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Strange Game...(part 2)

 All of us were demoted/ promoted to the standing position and now the secretary was in front of the inspector.
 "So Mr. Secretary. Can you tell me Mr.Gandhi's daily routine?" asked the inspector leaning back on the sofa.
 "Yes Sir.." He opened his diary. " He used to wake up at 4 in morning, do his early activities and come down at 4.45 to have break fast. After having break fast which took fifteen minutes to half an hour, he used to go into the library and read for two to four hours. At 7 as the news paper arrives he used to sit in the balcony and rad it for an hour having coffee. At 10 he used to leave for his lab which is few kilo meters  away from the house. Lunch would arrive at office at 1.30 in afternoon and a tea session with all his co-workers at 4. At 5.30 he used to come back home, refresh himself had one more tea, then sit in his cabin in his room to write his notes. mean while he also used to narrate me if there was any change in next days schedule. Dinner at 8.30 and off to bed at almost 10." 
 Every body was looking at him as he was reciting the secrets of the golden treasure. 
"Hmm.. did he said something suspicious last night?" asked inspector.
"Yes sir.." he replied.
"What?" inspector asked leaning forward.
"He said one boy will come to meet me. I called him." was his answer.
All the eyes turned towards me. I was standing with an innocent face.
"So what's suspicious in it?" asked inspector.
"He didn't call any body since last ten years by himself. All his calls were made by me" replied the secretary.
"But I didn't get any call yesterday.." I popped.
The inspector showed me a palm. I shut my mouth.
"Why did he called the guy?" asked inspector.
"Actually he was going to make some changes in his will. May be that's why.." he replied.
"May be??"
"Yeah because he was going through his will since a few days" 
"What was in his will?" asked the inspector.
"Actually his wish was to sell all of his property and give the whole money to a deserving student." he replied.
"And that deserving student was?" asked the inspector.
The secretary slowly turned his eyes towards me.
"No NO... I am not deserving..I mean I am but, I don't want money.. I mean I want but.... I am not the killer" I was stammering in front of the Inspector.
he stood up and facing towards me.
"Trust me sir... I am not the killer, In fact I am one of the worshipers of Mr.Gandhi. He is like a father figure to me. Trust me sir." I moved backward seeing him stand.
"Mr.Gandhi must be having a lawyer, no?" asked the sub-inspector.
"Yes Sir. Mr. Kudkude" said the secretary.
"What? I mean who?"
"Kudkude... Is his surname" said the secretary.
"Call him"
"I already did. He will be here any.." suddenly a voice like a helicopter landing on the pad started to roam in the villa. "he is here".
 Every servant of the villa shared a smile among themselves. A man entered the Villa premises with his ancient scooter making a huge noise. He parked it in front f the gate. And turned around to enter into the villa. Every body's eyes were on the door.
A man with a huge specs entered into the hall with huge curly silver hairs and a black coat. He used to contract his nose every fifth second like inhaling some more oxygen than normally he inhales in next and previous four seconds.
"I yum the laayer" (Tamilian) were the words that came out of his mouth.
Next moment he sat on the sofa and opened number of files in front.
"Yit yis vyery unfortunate for us that Mr.Gandhi is not with us, So naow yit yis mai duty to disclose the will" he said opening a file.(Tamilian accent is so funny) I was realized why the servants were smiling.
"Hey wait you have to answer some questions first" said the inspector.
He looked up from the corner of his spects. "Do you hyave the waarrent?"
He stopped at the place ans said stammering "Hmm...No.."
"Wo kay" he resumed with his work for a second and then again looked up "Shut up then"
The servants laughed pressing their mouths.
"Since all of the people belonging To Mr.Gandhi are present here, I will disclose the will." and he started reading the will.
Inspector interrupted in between "Hello sir... Can you jump directly to the part where it is mentioned about the inheritance of the money...please".
"Wo kay.." after turning few pages. "The money will go to a body of human species called as Amish Joshi".
My heart stopped beating for few seconds.
Every body looked at me.
"But it was going to be changed" I said in a almost crying voice.
"Was there any other contender for this money?" asked the inspector.
"Who" I and the inspector said in unison.
"Rajakrishnan vyankatramana gopal mavan attapatu" replied the lawyer.
Counting the people the sub inspector said " Five men, right?"
"No wonly one, we tamilaians hyave such kind wof nyames" said the lawyer.
"Who is he?" The inspector asked.
"I don't know. But here in brackets Raju Aattapatu is written" he replied.
"Raju attapatu" The inspector sub-inspector and I almost jumped.
"Yeah.. You know him" said the lawyer.
"He is a millionaire"said the inspector.
"Naah.. Billionaire" I corrected him.
"And he is dead" said the sub inspector.
"What??" said the inspector "when?"
"Last night sir, hit the bridge near by. Drink and drive case" replied the sub inspector.
"What  the hell was he doing here?" asked the inspector.
"Last night he was called to sign some documents by Mr.Gandhi" said the lawyer.
Now the case was going crystal clear in mind of the inspector. Only one last shot has to be taken. He turned towards the sub inspector "Check if his finger prints matches the one on the knife, I want the reports till the evening." Turning towards us "Till the reports are not disclosed I want you all in my office".
Six hours later...
 We were sitting on the police station bench looking each others face. The sub inspector came with a file in his hand and we all were called inside the cabin.
 "As we suspected, the finger prints on the knife and that of Raju are matching, which proves he killed Mr.Gandhi. When I send one of my constables to his city that is maduri, there was a very strange truth I came to know. There was a rumor that the will was already in Raju's favor. His father and Mr.Gandhi were close friends also the project which Raju was working in was some saline water to be used as fuel one which was very much fantasized by the people. But when Raju came to know about Amish's project which was some kind of atomic one and also he heard of Mr.Gandhi making up mind of changing his will, he lost his mind. Also he was very addicted to alcohol and other kind of drugs. So when Mr.Gandhi called him yesterday night to sign some papers he thought the money was going off his hands. He came at night, and killed Mr. Gandhi with the knife thinking this way will won't be changed. But he was wrong the changed will was going to be in his favor. But his sins were being watched by god, and he lost the control over his car and ended up breaking the bridge. His crime was punished by the God, saved our time also." said the inspector laughing.
(What a story?)
After some formal signatures on some papers we were allowed to leave the police station.

