Hello friends, I am Sandeep Thakre, a very common guy with average looks and intelligence.(Don't judge by the pictures, they are edited)
    The story of writing began with a drama called "Era of college days"(2011) which turned out to be the first success as an entertainer on stage. After that taking Blogger as a platform, came out the stories, events, criticisms and all those crazy words, sentences and paragraphs that were written with only one intention to entertain folks.
  After almost a year of blogging (bitching) about people and places and events, The time had came to graduate to the upper level. With this came up with the short film as a Writer and Directorial debut in front of the camera called "The cool age" (2012). This began a new journey of exploring the world of entertainment and story telling, learning and collaborating with new people, laying the foundation of a new life.
   Now working on the post-production of new short film called "Anna"(2013), hope it works well and add more to my baggage of knowledge.


 Sandeep Thakre
"Shree" 37,Sai-nagar Nagpur-23,
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