazi I have a good news and a bad news for you"
"Bad news first" replied the minister.
"Sir we could not guard the train. It's blasted"
"Oh shit" a feeling of defeat could be heard from his voice.
"But we have the guy Sir who was trying to steal the money, he is safe and sound" Rana replied in a tone which gave a good feeling to the minister.
"OK give him the best security you have, our officers would be there by morning to pick him up. Inspector Rana you have done a great job for the motherland we are proud to have a police officer like you" Complemented minister to Rana.
"Thank you Sir. You don't worry about him I'll appoint me best ones in the case"
The line terminated.
Insp. Rana Singh gave a weird look to guy. he was also looking straight n his eyes.
"What's your name?" Rana Singh asked.
"John...John Fernandez"
Time: 8.00 AM
Location: Police quarters

 There are mornings when you wake up irritated by wife's call, There are mornings when you wake up in a fear of your boss, there are morning when you don't even care to wake up, but there are very rare morning when you wake up feeling proud of yourselves. Inspector Rana Singh had done a mind blowing job yesterday and that surely had increased the size of his chest by two inches.
He woke up in the morning, did all the morning activities, dressed up as usual and after breakfast left for the police station. There was a party environment at the station. Rana entered the station and went to the lockup room. To his surprise it was empty.
"Chafa... Where the hell is that John Fernandez?" he yelled out at the juniors.
"Sir some guys from CBI came in morning and they took him away"
"Why didn't you call me" Rana asked.
"Sir they were in so hurry that we were all confused, But they left a parcel for you" Chafa Singh replied in hasitation.
"Where is it?"
"It’s on your table sir" he replied.
Rana Singh ran into his cabin and checked out the table. There was an envelope placed on the table which said "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL strictly hand over to Insp. Rana Singh".
He opened the envelop and went on reading the letter.
"What is it sir?" asked Chafa.
"They are expecting me in Delhi" Rana replied.
Time: 11.30 AM
Location: CBI headquarters, Delhi

 "Sir he is here" someone told Director. "Send hi in" he replied. "May I come in Sir?" Rana Singh asked knocking the door. "Yes please come in Rana" the director said with pleasant voice. "Thank you sir" Rana entered and saluted the director of CBI with honor.
"You have done a great job Rana, The country is proud of you" he started.
"Thank you, sir. But that is my job and that's what for I am paid" Rana replied mischievously.
The director gave a smile in return and his expression changed from pleasant to rude. He moved slightly forward and said "Then forget what all you done!"
Inspector Rana Singh was stumped.
The meeting of the Director and Rana went on for half an hour. Everybody out side were busy in their work but still they had an eye and an ear on what's going on inside.
A last Rana came out of the room. He was very angry. He opened the door and closed it with a bang.
"Bloody assholes, want to keep this a secret and provide high security to the bastard" he murmured.
He moved a step or two when something flashed through his mind.
He went back and entered the director's room this time without asking "I want to meet that bastard for one last time alone" he asked or rather ordered.
"OK" he replied seeing Rana's angry face.
Rana entered the interrogation room where John was sitting. He was very angry, John could see that. He went near John calmly controlling his anger and sat on the desk in front of him.
"Who are you?” asked Rana.
"I am John Fernandez, told you yesterday" replied John.
Rana's dam of anger broke with his voice and he placed a hardcore punch on his face. And then began the naked dance of insp. Rana's anger. He was beating him like a dog. Punches, kicks, heads with what ever thing or organ he could beat him he used it. His anger had switched off his sense of pain. He sensed no pain while beating the terrorist in front of him with head and leg.
"Why the hell Indian Government becomes so calm when it comes of terrorist like you. There is one son-in-law eating Government's treasure in Mumbai, now they want to add another" he shouted while beating him.
While Rana was beating John hard, John was laughing at him and was very calm. He suffered his every punch and kicks with silence and laughed harder though it resembled pain within him. And all he was saying was "You are fool Inspector, You are fool".
At last Rana exhausted. he sat on the desk and lighted a cigarette. John was lying on the floor. he stood up trembling and sat on the seat in front of Rana. He appeared as if he was bathed in shower of blood.
"Do you have a mother?" John asked.
A flow of current went through Rana's body.
"Have you ever taken her on holiday in your mere salary?"
His words were recharging him. He stood up facing in opposite direction of John. He inhaled a huge smoke of cigarette and exhaled a double in amount out. he held it in between his fingers and threw it away as fast as he could and tightened his fist to place a best punch he had got.
"Ask your Government where is the plutonium worth Rupees 1000 crore placed in the vault of the train"
Rana had lifted his hand high above to place the punch when he heard the words. His hands paused right at the place they were. He was all stumped by the words that he heard later.
Time: 00.03 PM
Location: CBI headquarters, Delhi

A guy ran towards the director's room and entered without permission and said "Sir Insp. Rana is beating him his ass out. If won't stopped he would surely kill him"
"What? Oh my God. Stop him now. Go quick" bewildered the Director.
The guy ran towards the interrogation room. The director also could not hold himself. He also ran behind him. They unlocked the door of the room and grabbed the hands of Inspector Rana Singh. They all pulled him back. But he was unconscious. Unknown of what is happening. All that was going in his mind was "I'll give you 100 crore...Just take me out of here"
"100 crore.....Take me out"
Both of their eyes were in equilibrium. John Fernandez had a gentle smile on his face while Rana Singh was stumped by the amount.
"100 crore..."
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