Sunday, 15 June 2014

Relationship Status..

Some dates can go terribly wrong. (For ex. What is Worst?)
With an experience of some really bad dates I have concluded to a analysis that; if on earth any time I go out with a girl, there has to be a fiasco. So keeping away my emotional feeling about the privacy with girl (Or may be sexual feelings) I try to keep my friends around whenever I go out with “her” (Any of them).
But Bad days comes with a well-planned strategy while the good ones just pass waving hands like (another) “she” going out of house after the (you know what) good time. The day or to be precise the night came up with the event marked of (yet another) get together of friends at a friend’s place. Living out of home town for so called working purpose is a reason to get out of the everyday lecture of parents about the embarrassment they face every day when they see you half naked sleeping in your shitty room and thinking of what wrong they actually did “then” that gave birth to this creature (awesome one). Although this embarrassment is not over yet as the financial part of the creature is still with them.
So we were such creatures graduated from engineering and placed in awesome jobs doing marketing, customer relationship, BPO and all those stuff that wasn’t even close to the syllabus we studied. It was just these get together that was holding us and giving the courage to go on in a hope of the “miracle”. However each party costs around 500K each from the meager salary and huge debt from parents.
Party started with rape of some really awesome songs and recording sessions in smart phones of the super singers of the team. Every Engineer has a talent that he recognizes till the end of the four year course. But then the time has fled away and all that left is a really emotional story of murder of a talent, whose responsibility is evenly distributed among society, parents and the engineering college management. This is when one beer comes to an end.
The Girl friend part of the team do not support the fact of drinking and smoking for few days but later they the leaders of the gang with some well researched brands.  After everybody one beer down starts the real story.