Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Boycott LOVE...

  Guys,Today I am going to discuss a very crucial,deadly topic that is responsible for ruining the young generation. LOVE. You propose a girl she says NO, You again propose a GIRL she says I'M CONFUSED, you once again propose the GIRL and tada....SHE IS YOUR GIRL FRIEND. Have you ever noticed the degradation or up-gradation in the thinking of the GIRL day by day. I mean the girl who was never interested in you one day becomes confused another day and the third day RELATIONSHIP STATUS CHANGED!!
  Is it because the boy used to tell her everyday how she felt about her, and for taking rid of the boring speech every day, she agreed? 
  Or is it because the boy was truly in love with her and the girl realized his feelings?
  Or is it because some one told her that the boy has a very heavy bank balance!!
  In anyway girls don't have any feelings for the boys, it's always the boys who EAT-SHIT!!
  When you are in relationship with the girl, you come across many truth's that you may not even know being a friend. She says"I always loved you, but you know my family problems" (How does family problems relate to not loving a boy, and if it does then are the problems over now?) "I always wanted to talk with you, but you were always busy with others" (Which means I knew you will come crawling on my knees some day or the other)..

  It is always the responsibility of a boy to talk with a girl, to propose her and the girls just have to follow the simple predefined protocol called NO, I'M CONFUSED and then I FEEL VERY SAFE WITH YOU...(Here the seeds for ruining your life is planted.)

 Consider two boys one in love and other not.
 During exams:
 Last half an hour and you have solved just three questions barely enough to give you passing marks. You look up at the watch, on question paper and then around yourself. This is the first time you pick up your head from the answer sheet to see what's happening in the exam hall. You see half of the hall is empty, there is a guy who has closed his eyes smiling and humming some soft tone and a very sexy, beautiful invigilator.
  The other guys from your class call you from outside but your concentration is on the invigilator which holds you in the class room. You ask for more answer sheets and write as much as you can watching her face and trying to remember what and what you have not learnt.
  The paper gets over and you realize that you are not going to make it...

 During exams:
 Last half an hour and you have solved as much as you could from the question paper and now the words on it are like alien language to you. You look around see half of exam hall is empty, some weird looking faces and a beautiful invigilator.
 Now seeing her face, a lightening strikes your mind which reminds you of "HER". The last date with her. How she rested her (Brainless)head on your arms, how you touched her cheeks gently and later how tightly you hugged (After which your breath chocked for five minutes). Then a soft music starts from the back ground and from no where it suddenly starts raining. All the day light go dim and you feel as you are the only person sitting in the hall.
  You feel as if standing on the bench and throwing all the papers here and there and sing a EXTRA-DOSED  romantic song. And then from nowhere she lands on your arms. You come closer, she feels shy, you feel romantic, she puts down her eyes, you feel erected, she give you power, you are coming AND...
  "TIME'S UP" invigilator announces.
  You feel this was the best day of life. These are the days you was waiting for. Now your life is well settled. (THIS IS BAD,WORST IS YET TO COME)...

