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  The plan was FULL-PROOF. As always. We were going to follow the same plan that we undertook one year to rob the physics lab. One man was going to stand at the door, another man on the terrace and one inside the room. The man at door will watch for any danger, the man inside will pack the things into a bag and will attach to    rope tied at the window. The man on the terrace will pull the bag by the rope and the things to be stolen will be out of the lab. Next thing will be to get the far end of the building which is closer to the college boundary wall and with full force the bag will be thrown out of the campus. 
  This was the previous plan. A well designed, framed and well executed but failed as we didn't thought about the breakage of utensils as we threw the bag from the height. Though some of the utensils like thick glass beakers and iron gauge were not broken and generated an amount of almost 1500 bucks. 
  But this time, the shot worth 20,000 bucks. Hence a lot more handling and care was to be employed. Rocky was busy on terrace making a pulley like machine which he called will do the vengadium-leviyosa task. He had brought a steel pipe and two copper wires almost 100 meters in length. He fixed the pipe horizontally with a iron rod inside which made the pipe roll freely on it. The rod was fixed to wall with two connectors on either side. The bag was huge enough to contain four LCD monitors, and was tied with the copper wire on both the side for pulling it.
  Ishan was positioned on the entry of the lab to see whether someone was coming. I was inside to clean the Lab. 
  Thursday was chosen as the day, as the trip was scheduled from Saturday to the entire coming week. Also Thursday had five lectures in succession and It was damn sure that no one was going to attend the practicals. The lab will be empty and the period during which the attendant will be having his lunch will be used for the robbery. 

