Thursday, 18 October 2012

Strange Game...

   I was standing roadside with my bag looking at the natural beauty around. The trucks were exhausting beautiful black smoke while the wheels were throwing tiny silicon particles which entered into noses and brought out the wonderful sneeze with some amazing semi-solid material.
   I was standing on the road waiting for someone to receive me at 5 o'clock in morning. The huge trucks travelling around me with huge speed were teasing me for they were moving with a destination and I was as stationary as a pole. A complex feeling was entering my mind that I was fooled by some one and my entire monthly savings with a day was wasted.
   One week ago..
   I was busy doing some very overcautious experiments with explosives when I got the call. (By the way I am a scientist trying to blow away the world creating some extra ordinary atomic explosive but could not create more than fireworks for STANDARD).
   "Hello, Can I talk to Mr. Amish Joshi?" from other side of phone.
   "Yes I am speaking, Can I know who is it?" (As I got very few calls for me in lab, I tried to be more generous).
   "Good after noon sir, I am secretory of Mr. Ashish Gandhi from Dehradun. Can I have a minute talking with you.
   My ears could not believe the words. Mr. Gandhi was one of the renowned scientist of India who had worked on many nuclear projects for the country. At last  my efforts had brought me fruits. Good bye full-zhadi, farewell lawagi  now I am set for some big-bags (yaahwieeeee......).
  "Yeaaaaa.... yes... I am... please tell me what can I do for you?" I replied (Dhinkachika dhinkachika....)
  "Actually Mr. Joshi saw your reports and they are very excited to meet you. So how much time are you making him wait is what he wants to know?" was the reply cum question from other side.
  "I.. I am so... one minute" I put down the receiver on the table and started to express my happiness with the  most traditional zhinga-la-la-hu dance of our country. Soon I was done and was back on the phone " When  can..I mean When should I come to meet him...I mean is there any time scheduled for me?" I asked him.

