Tuesday, 10 April 2012


  Hyderabad is the busiest city I have ever seen. The crowded streets with posters of verities of  biriyani's at cheaper rates was amazing us. The enormous structure which resembled ancient prosperity of Indian architecture were visible at every kilometer. Along with it buildings with latest architecture were also eye catching, though it was not an out come of Indian architecture intelligence.
  Meeting people over there was a very different experience. The city had maximum number of I.T professionals and the professionals were professionals in real sense. These people have the knowledge of almost every Language used for software development and when asked how they know them all, they said "Every language is a successor of some other one and that in turn is a successor of some other, hence the basic concept behind every language is the same. Having thorough learning of basics can make you perfect in any programming language in the world".
  This is where we lack. We jump into new languages every semester washing away the previous one, hence the overall knowledge becomes more or less equals to zero.
  "You know what?, there are many people who pretend to be intelligent but very few people who are genius. If used right people at right place, our country can make a huge fortune" Meenakshi said when we were leaving out of the I.T complex.
  "Very true" replied Vicky.

  Rocky was making weird faces as he knew we three were the people who didn't belong to category of these people. 
  "So where are we staying?" 
  "What?" Rocky was nearly shouted.
  "What... you have a problem?" asked Vicky.
  "Nope..Never, why should I have one?" said Rocky smiling.
  This was a danger alarm. Ishan and I shared an eye contact something was wrong...
  Rest of the day was then very casual. We had a hotel booked at the extreme end of the city. The hotel had very normal kind of rooms with a ceiling fan and a tube light as only electric devices working inside. To our surprise Rocky had no problem with the room.
  "You are OK, right?"I asked him slowly and gently.
  "Yep" he had a smile on his face. The man who has problem with every single thing in the world was OK with the room.
  "I mean, no problem at all?" asked Ishan.
  "I didn't know how our management will be so graceful on us. I always wanted to be here" replied Rocky.
  I and Ishan were watching his face with jaws open. He has gone mad, or he was haunted.
  Watching our weird faces he finally spoke up "I have something special for you."
  "Not now, at night" he said with a devil smile on his face.
  After dinner at 10 we were given strict instructions to get into our rooms and get ready for next day's visit. Half an hour later almost every one were in their respective rooms. I landed on the bed and and closed my eyes to have a sound sleep after roaming around the city for entire day. 
  At 11.30 the lights of the all the rooms were off when the devil woke up.
  "Hey, wake up.. WAKE UP!!!" Rocky was shaking both of us as there was a earth quake around.
  "Whaaat is it?" asked Ishan half asleep.
  "Let's go and see hyderabad" replied Rocky.
  "We have seen a lot for the day now have some sleep" I said pulling my blanket.
  "Those IT geeks are available all over the country, Let me show you the true face of hyderabad" said Rocky.
  "And what is it?" I said in my dream.
  A wave of current flew through our bodies and we were on our beds in seconds.
  "What the hell are you talking about?"
  "Brothel.." replied Rocky with a smile on his face.
  "But where the hell is it?"
  "Every where."
  "Wear your shirts, lets go and have some adventure guys" said Rocky pulling us to the wardrobe.
  I had a bad feeling but no one could stand in front of Rocky's mind blowing ideas.
  Every body was asleep in the hotel, but the reception was still on. 
  "And how are we going to by pass it?" Ishan asked.
  "There is a backdoor" he replied.
  "Where?" I asked.
  "In the kitchen, let's go" 
  We started walking towards the kitchen in a casual manner and waved to the receptionist on the way. He also waved back.
  "Water.." I said smiling to him. he smiled back.
  The door was closed and there was no one in the kitchen. Rocky opened the door and we got out of the hotel.
  Rocky was very right, hyderabad was a very different city at night. At about half an hour distance away there was a very different and amazing to us kind of scenario. There were girls of almost all the age standing on the road waiting for their customers. There was a rush near a girl, who was booked by anther person and people were betting on her for the night. 
  "Sunny, go and bring some condoms" Rocky said all of a sudden.
  "Excuse me" I was stunned by the sentence, as if my system had encountered an unknown command error.
  "What? safety is must." he replied.
  "Bull shit, I am not going to fuck some prostitute" 
  "I was asking for myself"  
  "Go and bring it yourself then"
  "What? Have I taken the contract of doing all the risky jobs? And you enjoy the result. Fuck you! I want condoms, and I want you to bring it for me" Rocky was acting childish.
