Monday, 19 September 2011

What is worst??

     It is not always when it is Saturday and your girlfriend calls you for an emergency date, while on the contrary you have to beg in front of her for a single eternal look of her beauty and realizing her importance she also reduces the supply thus causing inflation. But this was not a normal day, It was 4pm when her message buzzed in his pocket saying "Wanna meet u janu, can u cum at 5". 
   This was like a bonus point for him, like a result of his timeless meditation that pleased the heavenly God. (Or hell-ly what ever..)Sunny and Aarti are in relationship since a long time and are considered as one of the surprising miracles that ever happened on earth. (I mean how the hell did he managed to convince her to fall in his trap of love) 
   As soon as he read the message the dullness and nullness in his life drastically changed to super rocking stud life. He pressed his cloths (The only what he got to say as his), polished shoes, heavy make up, deo all set for the date. He got out with his bike when he remembered about the wallet.(IMP thing when you are on a date)
 "one two three four.." forty buck (what the f..) 
  "I think today we have to change the venue darling" he called Aarti.
  "Where??" she asked.
  "I know a place, that's cool" 
  "I am not coming"she replied.(As usual)
  "OK we will see, will be there in 10 minutes" said Sunny.
  He stated the bike and headed towards the petrol pump. Monetary management plans were being executed in his rarely used precious mind (Precious as rarely used) "30 bucks for petrol and two scoops for 5 bucks" every thing was final.(MY God so complex calculations)
   There was a huge line on the petrol pump. so it took almost 10 minutes for him to reach the counter. Her message and calls buzzed in side the pocket but he was not able to answer them.At last he reached the counter and opened the tap to fill  the petrol. Suddenly something happened in the next counter. A guy asked for 20bucks petrol and the operator didn't set the meter to zero, hence the guy was fighting for his rights with the operator.(Hmm good generation awakes well done ANNA) The operator on Sunny's counter   set the meter to zero and took out the nozzle to fill the petrol.
   "Aaaaaaaauuuchhhhh..." The guy punched the operator.(Now that's Anti-Anna real Indian)
   The scream was so loud that the operator in front of sunny panicked and pressed the lever of the nozzle and there was a shower of petrol all around the pump. The shower cost 10bucks of fuel and had almost wet him with the inflammable material.
   "Oh I am sorry I am sorry"(Don't beat me please..)
   "Wha... Now you have to pay for that" said Sunny (I don't have money either way)
   "That's OK sir That was my fault sorry again sir"the operator apologized.
   Well the apology was not gonna work the smell of petrol was all over his body, and the phone was ringing his ass out. Sunny decided to go home and change and then call her back. He ran home and washed his hands and legs where the shower had landed. He changed his cloths (Now unpressed dirty ones) applied the whole bottle of scent and got out on his destination.
   100 Kmph and he was there in 7.25 minutes. She was waiting for him angry and ready to give him a lecture on time management.(She looks even more beautiful when she is angry)
    "hey baby you won't imagine what happened with me" he fired before she could begin.
    "Now what?"She asked with curiosity which was clearly depicted in her eyes.
    "Leave it let's go, I have searched a very beautiful place for you" (And very cheap too)
    "I am not gonna come in some bad place huh"she warned.
    "You decide yourselves whether to stay or leave, OK" said Sunny with full confidence.
    "Hmm.." she replied and sat behind him, his chest widened 2 inches wide and a gentle proud smile came on his face.
    He took her to the seminary hills bal-udyan where there were many love birds sitting along involved in each other forgetting about the ruthless outer world. Sunny asked her whether she wanted to stay here or move.
     "I will never ever come to a place like this you understand"(As expected)
    "I just wanted to show you, I have got a better place than this for us"said Sunny.(Hah.. this was trailer picture is yet to come)
     All of the sudden some one appeared to Aarti and she said in his ears "hey look she looks like some one from GP"
     "What? Where?" He asked in surprise.(Who the hell from GP would dare to come here)
     "No NO NO don't go there" she pulled him from going that way and BANG..
     A scooter driver hit him from sideways. The impact was not so hard but that made Aarti to nearly collapse on him. A sudden feeling of shock traveled through out his body.(Wow that's what girlfriends for to give you shock) 
      "Are you alright I am so sorry baby" He tried to apologize but he was in desperate need of the impact since few days so the possibility that the impact was planned cannot be ignored.
     "Ya I am al right, Drive slow Sunny"
