Thursday, 22 March 2012


 "BULL SHIT.. I am not coming".
 "But why??"
 "I don't have money"
 "But why don't you have money?"
 "Because I don't have money"
  Rocky (The ultimate Bastard) and Ishan (The stupid bastard) were yelling on me (The unluckiest bastard). Our college had organized an industrial visit (So called) to Hyderabad and I was in no mood to join. Actually I had the mood but scarcity of money made it "sour grapes" for me. 
 "You have got money to spend on that crap vehicle, you have money for those bull shit novels and you don't have money for the academic tour, right?" asked Rocky.
 "Ya, that's right. And for your kind information that crap drives us home. So please before saying any word about it think about your way back home because if she hears it and gets angry, then we have a big reason to worry" I said pointing towards my grand father's age bike.
 "Oh man, we'll figure out some way to get you money. Isn't it Rocky?" said Ishan winking towards Rocky.
  Rocky gave back his ULTIMATE-DEVIL'S-SMILE.  
 "I..AM..HAVING A very bad feeling...." I drank the last drop of saliva in my throat.

  Some events in life make you BAD-MAN even if you not intend it to do so. The same thing had happened with the three of us. Right from the first day in college fate have played lots of googly's with us. Every time we tried to do a good job it turned into worst and eventually gave us THE BASTARD tag.
  It was the first day in college and Rocky came up with his brand new honda civic. He had inherited a rich family and as a gift of being admitted to one of the prestigious college, he got the car. So with a great family pride he landed his car just by side of a Maruti 800 in front of the main college building.
 Meanwhile some guys were playing with a basket ball on the court. One of them was suddenly haunted by a devil's thought and he kicked the ball with full power with his leg. The ball went high in the air and landed on the head of a boy from first year. The boy fell down and became unconscious. The guys vanished from the court in no time and there was a chaos.
  "Let's take him to the hospital" some one cried out.
  "I'll bring the car" words fell out of Rocky's mouth.
  "Go, be quick"
  Rocky in a heroic speed ran towards the car and quickly started it up. He put the car on first gear and accelerated to quickly reach to the unconscious boy.
  Suddenly someone cried from the group gathered "He has gained consciousness. he is good now".
  Rocky had just forwarded his car a meter or two when he heard that. Thinking of no need of the car now, he reversed the car in same speed and BANG..
  The bumper of Rocky's car crashed Maruti's entire front engine. 
  "Oh shit.."He said and quickly moved his car a bit forward and took a sharp turn and again took a reverse. But fate had stored something more for him, The guy who could drive smoothly without a cut from busy area's   of Delhi and Mumbai, crashed with a car where he was all alone. TWICE.
  Later the news came that it was college Dean's car and that permanently cancelled his right to drive...

  Ishan was one of the intelligent and bright student in the entire first semester. He was handsome too, hence girls in class tried to communicate with him. But his good days were to be ended by Mr. and Mrs Moore. 
  Mr. and Mrs. Moore was the most adorable couple of the department. They were together since their college days and recently had married each other. Mrs.Moore was very intelligent and a calm women while Mr. Moore was exactly opposite, confused, tensed and always doubting.
  During the days of submission, Ishan was left alone to get checked his records. He went to the staff room in search of Mr. Moore. There was no one in the class room except Mrs. Moore.
  Not finding Mr.Moore Ishan started to leave when "Hey, Ishan. Can you help me bringing down that file from the cupboard" Mrs. Moore's words fell on Ishan's ears.
  He went to her. She was trying to pull down a file from placed on top of the cupboard but couldn't make it. Ishan pulled out a chair, stood on it and brought the file. While climbing down the chair, the foot of chair slipped and Ishan felled on the floor. Mrs. Moore ran  and bend down to help him. 
  As she bent, the upper part of her sari or her pallu  fell down which wasn't pinned up to the blouse. Without caring about her pallu  she helped hurted Ishan to stand up and then quickly pulled up her pallu  before some one could see. But the work was done. Mr. Moore was standing behind at the door. Bewildered. From his view it appeared as if both of them just...

  And at last THE ME.. Sunny (Or the SHANI) The unluckiest man ever born on the earth. I was not so famous guy of the class. My presence was neither appreciated nor affected to some one. Till the day..
  Miss Puja was an intern in out department who used to conduct hardware and Networking practicals. On the very first day she declared that "She know's nothing about the hardware and if networking is concerned then she was very active on Facebook". So attending her practicals was like having a afternoon nap in the lab after lunch.
  That day after recess I drank water from the water cooler and filled up Rocky's bottle. The practical was scheduled five minutes later and I had to pick my records from the classroom. So I hurried to the class room with the bottle in my hand. 
   As I was walking hurriedly towards class room I heard Rocky's voice from behind calling me.
   I suddenly turned behind and BOOM. Miss Puja was standing behind with a huge bunch of official letters in her hands. Due to our collision all the letters flew out of the stack and spread on the floor. All of a sudden her temper raised and she placed a hard core slap on my face.(She must have worked very hard to sort out the letters)
   Rocky was paused at the place he was, I was stumped with the slap. This was my first experience having a slap from a girl. I stood there holding my palm on the cheeks. Unlucky that Half of the class watched the scene..Lucky that no girl was there...
  "A person is not born bad, Situations made him look like", same happened with us. Every student and staff who knew these accidents called us THE BASTARDS...  

  "What's in your mind Rocky?" I asked him.
  "I have a plan" He said smiling, placing his hand on the LCD monitor.
  "And what is..." I stopped as got aware of what he was thinking about. "Are you out of your mind? The physics Lab was OK, there was no security there, we could take away any thing we wanted in our bags" 
  "But still we did it in a well planned way" Ishan interrupted. 
  "We are going to use the same plan buddy. All I need is a bag that can hold four monitors, That we'll get from the hostel, A steel pipe twice the size of the bag from your father's workshop and some fireworks that I'll manage" said Rocky giving the headlines of the plan.
  "This boy has gone crazy, completely out of mind. Do you know what are you trying to do? you are gonna rob the Lab from the college. and college means security, How are we going to bypass the guards? And what if we get caught?" my heart had started beating faster that it's original speed.
  "Then you'll go to jail" said rocky.
  "Relax buddy, I have a master plan. And we won't have to bypass the security guards. The monitors will come to us by itself" said Rocky chilling out.
  "Like vengadum-leviyosa!" said Ishan.
  "You people have lost your minds. I told you not to read the books I read. You can't take it"I said walking away.
  "Are you in or not?" now Rocky was angry.
  I stood at the place I was. I wanted to go on the tour. I didn't had the money. Rocky had the plan. I had no choice...

(To be continued...)


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