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Mirage of Eternity (part-3)

Four years and six months earlier…                                                                                                                                   Campus recruitment INFOSYS
  The day has arrived for which every engineer waits for almost four years after high school. Though there are very few who could make their place in the complex qualification of the company. I was amongst one of them. My name was last on the list of the applicable students and first on the list of students being interviewed. Perfect.
  Many of our seniors had said that the interview is most critical situation of the life. They ask questions and expect answer that is most simple, however we try to implement complex logic to it and fail. OK lesson number one give simple answers.
  But if they ask programming question they expect you to answer the question in terms of complexity of program. Lesson number two forget lesson number one.
  I was standing in the boy’s toilet trying to remember all the lessons by the seniors. The interview was going to start in an hour and I was afraid as if was being sent on the war field.
  “Hey Aquib!” Prakash entered “someone is looking for you” he said smiling.
  “Who?”I asked in irritation.
  “Doctor doctor…” Prakash would not call her by name instead he used “DOCTOR” as her name.
  “What? Here?” I asked being horrified by her presence in the college. Now I have to give a special interview in entire campus.
  I chained up and got out of the toilet where I saw her surrounded by all the boys with their tongue’s out as they have seen a chocolate cake. She was wearing a pick top and blue jeans and was looking extremely hot.
  The meeting six months ago in CCD had started a new schedule in my time table. Now I used to catch 7 PM return train instead of 5.30. The one hour was reserved for Gauri which we generally spent in CCD talking. Actually she used to talk I just used to see her pink lips moving…
  The numerous number of meetings and same number of coffee had resulted in a very deep friendship amongst us. Though I was in love but I had made up my mind that it was a mere attraction and nothing else. Also something is better that nothing, she used to call me, SMS me, we went to movie thrice, had dinner once what else you expect from a girlfriend?
  But why was she here? Yesterday we couldn’t meet as I had told her that I would be preparing for the interview, so she came here all the way to meet me. Was she having the same feeling as I do? Or it was a mirage?
  “Nice dress” she complemented. I looked down on my feet feeling shy. I was wearing a formal white shirt and black pant which was strictly suggested by our teachers. Hence all of the students who were to be interviewed looked exactly the same.
  “But you should look different from others”
  “How” I asked in confusion.
  She opened the chain of her hand bag and pulled out a package. It was a black tie. She unwrapped the package and started tying the knot of the tie. I saw her lowered eyes and contracted lips that were busy tying the knot. That was the beauty for which I would have sacrificed all my luxuries.
  I changed the direction of my eyes towards the other boys. There asses were burning as they have just sat up from red hot tawa. I felt a little uncomfortable and started tying the knot myself though it was almost tied by then.
  “How do I look?” I asked her showing the tie.
   She in response gave me a flying kiss and raised her hand touching the thumb and index finger making a circle while other three erect. I smiled at her response.
   “Aquib sheikh” someone called.
   “Yes it’s me”
   “You are being awaited inside” the peon said.
   “Oh shit” my heartbeat increased suddenly and could be heard outside.
   “OK, don’t be tensed everything will be alright, just make them laugh” said Gauri. She says don’t panic and she herself is
   “What are you saying?”
   “Laughter therapy, you can control anyone’s mind by generating laughter. We use it as a substitute to anesthesia” she explained.
   “So, what I am supposed to do?” I was panic now.
   “Nothing just go” she said “Hey best of luck, I know you’ll do it”
   I’ll do it… for you I wanted to say.
   There were four recruiters. All were in similar black suit and were of same age in mid-fifties. They made mi sit on the chair and I offered them my resume.
   “Hmm, you are good in programming, are you?” one of them asked.
   “Yes sir, I have participated in many colleges for programming competitions” I answered.
   “But you have not won in any of them” another one said. Clean bold.
 “But he has participated, and that’s a good thing” another one added to his talk. Was he in support of me or him?
   “OK whatever it is. I’ll ask you only one question, If you give me the satisfactory answer you are selected” said the one in front of me.
   All the four shared a look among each other and gave a smile.
   “So are you ready for it?” he asked bending forward towards me.
   “Yes sir” I drank the saliva mounted on my tongue.
   “What will you do?” he paused in between “If you come to know that your mother is a prostitute”.
   Silence in the room. Even the other recruiters were stumped by the question.
   Just make them laugh. The cycle began in my mind. Just make them laugh.
2 minutes later
   I came out of the room tapping my feet and the other classmates crowded near me. They wanted to know what I was asked. I was very angry. My interview has not even lasted for five minutes. While the most of the selected seniors have said that they have been trapped by the recruiters for almost fifteen minutes to half an hour.
  I cleared the crowed in front of me not answering any of their questions and ran towards the terrace where I usually used to go when I am upset. Gauri too followed me. I sat on the bench on the terrace and buried my head between two arms. Gauri sat by side of me. She slowly placed her arm on my shoulders. I gave a jerk to remove it.
   “Aquib, what happened?” she asked in a soft voice.
   I wanted to hug her tight and cry my heart out. I had ruined it all. Infosys was my dream. Infosys means you are settled for lifetime with huge salary. And I have lost my only opportunity.
  “What did they asked?” she asked again softly.
  “This is all bullshit” I started “You won’t believe what they asked”.
  “What?” she was now confused, amazed and worried at same time.
  “They asked what will you do if your mother is a prostitute.”
  She was shattered by the question. She put off her hand over my shoulders and sat straight thinking of something. There was silence for fifteen minutes.
  “What did you answered?” she resumed at sixteenth minute.
  I to turned towards her and was going to answer when Prakash came up and said “The list of selected students has been displayed”
  “I know the result, I am not selected. There is no chance of it” I replied in a nervous tone.
  “You are on the top” the words entered my ears like the God have switched on the life button for me.
  “What are you saying?” gauri was also amazed.
  I stood up and ran down towards the notice board. There was a crowd near it. I made my way through the crowd. Yes Prakash was right. This was a miracle. Aquib sheikh my name was on the top with a package of 2.5 lakh per year. That was almost twenty thousand a month.
  I got out of the crowd. Surprised, amazed, thrilled. Gauri came running towards me.
  “Is it there?” she asked.
  How could this happen? This is impossible.
  “Is it there?” she asked again, this time in slightly higher pitch of her voice.
  “What did you answered to him?” she asked me in surprise.
  “I said… I would make sure that her only customer is my father” I answered stammering.
  “Whaaa…t???” she shouted, a sudden smile of surprise was mounted on her face.
  “Gauri, I wanted to tell you something” This was the best time for it.
  “What is it?”
  “I… I… I love you, and I cannot live a second without you and I..” I was yet to finish my sentence when she hold both my cheeks with her soft palms and the very next movement I experienced the first kiss in my life. I put both my arms around her and hold her tight kissing her back.
  There was a lot of oooooo’s and aaaaaaa’s around but we pretending to be unaware of it. We both had teleported ourselves in an another world full of love ,peace and enlightenment.
(To be continued...)
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