Friday, 30 December 2011

Mirage of Eternity (Part-6)

Three years and six months earlier…
  “So he is gonna meet me?” asked Mr. Sengupta. (Gauri’s Father)
  “Yes” replied Gauri.
  “You mean he is gonna come here?”
   “Yes DAD” she said in a normal assuring tone which was troubling Mr. Sengupta.
   I boarded off Gauri from her return journey to home and as a payback of “Not-Saying-Sorry” for last six months I had to take her on dinner. Next day however I witnessed Gauri’s happiest moment ever. She had been waiting her convocation for like lifetime. If she had missed this day, then she would have been cursing me for her entire lifetime. Gauri dressed in her formal dress that was a pure starched white salwar-suit was looking as an angel landed on the earth. Though she was not amongst the girls who were being felicitated on the dais, still she was the happiest women in the entire audience. Actually she was the only women I was staring at…
   After the convocation ceremony I promised her that I would be visiting her on Sunday to have a coffee with her father and in reply she said “Bring a helmet along, My Dad my shower lots of love on you that may include tea pot, bowls, plates and other crockery on the tea table”.
  “Well I can guess that, after all it’s Sengupta family’s grand welcome for the son-in-law” I replied boarding her bag in the storage compartment of the Bus.
  With a soft hug she climbed up in the bus and I went near the window where she was sitting. I could see through her eyes how badly she was going to miss me. Same condition was mine.
  When the bus started leaving and I stepped back she said in a soft innocent voice “Do shave before coming” and I gave her a smile of assurance that I be spending my hours before the meeting in a Salon.
  “Girls cannot understand how cool it looks” said Sandeep who was standing by me waiting for another bus with his Laptop writing something in it.

  “You mean to say he will sit in front of me and discuss about you marring him” asked Mr. Sangupta raising his eyes.
  “I…guess so…” Gauri replied smiling.
  “You are such a stupid fool girl. Didn’t you find any Hindu boy, though not a Doctor?” He yelled on her.
  “Nope…” she replied.
  “Then why do you even bother to ask us if you have decided your fate with that ugly, barbarian, uneducated, uncivilized guy?” he yelled even more.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Mirage of Eternity (part-5)

 Present Day                                                                                                                                                                                  Afternoon, Near Regional MOSQUE
  Afternoon was the time for the people to gather together and offer prayers to the ALLAH in the mosque. Every person in the city was aware about the tragic incident that took place in the morning. It was risky today to get out for the normal people. But again this was the crucial time when they have to show their true affection towards the GOD.
  Today if they don’t offer the prayers to GOD than it would be the most selfish deed of any human being on earth.
  The people got out of their houses with traditional caps on their head. They knew that their GOD was going to safeguard them. They were wrong. Today even God had closed his eyes…
  The prayers began sharp at its usual time and the sound fell on the ears of Pandit. His senseless body experienced a shiver as the idea struck his mind. The time for the revenge has come.
  Pandit started walking towards the mosque and the others started following him. The sword was in his hand as it was a part of his body. Some people sensed what was in his mind; hence they left the crowd in middle of the way.
  In some minutes they were in front of the Mosque. The crowd surrounded the entire area in front. Every one holding swords and trishuls in their hand and waiting…
  “Friends” Pandit said turning towards the crowd “They are praying to their God. Thanking him for what he made possible in the morning. They think they have won. But that was just their part of the play, now it’s our turn”
  There was a roar in the crowd. The people praying inside sensed it. They sensed their fate.
  “Let us offer gifts to our God with the blood of these murderers” said Pandit and marched towards the Gate.
  That was the beginning of the cruel bloodshed. It was written in the holy quaran that “when a innocent die, its effect will be sensed by entire humanity”. It was a forecast that came true.
  No child, No adult, No man, No women No living could make his way out of the mosque. Pandit was waving his sword aimlessly. The vision of burnt bodies at the station gave him invincible power. The eyes full of tears made him blind. The headless man lying on his lap in the morning, the unrecognized body of his son and the innumerable dead families must be feeling happy now was all he thinking. Pandit had forgotten all his morals, teachings he had gained through the study of the holy books he studi

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mirage of Eternity (part-4)

Four years earlier
  The post campus period was worse than expected. The regular six months of training in all most all the metropolitan cities of India almost broke my connection with the social world. There were time when Prakash and I used to call and share our experiences on job every hour, which  then turned to days, week and now almost a month.
  But though in a very tight schedule I had always been supported and encouraged by a voice. Gauri and I though haven’t met more than twice since last six months, were closer to each other than ever. She used to tell about how eagerly she waited for completion of her graduation. Not to be a doctor but for the convocation.She used to tell about her experiments and her projects which only contained of cutting and repairing human bodies. She told me that many times they were mistaken in stitching the wounds of the body in the practical then she just used to cover it with the bandage.
  “Well If I ever got fractured take me to the topper of your class” I teased her on the call.
  “Don’t worry baby, I will personally take care of you and that too without any charge” she chuckled.
  “Oh my GOD”
  She laughed and my heart felt the joy.
  “OK serious now” she turned her tone “Have you talked about me with your parents?”
  “So what did they say?”
  “What do you expect?”
  There was a silence then.
  “Oh that is what you expect huh… You want my parents to reject you so that you get rid of me. Not any time soon baby” I teased her telling the approval from my side.
  “Oh no…I mean…Really they are going to accept me?” she asked in a surprised and a joyful tone. Though I was hundreds of kilometers away from her but still I felt the drop from her eyes. Or maybe it was just from mine?
  “What’s wrong in it? We both are capable, independent and will earn enough to support them fulfilling our needs. What more hey accept?” I said.
  “Your parents are really good people Aquib”
  “Why? Aren’t yours?” I teased.
  “Actually no”
  “What?” I was surprised.