Monday, 29 April 2013

Zhapatlela-1 and "First love of my life"

  Today the theatrical trailer of the second installment of 1993 Marathi blockbuster got online and the flashes of memories replayed like that of cut-to-cut sequence in the promo of the film. 
  Firstly apologies to all my readers for my sudden disappearance. The reason must be known to you from my previous post which was also a promo of "MY SHORT-FILM 'ANA'". (No applauds please). To tell you the truth, I was on a spiritual journey of finding the new levels of expressing the flood of extensive, immense, huge ideas.... OK let's get back to the story.
  So the '93 blockbuster starring Lakhsmikant Berde, Mahesh Kothare was a huge hit and is one of the only marathi films that was released overseas. (Applause NOW) Though that time ('93) it wasn't of much help to me (I was a kid then.... Loved, Cared, Praised, Appreciated.. What ever let's discus this on some other post, some day :'( ) it came into play when I was in 8th grade ('06).
  There was this girl called Priya(Yo people THARKI RETURNS!!) who was strangely growing sexy almost everyday. I don't know whether I am right or wrong, but I noticed this change (You know!! Huge-Huge-ing-Huge-er) every morning in assembly prayer when everybody seriously prayed to God singing random bollywood songs with closed eyes, while I used to check on heavenly chicks and their manipulating features.(God's gift). I mean there were days when literally my eyes never cloud reach her face, when started staring her from feet. (And people used to say "Bada shareef ladka hai, kabhi nazar utha ke nahe dekhta".... Hehehe #devil's-secret).
    Another tragic accident of my entering-adulthood period was selection of personality development over music, sports and arts as extra-curricular subject. 'Coz for the entire year I was titled as "under-developed-personality" by my mates. (But wo kya jane, jo kuch hota hai acche ke liye hota hai). 
  One day all of a sudden the PD teacher came up with this which-is-your-favorite-movie? game giving putting in a dharma-sankat to the potential film-maker like me. So I decided to give different answer standing away from the crowd of DDLJ, MOHABBATIEN and other SRK movies. (That time Salman was of my level... Under-developed). As my turn arrived as a storm, I replied with the league-se-hatke answer "Zhapatlela". 
  After enjoying the different-answer award as a appreciative smile from teacher and equally sarcastic smile from rivals the lecture ended and we start leaving out of the class when it happened. ( :D )
  "Hey Sunny!!" she called, yes she called.
  "Hey P-P-Priya, Wussup!!" I replied trying hard to look into her eyes. (And not head-lights)
  "You really like that movie?" she asked with a gentle smile on her beau-tits-ful face.
  "Yeah, I mean I have watched it for more than million times." (Practically impossible 'Coz it will take more than 200 years)
  "Really.. How?" smile widened.
  "Woooo.... Actually" (WTF) "Actually I have the CD of that movie" I replied stammering.
  "Really?? OMG I love that movie so much, I watch it every time it comes on TV and I love Lakshya so much I tell you" 
  "Who that villian?" change of expressions happy-sad-agressive-FU "Hehehe Just Kidding".
  "Hey why don't you come over tomorrow at my house with the cd we'll watch it together" (Erection).
  "Yeah, is there any problem?" she asked.
  Where the hell will I get the cd in India now? ALL-HAIL-PIRACY .
  "No No.. Fine I'll be there by 12" I said remembering once I saw the two cd pack of movie at the street side "store".
   She opened the door and for the first time in my life I saw her in some other dress than the regular School one. Oh God! She really had the features, and on her home dress of half sleeve shirt and pajama the features were featured by some more exclusive features. 
  "Hey did you bring the CD?" were the first beautiful words coming out of her mouth.. Through the throat... from the heart... Within the Bre...
  "Yeah.. Here it is" I handed over the pack of two CD's of National brand to her.
  "Come'on let's go" she said. (Erection).
  As I entered her bed room I saw the most amazing, exciting and precious thing of the time. "THE COMPUTERRrrrr". So she was the rich kid. Must be doing enhancement courses, which are showing results..QUICK RESULTS, HUGE RESULTS..
  "Where is Mum..?" eye contact "I mean your mum."
  "Oh they are gone out for the day today." she said turning us ON. (I mean the computer)
  The movie started and she sat by my side. Our shoulders were touching. My heart was thumping. And my P was dancing.
  And then came the hilarious entry of Lakshya and she jumped off her seat. Making some physical moves of welcoming the hero she cooled down to normal and sat down. But now slightly behind, slightly closer such that now "THEY" were touching my shoulder. (Erection-Reloaded)
  "He is so funny" she said.
  "Yeah.... He is so funny" I replied.
  "Aren't you comfortable?" she asked. 
  "No No I am" I put my hand behind slightly bend backwards. Waited for few seconds and then moved a little closer to her. No response from her, Positive signal. (Awaken the devil)
  All off a sudden another hilarious situation occurred and she almost rolled on the bed laughing on the scene. As she fell flat holding her legs with both hands, I saw the most sexiest posture in my life. Realizing that now she had done sufficient action and it was my time now, I also woke up the heavily talented actor in me and broke into laughter and lost my control. (Controlled-Lose-Control).
  I laughed firstly slightly giving pressure on her and on the immediate next punch I landed my self on her. Oh Mann! The fluidity, The soft rigidness, The thump of the heart beat and the disturbance of the door bell. 
  "Shit!!" she sat up with a sudden shock. 
  "What happened?" I also stood up.
  "I think they are back" she said.
  "Who?? Your parents??" 
  "Yeah.." she said with a disgusting expression on her face.
  "I think I should leave" I started moving towards the door.
  "NOoo...No.." I stopped. 
  "Notr from there.." (WHat!!?) "There is a backdoor, get out from there, jump off the wall, I'll get the cd in school tomorrow".
  "But my shoes are outside" I said innocently. 
  "I'll throw it out, get it from outside... Now please go"  she yelled.
  "Yeah...OK fine" 
  The backdoor- the wall- jump off- No one sees-thank god- run naked feet in front of her house- take a deep breath- the two shoes land on my head.
Next day:
  "This is your cd" she came in the lunch time.
  "Yeah Thanks.. Did you see the movie?' I asked with a smile.
  "Nope" she wasn't interested at all.
  "I think we should plan it next sun..." GONE. "...nday may beee" in decending tone.
  I don't know what she thinks of me today, when "Things" are not so good for a girl and boy to spend such time. May be she wants to spend the same time again, or may be she is intimidated to face me due to "Things". Whatever it is I would like watch Zhapatlela-2 with her for the sake of beautiful, pure and selfless friendship we shared during our childhood. 


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