  "Have you gone crazy? and Is there a tree of condoms somewhere from where I can pull out one for you?" 
  Rocky and Ishan looked at me and then turned their eye focus behind me. I turned and saw a drug store behind. 
  "Oh shit!!" I cursed the strore. 
  "Go baby go!!" said Rocky pushing me.
 There was no customer at the store when I went there. A boy was busy arranging things and was ready to shut down the shop. When I reached the boy put his head up and gave me cursing look.
  "What do you want?" he asked.
  "Well...I need a" I said stammering turning behind looking at the two who raised their thumbs encouraging me "..a ...."
  "What apple?" he replied angrily.
  "No actually I need a.." suddenly a girl came at the store and stood by my side"a con..sorry .Kon banega crorepati  is over right?" I changed my words looking towards the television.
  The girl had a perfect curvaceous figure and was wearing a blue jeans and a sky blue top with a black jacket that perfectly packed up her upper portion displaying ample amount of assets to kill a man.  
  The boy made a face that showed he was angry to a level that if given a gun he would empty it in my head.
  "It's over right, I should go, Bye" I turned back to run away as fast as I could.
  "Hey hot shot, gimme a box of condoms" The words were like atom bomb falling on my ears.
  I turned back with double speed I wanted to run away. The girl was asking for it. Hell she was a...
  "Dude, make it two" Now my level of confidence also grew.
  "Bastrads" murmuring the boy threw two boxes of playboy towards us.
  I came back in a royal style as if I have won the entire territory on my own.
  "That's my boy..Now be a man" said Rocky.
  "I am a man" I replied.
  "Only in your dreams my boy...it's time to be practical" Rocky said in his great philosopher tone.
  "Come'on ma'an..These are the days to enjoy. You won't get a second chance in life where you stand in a brothel with a pack of condoms" said Rocky trying to convince us. 
  I quickly bounced the pack in his hands.
  "I am going." he said and turned away.
  I looked at Ishan. He was shattered by the happenings and didn't understand how to react.
  "Let's go" I said.
  "Ya let's go" he replied.
  "To stop him.." 
  "Ya..of course"
  Rocky was standing on the foot path by side of a street light. 
  "Rocky.." I gave him a call.
  He turned around "Let's go" I said.
  "Really!!" he was excited.
  "Back to hotel"
  "Ohhh no...Please" he prayed to us.
  "Hey hot-shot wussup?" a voice landed on our ears.
  I turned to see who was there. It was the same girl at the drug store. The playboy box was in Rocky's hands.
  " 'think the play boy is still inside" she said pointing at Rocky's pants.
  "No..I mean.. We were just leav..." before I could complete my sentence she a grabbed my collar with her hands and started pulled me aside the road. there was a small hut like structure at the edge of the road. The girl kicked the door with her legs and pushed me inside. Though she looked like an innocent girl in mid twenties she had a strength like a man. Like she was a soldier or some thing.
  Rocky and Ishan were stumped by the indecent and were standing like statutes at the places where they were. 
  I landed on a bed when she pushed me inside the hut. The hut was very small and had place just enough for a double bed. She quickly closed the door and jumped on my laps. I was trying to get off but her sudden action stopped me. Suddenly then she pulled her jacket's chain and got it off freeing her trapped breast inside. she was wearing a sleeveless blue top.   
  For a second my senses went numb, A sudden shiver of manliness went throughout the body. She came closer to me and her soft pointed breast landed on my chest. May be because of natural man's reflex or may be it was my own dirty cheap mind, my hands automatically went on around her and I grabbed her tightly.  I raised my head to kiss her when she gave a jerk and went on aside. I hadn't loosened my hold and now I was on her. I was completely in her control or may be I had lost my control over me.
  Suddenly someone banged the door and there was a chaos out side.
  "Something's wrong.." I mumbled.
  "Leave it na.."
  "No somethings wrong can't you hear the sound" I suddenly paused in the position I was and concentrated on on the sound coming from outside. 
  There was a silence for a second or two. I tried to hear the sound of silence and then there was a BANG..
  Some two or three police officers collided at the door as if they were the angry buffaloes hitting the door with their horns. It was a police raid. The three of them entered the hut and she pushed me aside with full force. The police men ran and jumped on me and turned me upside down locking my hands with the handcuffs. In the mean time the girl hit the police who ran to her on the groin and jumped out of the room from the window which was not visible to any human being.
  "Shit!! F@#K F@#K" I yelled out at the maximum pitch when the police man was dragging me into the van along with fifty others..

(To be continued...)


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