Monday, 29 April 2013

Zhapatlela-1 and "First love of my life"

  Today the theatrical trailer of the second installment of 1993 Marathi blockbuster got online and the flashes of memories replayed like that of cut-to-cut sequence in the promo of the film. 
  Firstly apologies to all my readers for my sudden disappearance. The reason must be known to you from my previous post which was also a promo of "MY SHORT-FILM 'ANA'". (No applauds please). To tell you the truth, I was on a spiritual journey of finding the new levels of expressing the flood of extensive, immense, huge ideas.... OK let's get back to the story.
  So the '93 blockbuster starring Lakhsmikant Berde, Mahesh Kothare was a huge hit and is one of the only marathi films that was released overseas. (Applause NOW) Though that time ('93) it wasn't of much help to me (I was a kid then.... Loved, Cared, Praised, Appreciated.. What ever let's discus this on some other post, some day :'( ) it came into play when I was in 8th grade ('06).
  There was this girl called Priya(Yo people THARKI RETURNS!!) who was strangely growing sexy almost everyday. I don't know whether I am right or wrong, but I noticed this change (You know!! Huge-Huge-ing-Huge-er) every morning in assembly prayer when everybody seriously prayed to God singing random bollywood songs with closed eyes, while I used to check on heavenly chicks and their manipulating features.(God's gift). I mean there were days when literally my eyes never cloud reach her face, when started staring her from feet. (And people used to say "Bada shareef ladka hai, kabhi nazar utha ke nahe dekhta".... Hehehe #devil's-secret).