 You and SHE are on the top of the world. She makes you laugh, she makes you think, she makes you organised. You are habituated to her.
  One day your grandmother's health goes from serious to serious++ level and you have to go to meet her in an emergency. A sudden news creates a chaos in your mind and in this chaos you forget to take your mobile with you. After two days GRAND MAMA'S health level degrades that is from serious++ to serious and you take a sigh of relief.
  Now, you want to rush home just to meet up with the academics you lagged in these days and see the most beautiful face who must have gone mad without you. And then...
  "You don't care about the people around you. You are such an irresponsible person. I know now you don't like talking with me. How can someone forget his mobile? I know you have listed me in block list."
  (If you know I did this then, why are you telling this to me?)
  You expect her to be worried because you were not with her, but actually she is worried about the GOD DAMN MOBILE...
  Then comes the day when YOU REALIZE YOUR MISTAKES:
   The guy who had written barely enough to pass, gets passed and you the ALMIGHTY LOVER gets half of your subjects with a F@#KING "F" mark. You become depressed. You feel as if life has ended for you. Though your success wouldn't have made any one proud but your failure have seriously affected many people's life including your neighbors, teachers, college staff, non teaching staff, the milk man, the news paper guy and each and every person on earth who knows you.
  Then your mobile buzz..
  She-"Hey howz da result??"
  You-"3 back :-("
  She-"Oh..Guess what I am the topper from my class"
  She-"Wht?? Are u nt hppy?"
  (Has she gone crazy, here my life has ended and she asks me to be happy)
  No reply from me.
  Lots of messages from her, which concludes you were in a wrong company, your friends didn't allow you to study, LOOK THEY TOO HAVE BACKLOGS...
 You don't reply for the day and the next day..
  And you start having calls from the people you never even bothered to be the same class. All of them letting you know about your condition and how is she responsible for it.
  You lose your temper. She has become more than a problem for you now. So instead of concentrating on your EXTRA STUDIES, you start finding ways to run away from her. BUT DOG'S TAIL NEVER LEAVES HIM.
  Now the only solution for this never ending suffering and phone calls from unknown numbers and peoples is to CUT-THE-TAIL...
  You think BREAKING UP with her will be better for you and for her. You will get your privacy, she will also concentrate on her studies. You realize that this not the right time for these activities. You have to first be able to stand on your own feet and for that you have to study hard and score good marks to secure a good job. You realize that "What you did would not have been a mistake if you were earning or had made up your life. But you didn't ,so it was a mistake. And you have to pay for it"
  You keep a hard stone on your heart, make it understand that you like her but you don't deserve her. Not at least now. But we will work hard and win her in a royal style, like a WINNER. 
  You send her the last massage- I'm Breaking Up...
  You think it's over but...
  "You heartless, feeling less, ruthless man. you all boys are the same. You think we girls are like toys to play with. But we are not. You will pay for what you did. I will make you burn..."
   And the friends because of whom your life was ruined becomes her best buddies now. She tells each and every chapter to them that you never felt important to share. Her side becomes strong and the phone calls from unknown number now turns into personal counselling.
   Endless suggestions, never ending advises and lots of lots of speeches from every person you meet. Positive  and negative, but both summarizes one thing YOU MADE GRAVE A MISTAKE.
   Life becomes worst. Every job you undertake turns into a failure. Mirror start showing a very different person. You become the one who you are not. The zeal, the enthusiasm within you gets lost somewhere. Food doesn't satisfy your hunger. Thirst for knowing things disappears from the life. You break up with your life. 
  And One day...
  "I have found a new one. He is well matured. Our thinking matches very well. He also recently broke up with his girl friend. So we share a kind of same feelings. He is much better than..." A message on your friends mobile from her ends every thing.
  You lose the faith in love. There is nothing like it. 
  You feel happy, you feel sad. You have no feeling for her.
  The news of her being in a new relationship comes to you from every direction.
  May be she will be living a happy life or may be not...
  But your life will be ruined FOREVER...


  1. Nicely written sandy..!
    Wel.. was it in draft from many days and u published it today or it was today you wrote it..?

    I highly doubt so.! :P

  2. do you think is only girls responsible for it?


    2. Oh don't take personally.I think you are dam serious, why u r taking seriously, I am just asking as per blog.but i think Its fault of both girl and boy because we are not able to do study and love at a time that's why.

    3. but your writing too good. nice.

    4. Ya..I think I am acting too serious now a days....OK NOW I AM GOING TO WRITE A NEW SUPER-FUNNY STORY...

  3. This sounds like 'sour grapes'. Looks like a girl rejected you. Love it or hate it...you can't ignore them. So am sure you will be soon chasing another girl soon.

    1. Whoooopsss...Ekta you caught the right nerve. Well all I can say is that It is a vicious circle of life ;)..Thank you for sharing your views.

    2. Its not the whole truth..
      Nd every story doesn't goes dis way..
      Some stories are very special.. beyond n far away frm ds..