Sunday, 25 March 2012


  The plan was FULL-PROOF. As always. We were going to follow the same plan that we undertook one year to rob the physics lab. One man was going to stand at the door, another man on the terrace and one inside the room. The man at door will watch for any danger, the man inside will pack the things into a bag and will attach to    rope tied at the window. The man on the terrace will pull the bag by the rope and the things to be stolen will be out of the lab. Next thing will be to get the far end of the building which is closer to the college boundary wall and with full force the bag will be thrown out of the campus. 
  This was the previous plan. A well designed, framed and well executed but failed as we didn't thought about the breakage of utensils as we threw the bag from the height. Though some of the utensils like thick glass beakers and iron gauge were not broken and generated an amount of almost 1500 bucks. 
  But this time, the shot worth 20,000 bucks. Hence a lot more handling and care was to be employed. Rocky was busy on terrace making a pulley like machine which he called will do the vengadium-leviyosa task. He had brought a steel pipe and two copper wires almost 100 meters in length. He fixed the pipe horizontally with a iron rod inside which made the pipe roll freely on it. The rod was fixed to wall with two connectors on either side. The bag was huge enough to contain four LCD monitors, and was tied with the copper wire on both the side for pulling it.
  Ishan was positioned on the entry of the lab to see whether someone was coming. I was inside to clean the Lab. 
  Thursday was chosen as the day, as the trip was scheduled from Saturday to the entire coming week. Also Thursday had five lectures in succession and It was damn sure that no one was going to attend the practicals. The lab will be empty and the period during which the attendant will be having his lunch will be used for the robbery. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012


 "BULL SHIT.. I am not coming".
 "But why??"
 "I don't have money"
 "But why don't you have money?"
 "Because I don't have money"
  Rocky (The ultimate Bastard) and Ishan (The stupid bastard) were yelling on me (The unluckiest bastard). Our college had organized an industrial visit (So called) to Hyderabad and I was in no mood to join. Actually I had the mood but scarcity of money made it "sour grapes" for me. 
 "You have got money to spend on that crap vehicle, you have money for those bull shit novels and you don't have money for the academic tour, right?" asked Rocky.
 "Ya, that's right. And for your kind information that crap drives us home. So please before saying any word about it think about your way back home because if she hears it and gets angry, then we have a big reason to worry" I said pointing towards my grand father's age bike.
 "Oh man, we'll figure out some way to get you money. Isn't it Rocky?" said Ishan winking towards Rocky.
  Rocky gave back his ULTIMATE-DEVIL'S-SMILE.  
 "I..AM..HAVING A very bad feeling...." I drank the last drop of saliva in my throat.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Boycott LOVE...

  Guys,Today I am going to discuss a very crucial,deadly topic that is responsible for ruining the young generation. LOVE. You propose a girl she says NO, You again propose a GIRL she says I'M CONFUSED, you once again propose the GIRL and tada....SHE IS YOUR GIRL FRIEND. Have you ever noticed the degradation or up-gradation in the thinking of the GIRL day by day. I mean the girl who was never interested in you one day becomes confused another day and the third day RELATIONSHIP STATUS CHANGED!!
  Is it because the boy used to tell her everyday how she felt about her, and for taking rid of the boring speech every day, she agreed? 
  Or is it because the boy was truly in love with her and the girl realized his feelings?
  Or is it because some one told her that the boy has a very heavy bank balance!!
  In anyway girls don't have any feelings for the boys, it's always the boys who EAT-SHIT!!
  When you are in relationship with the girl, you come across many truth's that you may not even know being a friend. She says"I always loved you, but you know my family problems" (How does family problems relate to not loving a boy, and if it does then are the problems over now?) "I always wanted to talk with you, but you were always busy with others" (Which means I knew you will come crawling on my knees some day or the other)..