  "Of course there is.. Can you be here on Saturday?" he asked.
  "Yeah sure.." (If you want I come directly through phone line in seconds dude)
  "OK then..we will be waiting for you..." The phone was disconnected.
  I sat down at the same place and tears started to flow down from my eyes though nose.
  Forty five minutes have passed me landing here in the strange city and I have lost my hope of any surprises here. In fact I had just got one big surprise that there was no surprise. I turned towards the ticket counter to inquire about next train back to Nagpur. (Home sweet home)
  I must have walekd a step or two when suddenly a i20 came down flying from no where and stopped in front of me. The glass came down.
  "Mr. Amish Joshi?" the drive asked.
  "Yeah that's me"
  "Please tell me how should I apologize?" he asked with a ":-P" face.
  "Hehe...please take me to Mr. Gandhi" I replied with a gentle cruel smile.
  Half an hour later drive to Gandhi's villa was a indirect introductory session to Mr. Gandhi about his nature likes dislikes and all other foolish stuff. I didn't care about what the hell he likes to eat in morning and after noon but still I had no choice.
  The huge metal gate opened with a cracking sound and the car entered into a huge villa and stopped below a tomb which had a huge entrance door in front. 
   "You have to walk in from here sir" the driver said.
   "Yeah thank you..." (No I want you to the take the car inside) 
   I got out of the car with my bag and started moving towards the main door. My heart beats were growing faster and faster as the door was coming closer. I pressed the door bell button and in no time the door was opened. A huge lady with almost a size of a sumo greeted me on the door. I was confused about the job she do whether she used to scare people who visited Mr. Gandhi or she used to scare Mr.Gandhi himself. 
   The lady asked me to go upstairs where Mr.gandhi was waiting for me. 
   I started to walk upstairs getting out my notes from the bag on the way and thing of some very exciting and fresh facial expression to greet him. The door was partially closed. I pushed it to open.
  There was a different house inside the door. A huge shelf of books a Chandler an attic with a TFT computer a huge wall clock was giving the room a very royal look. At the far end facing the window was sitting Mr.Gandhi on a sun-lounger. 
   I checked for my shirt in and combed hairs (And brushed my teeth with finger to make them sparkle). 
   "Hello Sir... I am Amish.." I said with a smile. (He wasn't looking at me, why was I smiling then?)
  No reply from him. Did I sounded low? or the sound didn't came out of my mouth, but I heard me sounding.. what the hell I am doing? one more try..with a new dialogue this time..
   "Good morning sir.."
  No reply. I am not called or invited here someone had really played with me. Or wait is he sleeping? How can he sleep inviting me here. (Well He can, as I was not SRK or Sonia Gandhi to be expected much).
  "Sir.." I called with a soft nervous voice.
  I moved closer and closer and found he was motionless. Now I was sure he was sleeping. (OK old buddy you sleep while I'll do some facebook-ing) While leaving back all of a sudden a wild desire striked my mind. "Does he look exactly the same as he looks on TV and photos??...let's check it out" I turn back and slowly went in front of him to watch his face. A devil smile was mounted on my face and that made my action of peeping in front of him little slow. 
  As I slowly came closer to him his face started becoming clear to me. Huge silver-ish hairs (Some on head lot on ears) a flat forehead thick eyebrows huge eyes like balls (Not those balls)  looking upwards a huge nose wide open mouth a white shirt with some red juice spelled on it and a knife inside....(WHAT THE F@#K)...
  I once again saw him from above. A sudden shock flew through my body. I saw around there was blood all over. I didn't know what to do.. I looked here and there. I turned around. (Two times playing ringa ringa roses..) I saw up I saw down I didn't know what to do.. I decided to run and suddenly...
  "AAaaaah..."' there was a sound. (How could it be? is he still alive he shouldn't be)
  I turnd back and went close to him.
 "Aaaaahhhh" he made that sound once again and called me closer. 
 I went near him, near his mouth and turned my ears towards him. He said..
 "Fuck you.." 
  I was shocked. I saw his face once again. Now the head fell aside life less. I checked his nerves. Dead he was.
  I looked around still unknown of what to do.
 And then I did the most novel, traditional, filmy act which defines a start of murder mystery.
 I screamed as if I have seen a living dead body in front. Actually I did see...
Two Hours later...
 My whole body was shivering as I was standing in sub zero temperature. After watching the dead body I had vomited two times and unconscious for almost three times. Every time I gained consciousness the dead body of Mr.Gandhi used to come in front of me with open eyes looking upwards and in next second the eyes were at me.
  The servants of the house had called police very next moment they heard the scream (Or may be before who knows?) An Inspector had arrived with a long physic and a thick moustaches on the face. The very moment he entered the villa he had an dirty eye on me.
 After investigating  the scene of crime he came to me and make me sit on the sofa. he also sat. i had a strong feeling in my mind that he will slap me any time now.
  "Who are your?" he asked.
  "I am Amish...Amish joshi sir.." I replied.
  "No need to call yourself Sir, you are a suspect here.(WTFff..) So tell me why are you here" he asked.
  "I am a scientist and was invited by Mr.Gandhi for a meeting."
  "What kind of meeting?"
  "I had forwarded him a project synopsis for sponsorship, may be regarding it"
  "What was the project?"
  I looked at him.
  "What...was..the project??" He asked leaning forward towards me.
  "I actually... I have studied..I mean I specialize in arms and ammunition. It was a kind of it" I tried to puzzle him as good as I could.
  "And he didn't give you the sponsorship and you killed him, right?" he fired the words. (Fuck..I am fucked..)
  "No..No sir...When I came he was already dead. ask these people" I said pointing towards the servants.
  "Hmm... but they say they don't know anything after you went inside room." he said.
  "Because I went in alone.." I said.
  "Why you went in alone dear? did you know a dead body was waiting inside for you" Inspector forced me to accept my guilt.
  "No sir.. But no one followed me into the room. And I have a strong suspect-ion over..." I stopped.
  'The driver..He was late to pick me up. He was supposed to be the bus stop at 5 but he reached there at almost 6" I told the truth.
  "Hmmm... Where is the driver?" He asked turning towards a constable.
  Next moment driver was sitting by my side.
  "So Mr. Driver You were supposed to pick him at 5" inspector asked.
  "You picked him at 6"
  'You were late"
  "Must be busy, the morning?"
  "Killing people.."
  "Ye...No NO NO sir...It's not my fault sir... I didn't even see Gandhiji today.." the driver started to stammer.
  "You see Gandhiji every day?" one of the constable asked in amazement.
  "Yes our sir... Ashish Gandhi sir...." the drive said.
  "Why didn't you see him today..?" Inspector asked.
  "Sir..I didn't came here in morning...I directly went to pick up Amish sir from my house." He replied.
  "Is there anyone who saw him alive in the morning?" asked inspector.
   "Mrs. Brigenza sir.." said the driver.
   "Who is she?"
   "She is the maid..." he said turning his eyes towards the huge maid. She was looking at me. I was confused what expression should I give her.
  Now the sofa had three persons on it.
  "So Mrs. Brigenza you saw him alive in morning?" asked the inspector.
  "No sir... In fact i haven't seen him since last month" she replied in firm voice.
  "What are you saying?" inspector was confused now.
  "He didn't like people to disturb him. In fact he didn't even like people around while he was having dinner and break fast. We just used to cook and place it on the dining table. Rest was his choice whether to eat or not." She replied.
  "Then how did you know Amish was going to visit here?"
  "The secretary tells us the daily activities every night for the next day." she replied.
  "Where is he?"
  She looked at the door. A man wearing a formal shirt and pant was standing with a diary in his hand.

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