Sunday, 22 April 2012


  Police van, roads full of pits, company of top class rapists of the city and myself behind the bars. These were he only days left for me to be in with my bastard friends. 
  "Can I make a call?" I asked a officer sitting by side.
  "No, I am out of balance" He replied.
  "I have a mobile"
  "Then make a last call" he said.
  "Last call?" I was surprised.
  "Because when I see you using your mobile officially then I'll snatch it and break it into pieces like a ruthless police officer" he replied with a devil smile.
  I swallowed the air in fear. Though I had a antique cell phone model but still loved it very much. life was much important and if I stay in jail for the night then it will be the end of my life in society.
  I decided to make a call. "Hello...Rocky please save me buddy or my life would be ruined. Please help me dude" I wept as the call was connected.
  "Don't worry dude, We are on our way. Just wait for fifteen minutes." saying this he hung up.
  "What in the hell is he going to do in fifteen minutes" words were dancing in my mind.
  Suddenly a head fell on my shoulder and a current flew though my entire body. It was of a dirty looking man who was in deep sleep at 2 o'clock. He must be doing the same what he missed at the brothel. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


  Hyderabad is the busiest city I have ever seen. The crowded streets with posters of verities of  biriyani's at cheaper rates was amazing us. The enormous structure which resembled ancient prosperity of Indian architecture were visible at every kilometer. Along with it buildings with latest architecture were also eye catching, though it was not an out come of Indian architecture intelligence.
  Meeting people over there was a very different experience. The city had maximum number of I.T professionals and the professionals were professionals in real sense. These people have the knowledge of almost every Language used for software development and when asked how they know them all, they said "Every language is a successor of some other one and that in turn is a successor of some other, hence the basic concept behind every language is the same. Having thorough learning of basics can make you perfect in any programming language in the world".
  This is where we lack. We jump into new languages every semester washing away the previous one, hence the overall knowledge becomes more or less equals to zero.
  "You know what?, there are many people who pretend to be intelligent but very few people who are genius. If used right people at right place, our country can make a huge fortune" Meenakshi said when we were leaving out of the I.T complex.
  "Very true" replied Vicky.

Friday, 6 April 2012


  Twenty Thousand INR were sufficient for three of us to enjoy the trip in royal style. The news of four monitors missing from the lab became a sensation next day, but that was not going to affect the trip as every thing was booked. The attendant had a suspicious eye on us, but if he had demonstrated his doubt in public then it would have been like hitting his own leg with an ax, as he would have been caught into unnecessary interrogation of management. Also his previous records which were deep buried, which in turn involved many big names of the college also didn't allow him to doubt on us or anybody else.
  Viky was the last person in college we would imagine to mess up with. Many said that he had a secret crush on Meenakshi and didn't liked her roaming with us. But being the class representative he had many restrictions.
  "Hey Meenu, Why don't you occupy your seat in the bus?" Vicky came up to Meenakshi who was very worried standing out side the bus.
  "Thanks Vicky" she gave him a smile saying SHUT-UP-AND-DO-YOUR-WORK.
  "Waiting for someone" he asked.
  Meenakshi didn't respond.
  "Bastards, right?"
  Now, this was end of her tolerance. She turned to him and was ready with her weapons to fire at him when we arrived on my antique bike, triple seated.