Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mirage of Eternity (Part-2)

Five years earlier(cont..)
  “Are you sure you want to call her” asked Prakash.
  “Think once again…It may create a mess and you remember how she was” Prakash was constantly warning me not to call her. But watching her phone number on the ID card had fused up my senses. I was very determined to call her and tell her about her lost bag.
  “She must’ve been worried Prakash. She has lost her ID card, I can’t even imagine how bad she must be going through without it” I replied.
   Though I had a very strong reason to call her but that was not my intension. I just wanted to hear her voice. Once, may be last time. We had found her contact number on her ID card and that had awakened the helping and the soft-hearted person within me.
  We went to the STD booth near the station and I went inside the chamber to call her while Prakash waited outside. I picked up the receiver and saw the ID card to dial the number. Her face was still there smiling, beautiful charming.
  “Hey call her quickly” shouted Prakash from outside.
  “Ya…ya…” I nodded my head.
  I started dialing the number. For initial five numbers everything was normal and after my hand started trembling, my heart started beating faster and finally at the last number my fingers stopped. I looked outside Prakash was looking at me. He raised his eyebrow. I gave back a smile and dialed the last number. There were few beeps in the beginning and then the phone connected to the other side. As the ringing on other side started, my heart beating also fastened and pulse started running low.
  “Hello” a strong firm male voice answered from the other side.
   Is it a wrong number? Why would she give a wrong number on her ID? Typical girl.
  “Is it Miss sengupta’s number?” I gave a blind formal start.
   “No it’s Rajesh” the voice replied.
   “Oh sorry, I think I dialed wrong number”
   “No it’s sengupta’s number, Just Mr. instead of Miss” the man chuckled.
   She is married???
  “Oh…I wanted to talk to Miss Gauri, she forgot her purse in the train” I said in a down voice. She is married…it’s over..
  “She is such a…Are you from railway authority?” he enquired.
  “No sir, actually we travelled together in the train”
  “Ok I give you her number call her and handover the purse… I am in Mumbai, she is in Nagpur” he said.
  “Actually why don’t you call her and ask her to call me, actually I have to rush for the exams right now and am running out of balance too” My heart was totally broken. I gave him my cell number and hung up the phone.
  “What happened?” asked Prakash seeing my contracted face.
  “Nothing” I replied in a nervous voice and headed towards our college which took almost fifteen minutes from the station. She didn’t call in the period. I watched the cell for the last time and switched it off as I had to enter into the exam hall. But only cycle roaming in my mind was… She is married!! She is married…Is she married???
Present day…                                                                                                                                                                            MLA’s house…
   A man entered into the house. The guards at the gate and the door saluted him on the way. The man did not respond. He was not in the condition to, or may be physically he was here but his senses were still in front of the burnt train.
  “This is the most shameful event in the Indian history. Because of some psychic fellows an entire community’s head has been laid down. I have personally called CM and discussed the issue. A high level investigation is going to be conducted that would find out who the hell was behind this inhuman massacre. CM has declared this as a terrorist activity and the guilty would be punished mercilessly. Until then we have to remain calm, we are the followers of Gandhi and believe in his quote that an eye for an eye would make entire world blind. So please maintain peace and have trust in the Government” The MLA was saying.
  “They were in thousands” someone said from behind and all the eyes turned behind to see who he was. It was Dubey a Pandit from the Shiva’s temple. His eyes were red and filled with tears which resembled anger “And a thousand people cannot go psycho on a same day” his voice trembled and he broke into tears.
  “What do you want to say Panditji?” asked MLA.
  “I just want to say that you are a fool or the CM has shut your mouth with a huge amount. This was not a psychic activity sir, it was a cold blooded murder of the sewaks” he shouted back.
  There was a shock throughout the hall. The younger ones who were silence because of MLA’s orders also stood up to support the pandit. This was the truth that was in every one’s heart but anyone could not go in oppose of the MLA. But pandit has seen the cruel bloodshed by his own eyes and that had eliminated all the fear of MLA or any higher order person.