     "Sorry darling but that wasn't my fault you told me to..." he stopped suddenly.(Rule no.23: Never ever tell the girl that it was her fault)
      The drive proceed with a wave of silence in it. Now it was time for Sunny to present the surprise to her. There was a large hill in front of them and the road was going round it.
      "Wow that is beautiful" She exclaimed.
      "That is beautiful then what about this.."
     The bike turned around the hill road and a beautiful picture came in front of their eyes. There was an antique government building that must have been constructed in1940's between those hills in red color and run was setting behind it in light yellow orange color. That created a beautiful picture. She placed her hand on Sunny's shoulders and came closer to him.(She liked it very very much) He stopped the bike in front of the picture and they both sat on bike hand in hand each other.
    "That is really very beautiful"said Aarti and placed her head on Sunny's shoulder. He understood that situation was in favor to him today and if handled carefully, he can take away some bumper prize today. He slowly placed his arms around hey shoulders and pressed her gently. She put up her eyes to see him. He was also watching the beautiful creation in the world. He moved a little closer to her lips and she closed her eyes.
     A wave of smile came on his face. He was feeling a kind of happy and nervous. Wind started blowing softly adding a flavor to the situation. Th sun that was setting in front provided ample amount of light and warmth for the two. A small leaf from a tree came flying towards them and got stuck into her hairs. He forwarded his other hand trembling to get out the leaf. He came more closer more closer.. She had closed her eyes seconds before but she could see what was happening with the closed eyes, with the eyes of her heart. Sunny took out the leaf from her hairs and turned his head slightly sideways and moved forward. They both could now feel each others breath, their heart beat, their love. They were just a micro seconds away from.. from.. from...
      Suddenly an uneven sound fall at Sunny's ears. he raised up his eyes to check what was it. (WHAT THE HELL.....)
      Two police man on Pulsar were heading towards them. He had forgot that they were standing in front of a government office. He looked down Aarti's eyes were still closed. He wanted to attack as a wild animal on her as he was not gonna get such chance after but....
      "Oh shit!!" he stood up with a sudden jerk through out the body.
      "Wha... Oh my god!!" said Aarti her heart beats had now crossed the maximum speed.
      The bike stopped in front of them. Aarti and Sunny were now almost apart from each other. (But you are f@#ked )
       "What are you doing here?" one of the police man asked in furious tone. Both of Sunny and Aarti's voice were mute. Words were not coming out of their vocal chord. But as being a male Sunny has to take the initiative. (Poor boy)
       "Sir we were sitting here and.." (Having fun) said Sunny stammering. (he must have pee-ed in his pant)
       "What is your name?"
       "I am Sunny and she is Aarti"
       "Show me your licence"
       "here it is Sir"
       "Where do you live?"
       (On earth, you have the licence address is written over there you dumb ass)
      "Sir in Gandhi bagh"
      "And you" pointing towards Aarti.
      "I too live there sir" she replied.
      "Your parents know about you people hanging around here?"   
      "Sir they know that I am out" (Smart answer)
      "With her?" (Oh F@#k!)
      "No sir"
     "File a case of performing in-social activity on public place on both of them" he asked hi junior and he took out a dairy and a pen and began to write some thing.
     "Sorry sir please sorry sir I am mistaken sir please sorry" Aarti and Sunny both began to plead in front of him for pardon.
      "And why the hell yopu came here in this lonely place any thing could happen what would you have done then if any terrorist would have attacked you?"
     (I would have run)
     "Sorry sir I will pay the fine sir Please sir" Sunny asked for forgiveness in a double meaning.
     "Ho much you have got?"
     "Sir I have got..." (WHAT THE FUCK......)
     "Ya how much tell me" the police man asked with curiosity of how much he gonna earn today but he didn't knew he was talking to a beggar.
      Sunny turned his eye towards Aarti in a pityful expression.
      what, you don't have money? her eyes said yes  his eyes replied.
      "100 bucks sir we have got that all" Aarti said and the voice directly came out of her heart.
     "OK give it and Don't roam here in alone it's for your own sake of safety my boy" (Also you don't have money how are you going to protect your girlfriend)
      "Yes sir...Sorry sir... thank you sir" Aarti took out money from her bag and they both sat on the bike and flew away for their homes.

MORAL: "Never take your girl-friend on date if you  are bankrupt".-Free advice from an experienced Person.