Sunday, 21 October 2012

Strange Game...(part 2)

 All of us were demoted/ promoted to the standing position and now the secretary was in front of the inspector.
 "So Mr. Secretary. Can you tell me Mr.Gandhi's daily routine?" asked the inspector leaning back on the sofa.
 "Yes Sir.." He opened his diary. " He used to wake up at 4 in morning, do his early activities and come down at 4.45 to have break fast. After having break fast which took fifteen minutes to half an hour, he used to go into the library and read for two to four hours. At 7 as the news paper arrives he used to sit in the balcony and rad it for an hour having coffee. At 10 he used to leave for his lab which is few kilo meters  away from the house. Lunch would arrive at office at 1.30 in afternoon and a tea session with all his co-workers at 4. At 5.30 he used to come back home, refresh himself had one more tea, then sit in his cabin in his room to write his notes. mean while he also used to narrate me if there was any change in next days schedule. Dinner at 8.30 and off to bed at almost 10." 
 Every body was looking at him as he was reciting the secrets of the golden treasure. 
"Hmm.. did he said something suspicious last night?" asked inspector.
"Yes sir.." he replied.
"What?" inspector asked leaning forward.
"He said one boy will come to meet me. I called him." was his answer.
All the eyes turned towards me. I was standing with an innocent face.
"So what's suspicious in it?" asked inspector.
"He didn't call any body since last ten years by himself. All his calls were made by me" replied the secretary.
"But I didn't get any call yesterday.." I popped.
The inspector showed me a palm. I shut my mouth.
"Why did he called the guy?" asked inspector.
"Actually he was going to make some changes in his will. May be that's why.." he replied.
"May be??"
"Yeah because he was going through his will since a few days" 
"What was in his will?" asked the inspector.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Strange Game...

   I was standing roadside with my bag looking at the natural beauty around. The trucks were exhausting beautiful black smoke while the wheels were throwing tiny silicon particles which entered into noses and brought out the wonderful sneeze with some amazing semi-solid material.
   I was standing on the road waiting for someone to receive me at 5 o'clock in morning. The huge trucks travelling around me with huge speed were teasing me for they were moving with a destination and I was as stationary as a pole. A complex feeling was entering my mind that I was fooled by some one and my entire monthly savings with a day was wasted.
   One week ago..
   I was busy doing some very overcautious experiments with explosives when I got the call. (By the way I am a scientist trying to blow away the world creating some extra ordinary atomic explosive but could not create more than fireworks for STANDARD).
   "Hello, Can I talk to Mr. Amish Joshi?" from other side of phone.
   "Yes I am speaking, Can I know who is it?" (As I got very few calls for me in lab, I tried to be more generous).
   "Good after noon sir, I am secretory of Mr. Ashish Gandhi from Dehradun. Can I have a minute talking with you.
   My ears could not believe the words. Mr. Gandhi was one of the renowned scientist of India who had worked on many nuclear projects for the country. At last  my efforts had brought me fruits. Good bye full-zhadi, farewell lawagi  now I am set for some big-bags (yaahwieeeee......).
  "Yeaaaaa.... yes... I am... please tell me what can I do for you?" I replied (Dhinkachika dhinkachika....)
  "Actually Mr. Joshi saw your reports and they are very excited to meet you. So how much time are you making him wait is what he wants to know?" was the reply cum question from other side.
  "I.. I am so... one minute" I put down the receiver on the table and started to express my happiness with the  most traditional zhinga-la-la-hu dance of our country. Soon I was done and was back on the phone " When  can..I mean When should I come to meet him...I mean is there any time scheduled for me?" I asked him.