   The Pandit stood up from his place and took out a sword hung on the wall. He held the handle of the sword by left hand and made a cut on the thumb with the tip of the sword.
  “I pledge in front of the holy fire, wind and the earth that I will not intake a sip of water or food until and unless I cut every bastard who did this” the pandit announced.
   “Panditji, what are you saying? You are promoting a violent activity and if you do so then neither I nor any worker of my party will be supporting you.” The MLA also stood back.
  “They will not be supporting me, then they will be supporting the inhuman activity happened in the morning” he said turning around. Almost all the workers had joined him and now were following him.
   The MLA stood up in anger and shouted “Why the hell are you so worried about the bloodshed, this is not for the first time this had happened in godhra?”
  Pandit paused at the place where he was. He turned around. His eyes had turned redder and were filled with tears. He must not be able to see clearly through the wet eyes. “My son was a Ram-sewak, and he sacrificed his life for the sake of his duty towards his job. Now it’s my duty towards him to finish it all what they have started”
  When you are in final year, it doesn’t matter how you write or what you write. The only thing matter is can you write. There are thousands of students and only tens or twenties of checkers in the university, the answer doesn’t matter to them the only thing that matters is the length. The more you write the more marks you get.  So following the same policy I completed my paper with 3 additional supplements.
   But throughout the paper my eyes were constantly at the bag. I was afraid if she calls and my cell ring in between. Then I remembered I switched it off. I should not have. What if she is calling? What if she could not attend her college due her missing ID card? And I am damn sure she must be out of money. WHAT IF…?
  Then another thing stroked that said she is married…
  But she looks so young how can she be married?
  I was totally confused. I decided to give away the answer sheet and get out of exam hall. As I got up Prakash who was sitting a bench or two behind started cursing. I signaled him that I had a severe headache and I am leaving. And in return he gave me a FU…
  The first thing I did after getting out of the exam hall was checking the mobile. As expected there were about 15 missed calls from an unknown number. I gave a return call. The phone rang for a second and a sweet, soft voice landed on my ears.
  “Hi am Aquib, sorry I switched off my cell I was in exams” I said stammering.
  “Oh ya actually DAD told me” she said.
  “He called your Dad?” how mean he told everything to her dad, by now her entire family must have known about this.
  “HE…WHO??” she asked giving stress on the last words.
  “Your husband” I answered.
  “My husband, you called my husband. Shit… you ruined my first impression on him”
  “First impression???” I was confused.
  “Ya you called him and told him about this. I have not even met him.” She giggled from the other side.
  The girl is out of mind, Is she a medical student or a patient?
  “You called my dad, fool” she said after she was finished giggling.
  “Oopss!! He said I am Mr. Sengupta,  so I thought he was your…” I was stupid, foolish out of my mind
  “Ha.Ha..Ha…”she laughed “You are cute I like you” the words entered my ears travelled through my veins filtered through thousands of tissues got compiled in the brain and finally landed in the heart.
  “So when are you going to return my bag?” she asked.
  “Oh ya, when?..Where do I come to return the bag?” I asked stammering.
  “Let’s meet up at CCD near railway station, what say?”
  I have heard that medical girls are very forward but this was my first experience. Of girls, medical girls and of CCD also.
They say a lot can happen over coffee, indeed a lot happened; I met the girl whom I used to imagine in my dreams. She was the same but still different. I thought as I knew her for ages but still there was lot unexplored, unknown to me. This meeting cum date in CCD changed my life for once and for all… 
(To be continued...)
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  1. great read...i am following you now...just a few corrections if i may suggest:
    "I met the girl whom I used imagine in my dreams"
    it would be "used to"
    "I can’t even imagine how bad she must be going through without it"

    will be 'mad' instead of 'bad'?

  2. Thanks "HIJIBIJIBIJI" I really appreciate your suggestion...
    Hope you liked the story..