 A feeling of joy was making me dance while I was leaving the station. The thing for which I did all this circus was finally going to be mine. I was feeling like king of the world.
 The moment I stepped out of the station The chilling air hit my skin giving an unexpected shiver to my body. the sun rays were making balls in my stomach. A devil smile of victory mounted on my face.
Last night...
  I was sitting in front of Mr.Gandhi with Raju on another chair some distance away. Mr.Gandhi's words were hitting me like red hot bullets.
  "Look Amish I know you have a potential. But the kind of project you are working should not be promoted according to me. The nuclear era is manipulating so fast that one more drop is dangerous for the peace of world. The explosive you are thinking about can blow away thousands of miles and can be carried in a device almost as small as size of a pen. This is innovative no doubt but equally dangerous. So I cannot fund you for the project." 
  "But if someone else makes it then what will we do? I am not planning an attack over the world but at least  we must be secured on our side, if some one thinks bad for us" I said clarifying my point.
  "I don't care about others. And we have sufficient ammunition to handle wars." He stood up and came towards me "We are lovers of peace not war".
  I was not convinced by his words. I needed his money very badly. I didn't wanted to go back in that forest of dumb and fools. I don't want to that miserable life. I was fed up of that life full of poverty.
  "So for the sponsorship being unofficially declared in favor of Raju Attapatu. Let's cut the cake." saying this Mr.Gandhi brought up a cake from the cupboard. 
  Raju picked up the knife and cut the cake in pieces. I was still seated on the chair like an idol of stone. I was feeling defeated watching them cutting the cake.
  Raju broke the cake into pieces and filled Mr. Gandhi's mouth with a piece. He brought another piece for me. 
  "Fuck off.." I said. 
  He laughed and next moment he slapped the cake on my face, rubbed his hands like he was cleaning them on my face. My anger was on the margin of extreme. 
  "Take a chill pill dude.." he said and went to Mr.Gandhi "OK sir, I'll leave now see you in the morning." 
  And he left.
  I was still seated on the chair. Tears filled my whole eyes. My vision was blurred. One blink of eye and the dam broke. The tears came out rolling all over to my cheeks.
  Mr.gandhi came to me and said standing me up holding my shoulders " Look son, Some things must be restricted before it turns to be a national threat. But you don't worry, I know about your financial condition and your standard of living. I will talk to the institute, they will give you a good job and..."
  I was not able to hear his words. They were hitting me like thrones. Next moment I turned my eyes upwards towards him, when I saw that. The nerve. One feet below ear exactly at a distance of five fingers from the nose. The nerve which hit properly with a force can make you go unconscious for more than ten hours. 
  A sudden memory stroked my mind.
  Flash back..
  Osman bhai was a gangster of Mumbai. I made a lot of explosives for him that were very small in size and much more effective that one he had.
  "Brother, You are my Brother. Any time you need my help just make a call osman will be ready at mid night to help you.."
 The voice was echoing in my mind. All of a sudden my hand went up and I placed a punch on the nerve. The result was as expected. Mr.Gandhi felled down with a huge noise. All the servants came up to see what happened.
  "What did you do?" asked the maid "You killed him"
  "No.." I looked at her "Not yet..".
  "Just do as I say, and I'll give you one crore each." their arguments were paused by the amount. They were all looking at me in awe.
   Next moment I placed his body on the chair with the help of a servant and got the knife with a handkerchief in my hand so that my finger prints are not marked on it. I waited for a second and stabbed the entire knife into his stomach.
  "Hello..Osman Bhai.." I called him from my cell phone "I am giving you a number of a van. I want the guy in it to die by an accident." 
  "What are you saying dude??? are you in dreams?" he replied.
  "I'll give you a crore for it." a silence from other side "Note the number".
Thirty years later...
A news reporter was interviewing an old man.
"Winner of nobal prize, ten national awards and hundereds of other awards, but still no one know the story of Mr. Amish Joshi. What is the secret behind this huge success?" asked the interviewer.
  The words began a loop of endless memories in my mind. I was unable to answer her watching proudly in her eyes...


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