Thursday, The DO day...
  As expected the practical was bunked and everybody left the class room as the lectures were over. We three pretended to do complete our journals hence were left alone in the class room.
  "Let's do it" said Rocky.
  "Wait, there is a bag still left. Someone is still there in department" said Ishan.
  "And I know who is she let's go" I replied.
  We went inside the toilet from where we had the clear view of the Lab's door. The attended was preparing for his Lunch and it was the perfect time.
  "OK, you both go inside the lab, I'll be on the terrace"said Rocky.
  Ishan and I went near the lab and knocked the door "Sir We have got to execute some important programs. Rest of the students are not going to attend the practicals. So can we sit for a minutes or two".
  Watching our innocent faces he allowed us to enter inside the lab. We switched on a computer and started typing on it. But the thing went wrong and instead of leaving for lunch he came beside us and started watching the monitor. 
  5 minutes went away. Ishan and I were sharing horrified looks saying we have to cancel the plan. 
 And suddenly, my eyes turned outside the window where a two copper wires were slowly climbing down. My heart started beating louder, I elbowed Ishan and his expression also turned horrified. Rocky had started his job. I quickly typed some lines of the monitor for Ishan that read "Printf("\n You go and stop him, I'll call if condition=true");"
  He got the signal and "One minute I'll bring the notes" saying this he ran away.
  "He is such a fool" I said smiling towards the attendant.
  "He he he" he gave a return smile.
  Then began a war. A war between me, the keyboard, the enter button and the attendants eyes. I was writing every thing that came to my mind and bombarding my frustration and fear on the enter button, while the attendant was controlling his hunger and was moving from one end of lab to another. I could hear the weird sounds coming from his stomach that demanded food.
  At last his dam of hunger broke "How much time more?" he asked.
  "I don't know sir, I think I should call the teacher."I replied.
  What the fu..were his expression.
  "OK, you wait here. I'll have my lunch. If your problem is solved then lock close the doors of the lab and go" he said.
   "OK sir" my heart filled up with joy.
  As the attendant left I called Rocky's cell phone and on the first ring a bag fell on the window saying QUICK.
  "How stupid, what if I had called him to escape?" I thought.
  Without spending much time. I disconnected four monitors in the front row and packed them one by one into the bag. Chaining up I gave another miss call and there was a quick pull and half the chain was left open.
  "Why that Bastard is in so hurry?" I cursed him.
  The bag was pulled up. I came out of the lab, Ishan was there with a book in hand. 
   As he saw me he raised his eyebrows and my wink answered his all questions. We both ran on the terrace. Rocky was busy unpacking some boxes from his bag.
  "What's it?" I asked him.
  "Fireworks, Rockets" he replied getting out some from the box and started tying it in side of the bad.
  "Hey what are you doing?" a sweet, soft, girlish voice fell on our ears. we knew who she was. She was expected to be around. We turned around, she was standing at the door of the terrace.
  Meenakshi was the cutest, sweetest and the only girl in the class who talked with her. She was milky fair and had two rosy spots on her chicks. She was the most beautiful girl in the class and many had a crush on her. I secretly had a very serious crush but because of my bastard friends never make the courage to tell her. She also enjoyed our company and always was around us. Many said if she would be a boy, then she would have been another bastard. 
  Though her presence was not harmful but still she didn't knew about any of our destructive plans. And as we never got caught no one ever knew. Also as she was the ladies representative we got all the information about happenings in the college.
  "Hey meenu, what are you doing here?" I asked her with a smiling face.
  "Nothing just saw you both running on the terrace, I thought...Everything OK?" she asked.
  "Ya everything's OK, everything is perfectly fine" I replied.
  "Then why were you so hurried" she asked.
  "Nothing, actually..." I turned around watching Rocky, he picked up his hand and gestured me as cutting the neck, I understood "Actually, We were working on a project"
  "What? Really, let me see" she moved forward to see and Rocky and Ishan's heart came out of their mouth.
  "No, Actually not now. It is getting completed actually on final stage. We'll show you as it gets complete but not now. Hey do have water? I am very thirsty" I changed the topic.
  "Ya..The bottle is in my bag. Go and get it" 
  "No, you come with me, I don't touch girls bag. You know that?" I said firmly.
  "You are such a.." saying this she gave me smile and got out of the terrace door. I went behind her.
  "So what's the project on" asked Meenakshi.
  "What!..Ya the project. It's a kind of a....Lift" I said stammering.
  "A lift?"
  "Ya a lift which runs on.....Water" I was out of my mind.
  " mean to say Hydro-electricity,right?" she was amazed.
  "What's it?" I questioned in my mind "Ya.. now you got it right" I was watching the door of the terrace.
  "You  people are such intelligent. I always wonder how do you get such ideas?" she said.
  "I too" I said watching the door.
  Few seconds later the two came down.
  "Let's go" said Rocky wiping his sweat.
  "Why are you sweating?" Meenakshi asked to Rocky.
  "Because it's so cold here" he always hated talking to her.
  "Let's go" said Ishan.
  "Let's go Meenu" I said.
  "No I have to get checked some records" she replied.
  Her staying here was risky. If she go up to see our project then we'll be exposed.
  "Hey I too have some records. Let's check them together tomorrow" I dragged her out of college with us.

Four Hours Later...   
 We were standing outside the college boundary wall. Rocky pulled out two strings from the other side of the wall and as he stretched them they had direct contact to the terrace of the building.
  " we climb to the terrace. Right?" I asked.
  Rocky turned towards me and said "Vengadium leviyosa".
  "What??" I asked in surprise.
  Ishan burnt the two sides of the wire and suddenly two flames of fire ran from Rocky's hand to the terrace. Something inflammable was applied to the wires. At the end of wire four firework rockets were placed on either side. that means eight rockets facing the opposite direction wall. As the rockets were ignited, they all blew in the same direction. But as they were tied to the bag, the bag also moved due the force generated by eight powerful rockets. Now the bag was tied to the steel pipe which could only rotate on its place, bag instead of moving forward rotated at its own place and got mounted on the two copper wires. And with the remaining force of the rockets it came sliding down right on to our hands.
  "vengadium leviyosa!!!" I said in absolute amazement.
  "I told you" replied Rocky...

(To be continued...)
The Bastards-3


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