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  Twenty Thousand INR were sufficient for three of us to enjoy the trip in royal style. The news of four monitors missing from the lab became a sensation next day, but that was not going to affect the trip as every thing was booked. The attendant had a suspicious eye on us, but if he had demonstrated his doubt in public then it would have been like hitting his own leg with an ax, as he would have been caught into unnecessary interrogation of management. Also his previous records which were deep buried, which in turn involved many big names of the college also didn't allow him to doubt on us or anybody else.
  Viky was the last person in college we would imagine to mess up with. Many said that he had a secret crush on Meenakshi and didn't liked her roaming with us. But being the class representative he had many restrictions.
  "Hey Meenu, Why don't you occupy your seat in the bus?" Vicky came up to Meenakshi who was very worried standing out side the bus.
  "Thanks Vicky" she gave him a smile saying SHUT-UP-AND-DO-YOUR-WORK.
  "Waiting for someone" he asked.
  Meenakshi didn't respond.
  "Bastards, right?"
  Now, this was end of her tolerance. She turned to him and was ready with her weapons to fire at him when we arrived on my antique bike, triple seated. 

  Rocky was driving. He parked the bike in the extreme end of the college and we three came up hurriedly to the two. 
  "Why are you so hurried?" asked Meenakshi.
  "Nothing..Are we late?" said Ishan.
  "How can you be, you are the guest of honor." saying this Vicky climbed in the bus.
  "What happened to him?" asked Rocky.
  "Oh shit..He is coming" I said horrifically pointing to a police man walking towards her.
  "Don't panic, Meenu talk with him, we are going in" said Rocky dragging us inside the bus.
  "Hello Ma'am, have you seen three boys on a bike triple seated over here" asked the Policeman.
  "No sir, I came here right now. What happened sir, any problem?" asked Meenu.      
  "The three broke the traffic signal and were almost  hitting an old women" replied the officer. Whatever, I think they have gone that way!" said the officer pointing a random direction.
  "Ya, I hope you find them" the officer left and Meenu turned to us with an interrogating eye.
  "It was him" I and Ishan said in unison pointing to Rocky.
  "So what are you gonna do? Put us in jail" said Rocky narrowing his eyebrows. 
  "Let's go in" I said interrupting the conversation.
  The bus was fully occupied. One seat was reserved in front for Meenakshi with her friends and at the extreme last row with 6 seats was ours. On right window side Mr. and Mrs Moore were sitting while on the left was Miss Pooja. in middle three seats were vacant for three of us.
  As Mr. Moore saw that Ishan was going to seat by side of Mrs.Moore he quickly exchanged his seat with her. Miss Pooja had also started firing curses as I was  sitting by her side. Rocky was enjoying the situation as he was in the middle.
  "Let's Go" yelled Vicky and the bus started moving with a jerk. The jerk was so devastating that a bag placed in the container attached to ceiling came out and landed on his head. The geek party came forward to save him, while all others broke into laughter and thus the journey began...
  It was a ten hour journey and after singing dancing on some weird songs for an hour everybody were exhausted and were slowly going to sleep. We three were as usual not involved in the public activities and were busy watching the outside panorama and clicking pictures with Rocky's camera.
  After three hours of drive almost every passenger in bus was asleep, but not the devil Rocky. I had just closed my eyes to take some rest when Rocky started pushing me with his elbows. I woke up and saw him gesturing keep quiet to me. I was confused. Then he directed his index finger in direction of the Miss Pooja.
  And the picture was hilarious. She was moving her head with the movement of the bus in every possible direction, as if she was haunted and gravity was not acting on her. Rocky got his camera and started taking the video. 
  The picture on the right side was more hilarious. Mr. Moore and Ishan was in a very deep sleep. Mr. Moore had placed his head over Ishan's shoulder and Ishan's head was on his head. Mrs. Moore  was also asleep and was holding Mr.Moore's hand. 
  An idea suddenly flashed in Rocky's mind. He handed over the camera to me and went near Mrs Moore. With very soft and gentle hands he unpinned her pallu and came back to his place. By the grace of Indian roads having pits at ever half kilometer, it took no more than few seconds to have a nice picture of her cleavage. Now before she would realize it, Rocky took a picture of the three in a frame which said a lot of things.   
  The rest of journey went be taking such hilarious picture of other class mates like Meenakhsi's with a grudge's girl like look with her hairs in front, Vicky with a  cigarette in his mouth etc. Captioning these pictures with the funniest lines was the rest to be done. Though these pictures would never be revealed in public but will always be a part of our secret college collection...

(To be continued..)
The Bastards-4


  1. fck fck fck !u'll executed the plan so perfectly.... :D and den the naughty naughty things.... fck mahn .. i just cant resist... i also wanna do such things... :P :P :P :D

    PS - Are u doing engineering ?? :O
    Waiting for the 4th part ! :D ;)

    1. Thanks Ankit. Yes I am doing engineering in Computer Tech.. Only Engineers can dare to do such things ;-)..Will post the third part soon

  2. well-dunno what to say. the story was very well crafted and scandulous.I do think you could spend more time in character defnitions

    1. Thanks there, I also feel the same but then story gets lengthy and slightly boring too. Keep reading, this one is bad "WORST" is yet to come...

  3. Ye lo ji ----
    Here's an award for my favorite blogger - Versatile Blogger!