Sunday, 22 April 2012


  Police van, roads full of pits, company of top class rapists of the city and myself behind the bars. These were he only days left for me to be in with my bastard friends. 
  "Can I make a call?" I asked a officer sitting by side.
  "No, I am out of balance" He replied.
  "I have a mobile"
  "Then make a last call" he said.
  "Last call?" I was surprised.
  "Because when I see you using your mobile officially then I'll snatch it and break it into pieces like a ruthless police officer" he replied with a devil smile.
  I swallowed the air in fear. Though I had a antique cell phone model but still loved it very much. life was much important and if I stay in jail for the night then it will be the end of my life in society.
  I decided to make a call. "Hello...Rocky please save me buddy or my life would be ruined. Please help me dude" I wept as the call was connected.
  "Don't worry dude, We are on our way. Just wait for fifteen minutes." saying this he hung up.
  "What in the hell is he going to do in fifteen minutes" words were dancing in my mind.
  Suddenly a head fell on my shoulder and a current flew though my entire body. It was of a dirty looking man who was in deep sleep at 2 o'clock. He must be doing the same what he missed at the brothel. 

  I looked around almost all the people were half asleep except some of police officers. We were kept seated on the floor in front of the sub inspectors cabin. I was very sure that when dragon inside comes out of his den, he is going to fire our asses.
  All of a sudden I saw Rocky and Ishan entering the police station and a feeling of happiness raised within me. 
  Rocky came forward and had a talk with a officer for some time. He handed over a envelop to him which he quickly kept into his drawer. Then he asked one of the officer to let me go with a gesture of his hand.
  In five minutes we were out of the police station. 
  "What did you gave the officer?" I asked.
  "Sweets" replied Rocky who was walking one step ahead.
  "How much?"
  "Fifteen" said Ishan.
  "Hundred?" I asked.
  "Thousand" replied Ishan.
  I stopped at the place I was. We had spent two thousand on first day, and fifteen thousand here. There was no chance to survive for three of us with three thousand in pocket. We were ruined.
  "You wanted to see the brothel? look what happened? We are fucked?" a sudden anger raised within me and I jumped on Rocky holding his collar.
  "What are you doing?" shouted Ishan holding me from behind.
  "We are fucked up. there is no way we can even go back home with three thousand Rupees. This guy ruined  us" I started yelling on Rocky pulling his collar.
  Suddenly Rocky responded and pushed me aside. I fell on the road. He held his forehead with his fingers and shouted back "Will you let me think, what to do please?".
  "What the fuck are you thinking, there is no way" I continued my shouting.
  "Sunny, be quiet. I want to tell you something" Ishan came to me and said calmly. 
  "And what is it??" I asked looking in another direction avoiding eye contact.
  Ishan looked back at Rocky. He moved his head agreement.
  "Actually when the girl pulled you..."
 "Hey hot shot...Wussup??" A girls voice came from behind. 
 All the three turned behind. A girl was with a perfect figure wearing a black jacket and skin tight blue jeans was standing behind. Though she seemed to be talking with all the three but her eye contact was only with Sunny. She said some few words pointing towards Rocky but none of the words were reaching their ears. They were all amazed and attracted towards the chick standing in front.
  Suddenly she came closer to Sunny and started pulling him to the end of the road holding his collar. Rocky and Ishan could not understand what was going on and they stood right at the place they were. The girl pushed Sunny inside a hut at the end of road and the door was closed. Rocky and Ishan looked at each other and shared a blushing smile.
  The smile was yet to end when a sound felled on their ears. It was a police siren. There was a chaos at the place. As Sunny was inside the hut they both considered him safe but they were in open and could be caught. They both ran away and hide behind a pan shop on road side. 
  But things went wrong the police officers pulled out Sunny from the hut and dragged him to the police van. Rocky and Ishan were afraid. They stayed at the place they were. Soon the police van left and they both came out. Many people were hiding at the place available some on roof top, some below the bed, some below the vehicles standing on the road. 
  Rocky and Ishan started running behind the police van and followed to the police station.They both were afraid what must be happening with Sunny? Suddenly at the gate they heard two men talking.
 "Hello sir, I am brother of Mr. Sinha, the MLA of our city. I think my friend was caught in the raid by mistake, I.."
  "Caught by mistake. How the hell then he was found in arms of a whore? Was it a mistake too"
  "Sir sorry sir, It won't happen again sir. I take the guarantee of him sir.."
  "Pay the fine and take him"
  "How much sir"
  "I'll be back in half an hour sir"
  Ishan suddenly looked back at Rocky.
 "Let's go and give him the money and bring Sunny out" said Rocky.
 "But then we will have only three thousand left" replied Ishan.
 "We'll figure out something" said Rocky standing up.
  Both of them came running back to the Hotel. The back door was open. They entered and went straight to their room without caring about the reception. 
  As they reached the room, a surprise was waiting for them. The door of the room was open. They entered into the room. It was totally messed up. All the cloths were spread here and there. The lamp was broken and bed sheet and matrices were also thrown here and there. Some one had entered into the room in search of something. but what it could be?
  Ishan bent down to pick up the bed sheet when his eyes fell on something below the bed. He went forward and pulled it. It was a travel bag and extra ordinarily heavy. Rocky and Ishan shared a puzzled look. With shivering hands they opened the chain of the bag.
  The picture they saw then was out of the world. A sudden shock went through their bodies and both of them flew stand. The bag was filled up with bundles of bundles of Indian currency. All of thousand rupee notes. Wild guess could calculate it as...more than one crore rupees.
 Both of them were looking at the bag bewildered. Suddenly Rocky's cell phone rang. It was Sunny. He pressed the answer button and  "Hello...Rocky please save me buddy or my life would be ruined. Please help me dude", Sunny was weeping on other side of the phone.
  It was a miracle of God. They got the money when they were desperately in need of it. Rocky knew what he must do with the money in first place.
 "Don't worry dude, We are on our way. Just wait for fifteen minutes." saying this he hung up. 
 "Take out twenty thousand quickly. The one who made this condition of our room must be searching this but couldn't find. He will return. We have to hide the bag some where else." Said Rocky to Ishan.
  He agreed and took out a bundle from the bag. Rocky chained it up "On terrace. The best place".
  "I am waiting outside" replied Ishan putting the bundle in pocket.
   Rocky hung the bag on his shoulder and ran up to the stairs. Ishan came out of the hotel from back door. Five minutes later Rocky also came out.
  "I put it in the water tank, hope no one opens it" said Rocky with swollen breath "How much is it?".
  "I don't know" replied Ishan.
  Suddenly Rocky's eye felled on the dust bin at the end of the road. There was a white envelop in it. He quickly ran and brought the envelop.
  "Put Fifteen in it" Ishan did the same "Let's go, now".
  In ten minuets they reached the police station. The officer was sitting on the entrance as if he was a receptionist.Rocky went to him and said "Sir, I am Mr. Sinha's Brother's friend.He told me to give this to you".
   "Hmm...Which one is your friend?" asked the officer. Rocky pointed to Sunny.
  "You mean we have a crore waiting for us in hotel?" I said dropping my jaw.
  "Practically...Yes" replied Rocky.
  "We will be millionairess dude" said Ishan.
  "We will be 0.1 billionaires dude..." said Rocky placing his hand on both of our shoulders...

(To be continued...)