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Mirage of Eternity (part-5)

 Present Day                                                                                                                                                                                  Afternoon, Near Regional MOSQUE
  Afternoon was the time for the people to gather together and offer prayers to the ALLAH in the mosque. Every person in the city was aware about the tragic incident that took place in the morning. It was risky today to get out for the normal people. But again this was the crucial time when they have to show their true affection towards the GOD.
  Today if they don’t offer the prayers to GOD than it would be the most selfish deed of any human being on earth.
  The people got out of their houses with traditional caps on their head. They knew that their GOD was going to safeguard them. They were wrong. Today even God had closed his eyes…
  The prayers began sharp at its usual time and the sound fell on the ears of Pandit. His senseless body experienced a shiver as the idea struck his mind. The time for the revenge has come.
  Pandit started walking towards the mosque and the others started following him. The sword was in his hand as it was a part of his body. Some people sensed what was in his mind; hence they left the crowd in middle of the way.
  In some minutes they were in front of the Mosque. The crowd surrounded the entire area in front. Every one holding swords and trishuls in their hand and waiting…
  “Friends” Pandit said turning towards the crowd “They are praying to their God. Thanking him for what he made possible in the morning. They think they have won. But that was just their part of the play, now it’s our turn”
  There was a roar in the crowd. The people praying inside sensed it. They sensed their fate.
  “Let us offer gifts to our God with the blood of these murderers” said Pandit and marched towards the Gate.
  That was the beginning of the cruel bloodshed. It was written in the holy quaran that “when a innocent die, its effect will be sensed by entire humanity”. It was a forecast that came true.
  No child, No adult, No man, No women No living could make his way out of the mosque. Pandit was waving his sword aimlessly. The vision of burnt bodies at the station gave him invincible power. The eyes full of tears made him blind. The headless man lying on his lap in the morning, the unrecognized body of his son and the innumerable dead families must be feeling happy now was all he thinking. Pandit had forgotten all his morals, teachings he had gained through the study of the holy books he studi
  There was blood all over the floor. No one was alive under the vision. Pandit was still banging his sword on a dead body. Two men came running and grabbed him. They pulled him out of the mosque. He was uncontrollable but soon gained it as he saw the vision outside the mosque.  
  There was a crowd of innumerable people standing outside, holding fire torches. The people who left from the middle of the procession towards the Mosque must have brought them. Pandit felt a sense of joy within him. He had finally united his community. The seed he planted was now standing in front in form of a huge tree. Now his army was ready for the counter attack…
  The man as saw pandit was out of the mosque rotated his hand holding the torch with full force
and threw the burning torch in the direction of the mosque. That started the rain of fire on the mosque. Every man who brought the torch threw it in the direction and minutes later the mosque was burning.
  Pandit felt the fire, same as his son has felt, same as the Ram-sewaks had felt. He smiled facing towards the burning building. This is just a beginning… he was thinking Just a beginning...
  I woke up at 5 AM in the morning. My head was paining at its max because of the hangover of last night party. I usually used to wake up at 11 or 12 after such parties but today was different. Today I had to accomplish a very high priority mission.
  Prakash told me that Gauri was going to board the bus at 7AM in the morning. I had to travel about 10 Kilometers across the city to stop her. Add to that there was a cloudy weather out. I prayed not to rain today. I finished my morning activities and left for the bus stop at sharp 6AM.
  After riding at fastest possible speed I reached the bus stop. The drops of rain were slowly falling on my head. To my surprise there was no one at the bus stop. Not even a single dog. I remembered that prakash had told me exact 7 AM the bus will leave. How come there is no one here.
  I went running to the travel and tourist service office and peeped inside through the window.  The in charge was sleeping on the bed fully packing himself in the bed sheet. I knocked the pane of window. There was no effect. I went inside the building and knocked the door starting from joint of middle finger, to clenched fist and finally banging the door by the shoulders. After two or three hits the door was open by the in charge who appeared to be in half sleep.
  “Was there a bus scheduled for Amravati in the morning?” I asked to confirm the information that Prakash gave me.
  “Are you Aquib?” he asked.
  “Yes” I was surprised.
  “She left something for you” he handed over an envelope to me.
  I opened the envelope. There was a letter in it. She had clubbed some words in that piece of paper that truly depicted how much she loved me. The love was breaking out from the words which were truly and only meant for me. I sensed a circular patched on the page which was formed by a drop of water on it. It was the drop of love. I was the luckiest man to have the most loving girlfriend. The letter said...

 You are the sun of my day,
And moon of my night
When you are beside,
Everything seems so bright.
Even the gloomy darkness
Loses its evil lustre
As you carefully brighten my life
Now that you’re gone,
Nothing seems alright
Little joys that we shared together
Seems to have started a fight.
The little ray of hope that flickers by,
The warm breeze that passes by,
Keeps telling,
“Keep waiting,
Your love is not worth denying.”

-Still waiting..I know you'll be back

 “When did the bus left?” I asked the in charge who must have sensed tears in my eyes.
  “About half an hour ago” he replied in a soft voice.
  “How far it must have gone?”
  “There were some passengers boarding from next stop at 20 kilometers. Hope you find it there” he said clearly giving me the signal to run.
  I grabbed the accelerator of my motor cycle and sped towards the direction where the bus was gone. The slow shower of rain was now taking pace. I was fully wet in one minute and the directly striking rain drops on my eyes didn’t let me drive. I placed a hand over my eyes like as protective cover and drive.
  I saw the bus had left from the next stop which was another branch of same travelling agency. I increased the speed and now was driving over 100 Kmph.
  And then I saw the bus. It was driving slowly as if it was waiting for me to come. I stopped my bike in front of it and waved hand signaling it to stop. Shivering with cold I got into the bus and my eyes started searching for the diamond I was desperately in need of.
  My vision was going blur hence I rubbed my eyes with the edge of the sleeve. I started staring on each and every face in the bus moving forward through the space in the middle. Along with the rain drops tears also mixed up in my eyes. I moved forward wiping out them with my hand.
  Suddenly I felt of bang on my head from behind. Someone had thrown and travel bag with full force on me. I turned around to see, It was her. She came closer smiling, crying and carrying every emotion that she got, on her face.  
  “Whom were you searching for?” she said breaking into tears.
   “You, You only you my love and I am really very sorry for everything” saying that I hugged her.
  “Why didn’t you say it before?” she asked patting me on chest.
  “Why were you leaving?”
  “Because my graduation is completed you fool” she said burying her face in my arms.
  “Is it?” I asked.
  “Convocation was your dream. And I cannot even think about your dream being broken that too because of me” I said hugging her tight.
  “Awwww How cute is that?” a girl sitting in front said and everybody started laughing.
  “Let’s go” I said to Gauri.
  “Where???” She asked.
   “First to yours hostel, then to your convocation and then to your house”
  “Why to my house?”
  “Well I will ask for your hand to your father?”
  “What are you going to do with my hand? I have a better idea why don’t you ask for me as whole? I am doctor now will be useful too” her words broke both of us in laughter and we hugged once again tightly as we missed it over a span of last six months…
(To be continued...)
(Special Thanks to Ronita Syam  for her sweet poem You are my life)
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