Friday, 27 January 2012

The Cool Age (A short film)

Plot: It is a story of three friends Sam (A super cool guy who doesn't care of anything in outer world) Rahul (A super flirty guy who wants to be the boyfriend of the most gorgeous girl in world) and Paras (A super shy and studious guy who has very high ambitions). The story starts with the first day of trio in the college through various ups and downs and finally ends when the three pass out as engineers.

Characters: Sam (Swarup Pal "2nd year Mechanical YCCE"), Paras (Ashish Sawant "2nd year I.T PIET") Rahul (Vishwas Bhagwat "2nd year Computer Technology PCE"), Avantika (Rupali Kukudkar), Dad (Harish Dewase), Professor (Sanket Raut "4th year I.T GNIET") and BHAI (Nikhil Jagnade "2nd year I.T J.D College of engineering")

Edited By: Sandeep Thakre, Sanket Raut, Prashant Ganbhoj

Organised by: Roshan Chaudhari, Chetan Parate, Tushar Dongre, Prashant Ganbhoj

Camera: Ganesh Radke, Swarup Pal, Sandeep Thakre

Concept,Story,Screenplay and Directed by: Sandeep Thakre